Aethon Seraph Kleinfull name
Aeth, Sera, Pinkynicknames
Winter of Year 19birthdate
Extra largesize
Neutral Evilalignment
violently bisexualsexuality

Build & Coat; Aethon has a dancer's build, all lean muscle and slender appendages. In his youth, it manifests as gawkiness and spindly legs. Only exacerbated by frequent, sporadic growth spurts. However, when maturity finally finds him, he's a towering Adonis. A deep chest and slender waist creates a greyhound-esque figure, but the musculature of his shoulders and thighs lends him an imposing aura and curvaceous silhouette. Bordering on feminine, and definitely tempting at first glance. His paws are quite large, something he never fully grows into. No matter, they're well suited to moving over unstable and uneven terrain that way. The plush ruff around his long, well muscled neck can be said to mimic a lion's mane, often untamed with wild strands curling at the ends to frame his face. And that face... well, he is certainly his father's son. Broad cheekbones and a well defined browbone, a sturdy framework upon which to build up a handsome visage. The fluff of his cheeks softens the sharp angles and lines of his stoic features, but does not decrease the impression that Aethon is judging you every second he's looking at you.

Klein genes manifest in a striking mixture of rosy-pale flesh and stark champagne fur, cut through with tempered damascus steel across his form. Wavering stains of gunmetal and ash claim the left half of his face, from nasal to orbital to auditory to zygomatic bones, down over the TMJ and throat. From the span of his deep chest, the dark streak continues to travel along the left side of his form, curving around the elbow and smoothly up his left flank in an elegant arc towards the spine. Passing over his long, narrow back from left side to right, the greyscale pelage makes a downward arc to his right hind leg. Like ripples on a pond, quivering streaks radiate outward from the path of his thunderhead markings that extend from hip, thigh and knee all the way down those incredibly long shins to claim his toes and heel. In an odd type of diagonal symmetry, his left foreleg is wreathed in rounded streaks that close inward away from his pale toes and darkened elbow. The lower half of his tail is mottled with more storm cloud spots and streaks, one of which is a particularly distinctive eye-spot near the tip.

Eyes & Face; Stunning gems of brilliant turquoise and rose quartz are set into the hardened features of his face, striking in contrast to the myriad shades of grey and alabaster that surround them. Enthralling eyes, with all the allure of the fathomless depths of the sea. A gaze to drown oneself in at any moment. His lashes are bleached bone in hue, providing a dramatic juxtaposition with his jade-blue left eye and its dark pupil.

Aethon is pretty in the same way a polished dagger is pretty. All flash and gleam until the moment that sharp edge finds a home in your gut. His features are cut from marble, the planes of his face are angled so elegantly they could only be arranged by an artist. Wide-set cheekbones and a strong brow, matched with a tapered muzzle to fit with the rest of his slender physique. Frame all of that with unruly cheek fluff to round out his solid, angular facial structure, just because you can. Atop his crown, a pair of tall, narrow ears to really emphasize the sheer size of him.

Voice & Scent; Raspy and gravelly, and incredibly soft despite the size of him. The man crafted like a honed blade speaks with an airy quality like the strings of a harp. Part of it is a force of habit, somewhere along the line he learned that speaking quietly forces everyone to draw closer, sometimes unconsciously. Useful for entrapping unwitting fools, convincing them to bend to his will. When he does raise his voice, it booms with a far deeper tombre much like a thunderclap. A rare occurrence, typically only in rare moments of explosive rage. If you don't need to be within eyesight to hear him, you're probably in danger.

Aethon's scent carries a faint, ever present hint of ozone. An oncoming storm, a looming threat. More obvious aromas of leather and woodsmoke tend to permeate his coat, often paired with varying spices and herbs. He spends a lot of time bothering his herbalist family members, idle curiosity and a small interest in the craft leading to the Klein titan adopting the telltale scent of a healer to a trained nose.

Gait & Posture; some unholy combination of haughtiness and pride ensure that Aethon looks down his nose at those he deems lesser, which is not all that difficult at his towering height. That swan-like neck pulled up to hold his skull aloft, ears pricked to capture as much of his surroundings as he can. Shoulders squared and expression stoic, he does not falter in his self-assured stance for even a moment. He's better than you, and to look at him is to doubt oneself for a scant moment. An aura of holy holy holy- that forces the weak to cower at his feet.

Quirks & Mutations; the most notable feature that betrays his heritage is the albinism that drains most of his svelte form of pigments, leaving him at the mercy of the sun's rays on hot summer days. The eye is drawn to the whorling thunderhead that claims portions of his body, staining his skin coal-dark beneath the gunmetal streaks of fur. These patches are not afflicted by sunburn to nearly the same degree as the rest of him.


Youth; a stern and surly creature, with a sour looking expression typically painted across his features. Keen to impress his parents with every fibre of his being, to the point of desperation. Fond of his littermates and borderline worshipping his elder siblings as he tries to learn from them as much as he can. All he wants is to be loved and to be worthy of love, but he would die if anyone found out about it.

Standoffish; From an early age it’s abundantly clear that socialization is not his strong suit. That’s fine, he doesn’t need to be particularly good at it, he’s passable enough at niceties and saying the right things to keep everyone happy. Beyond that, he’s a bit of an asshole. Emotionally distant, variably crude, and passionately sarcastic. He inherited a great deal of intellect, he just uses all of it for being a prick when no one’s looking.

Manipulative; Mind games and trickery are Aethon’s bread and butter. He doesn’t use seduction or a silver tongue, so much as he knows what buttons he needs to push to get his way. Passing off chores on others, convincing someone to steal something that he wants so he doesn’t need to risk getting caught, and the like. More than enough of the technique relies on reverse psychology or emphasizing the fun of committing just a little crime.

Possessive; Wonder where he picked this one up? Aethon holds on tight to anything he gets his grubby little mitts on. There are no limits to the things he will pick a fight to keep, nor are there many things he won’t make an effort to steal from others. In adulthood, his possessiveness extends to mates. Much like his sire, he’ll be drawn to creating a sort of harem to satisfy his varying desires.

Loyal; Despite all of his flaws, he’s a family oriented creature. Whatever it takes, Aethon will do his best to keep his loved ones happy. Working tirelessly whenever necessary to ensure his parents are proud and his siblings are content, there are no boundaries he won’t cross in order to ensure their wellbeing. He keeps a small, closely guarded circle of those he values and trusts implicitly. Within that group, he becomes an incredibly malleable and softhearted wretch, far more willing to take orders and hear differing opinions from his own. For those he trusts, he'd go to the grave if it was required of him.

Morbid; A little grim and grotesque, Aethon enjoys the brutal aspects of life. Drawing blood, rending flesh, snapping bone. A perverse sense of joy floods over him at the opportunity to bring some pain, bordering on sadistic. Teetering over the edge, even. He has very few qualms regarding getting his paws dirty, or his teeth. When it comes to violence and bloodshed, or the treatment of the dead, he's a little backwards by most standards. Among his kin though, he fits in well enough. The strong shall conquer the feeble and the meek, and he aims to be among the strongest alive.


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Open Character Pass Open Character Pass Allows creation of a character free of charge, including all markings and colorations (height not included). n/a n/a
Height/Height Reduction Pass (In Inches) Height/Height Reduction Pass (In Inches) Allows for a character to either have height or height reduction. Purchase is per inch. n/a 4
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