1 Yearage
Winter of Year 18birthdate
Neutral Goodalignment
Stormr is a typical, small adolescent female wolf – that is to say, she is almost at her full adult height; currently 24 inches to her shoulder, she will measure no more than 26 inches when she reaches full size. Along with that relatively dainty height (compared to her siblings and parents), she will of medium build, though with a relatively plush coat, she would appear to be heavy built – something that she used in her travels to avoid fights. Covered from nose to tail-tip in a light silver-white fur, Stormr knows that her best features are the emerald green eyes that sparkle above a face normally seen smiling. She is not without her scars – currently, a pink line slices the black of her nose, and small scars linger within the plush density of her fur, the most visible of which being the scars of teeth raking along her right foreleg, leaving two deep, long scars. All in all, Stormr is a girly-girl of a wolf, despite her scars. Stepping forward with confidence and wariness, she is clearly feminine and will soon grow into her looks.appearance
Stormr has a rather interesting personality. From a pup, she was interested in learning everything about anything she could. That meant when someone within her pack fought, she was there, learning keenly. As the runt of the litter, she grew up with what her parents fondly called little dog syndrome – she could take offence easily to any slight against her height – especially since her parents were both towering examples of wolves. This has led to her sparring a lot with her siblings… her pack… and during her journey, any wolf that tried to bully her. There is an unerring loyalty in Stormr. When she claims you as a friend, you are her friend until you do something so heinous that you are her enemy. She will forgive most moral trespasses (especially for love) but her friends and family are the ones that she will give everything for. She is morally ambiguous in what she will accept in life; there are times when she will see the defeat of an enemy as repulsive, but the next fight – she will be willing to cheer for the death of that self-same enemy. There is a faint hint of bloodlust within Stormr’s veins – she loves to spar and fight, to be stronger than anyone would take her girly-girl looks for.personality

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Small Companion Small Companion Allows for a small companion less than 12" tall (for birds, wingspan of 25" or less; for reptiles, length of 25" or less). Male merlin, 21" n/a
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