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Erani Adravendifull name
11 Yearsage
Spring of -birthdate
Lawful Goodalignment
Erani is a graceful figure, striking in her pale white coat of thick, glossy fur. Weighing 130 lbs and standing at 36 inches, she carries herself with confident fluidity.

Under moonlight, the guard hairs in her coat tend to catch the moons light in a faint silvery color, giving the impression of a silvery aura outlining her frame. Don't worry, though. She's not a ghost.

Her muzzle is narrow, tipped with a keen black nose. Her eyes are large, thoughtful, and a haunting shade of dark blue. Her ears are small, well insulated against weather, and often pricked in soft curiosity.

Her legs are long, and while seemingly fine-boned, are quite sound. Her paws are the norm for any wolf. Perfect for running on snow. Her tail is thickly furred, often motionless or only faintly swaying behind her. At times of personal distress, or possibility of a fight, she will force her body to become blank, expression kept to a calm, distant facade. This makes her a difficult opponent to those who don't know her well. Very few can truly tell what she's thinking at these moments.

Her voice has a hushed, velvety soft quality. To hear her tell a story, it's as though you've been brought into the tale yourself. Her howl is a range of notes, starting at a low moan, and fluting high for all to hear. Like any wolf's howl, it's a haunting melody.

Voice Examples: Fhera Bhata Kate Price.

The Journey On Kate Price

Fado Clannad

Heal This Land Moya Brennan

*Over the more recent years, Erani has accumulated several scars. They've healed over, the fur grown back black. There are several crossing her legs, a few across her shoulders. one or two bite scars on the points of her thighs and just above her hocks. See reference.


Over the two years that have brought her to eight years of age, a gracefulness that only age can bring to a wolf has come into her step. She has lost none of her grace, none of her elegance. She is fit and strong, due to her brother's rigorous regime of training when she isn't gathering herbs or resting. There is wisdom in her eyes, and shadows, there and gone in a blink.

Erani has regained her original confidence in herself over time, as her body has allowed her to have a litter, and a mate, Nova. She is the proud mother of five pups by blood, and the adoptive mother of Chrysanthe and Epiphron Adravendi. She is proud of them, in the paths they have taken.

Honor is a strong part of her beliefs, and she is faithful to her pack, as a lead Healer and a mother. She doesn't approve of fast decisions when the future of the Pack is a part of what the decisions will endanger the Pack.

As always, Pups are an important part of her life. As any wolf does, she loves them, and new life excites her. She has a distaste for war, due to growing up in a pack that was at war with the neighboring pack. She still takes loss of loved ones hard, and fears her children leaving for good.

Her own mate's abrupt absence along with her younger son's final disappearance had weighed on her, and the death of Cairo, and a revelation of a secret long held by Cairo before his death have also taken their toll. There is longing there, for what might have been, and a sense of abandonment from a mate gone too long.

She loves her children with all she has, but this does not stop her from doing her best t correct behavior that will harm them in the long run.

Her anger is a frightening thing to witness. Instead of losing her temper, she goes cold, and when she goes beyond normal fury, the only words that can describe it are "Queens Rage." There is no snarling, no showing of teeth. Only calm, burning cold civility.

She is compassionate, gentle, strong.

Loving to those close to her, and reserved around strangers, and calmly blank around dangerous strangers.personality



Erani’s life, and that of her siblings, Anali, Cormalin, and Norik, began as all wolves’ lives begin. Birth. Blindness, knowing only the feel and smell of her siblings and mother, and the taste of rich, warm milk. Erani was the calmest of the four pups born to Aobhinn and Alorek, the two Healers of the Redwood pack. When her eyes and ears opened along with the rest, she explored, yes, but was less rambunctious as the other three. The litter was born in the healer’s den, a fallen Redwood log hollowed out by time and nature.

Erani was an observant pup, often watching her parents care for the injured or sick, and while her siblings went into warrior training on their fourth month, she remained with her mother and father, learning, though occasionally being shooed away to learn what she needed of fighting. She was smaller than her siblings, but it didn’t hold her back much, and though she excelled like her siblings at fighting, she would slip back to learn her parent’s trade.

On the sixth month of her life, three wolves were accepted into the pack. Blizzard, ghostly white, pale eyed, and with a voice like a deadly snowstorm sweeping in for the frigid kill. Boulder, sickly green eyed, brutish, huge, the color of granite after a rainstorm, his voice a snarl of rock on rock ground together. And Shadow, black as a starless night, crimson muzzle and eyes the color of freshly drawn blood. He rarely spoke.

The three wolves gave no sign at first that they were anything to be feared. For a month, they behaved like the rest of the pack. But Erani felt her fur rise whenever she crossed paths with Blizzard, and her skin crawled at the jokes Boulder came up with. The crimson eyes of Shadow, a color not encountered by any of the pack, save perhaps for some of the senior warriors, unnerved her just as much as his perpetual silence. She never heard him speak one word.

Her siblings shared only some of her apprehension. “It was maybe a trick of the light, but I swear I saw Blizzard smiling at the talk of the trouble we’ve been having with the Darkmoon Pack.” Anali murmured once. The black female had inherited their father’s black coloring and golden eyes. Erani had given a nod. “Boulder frightens me. All his jokes about ripping enemy wolves’ pups to shreds, and then he looks towards the pregnant mothers with one of those horrid grins on his muzzle.”

Erani‘s first winter was something of wonder to her and her siblings. The fluffy white stuff floating to the ground was an endless opportunity for games of catch as much as you can. It also brought on new ailments from the elder members of the pack, and Erani learned now of herbs that eased arthritis aches and pains, and coughs. One of her own siblings, her brother Cormalin, contracted a cold. Despite her parents‘ reassuring words that he would be fine, Erani feared for him until he did indeed pull through.

Blizzard disappeared often during the Winter months, returning with rabbits, and a smug grin on his muzzle. For some reason, this made the skin at the back of her neck prickle with unease, and not a little fear. It was at this time that her nightmares began. The pack clearing was covered in a wash of blood, crying pups voices cut short, and the dying screams of familiar voices. And then she was running, growing paws stumbling. She was being chased. Then her mother or father would shake her awake with a gentle nose and paw. Erani would tell them, but they would only hush her softly, saying it was a dream only.

Then Spring came again. Erani was excelling at her Healer’s learning, as well as what she had learned from the Warrior training. Her siblings were rising to the more difficult parts of training. The pack hunts were successful. New pups were being born. Then, Tragedy struck a half month into Spring.

Erani woke with a stretch and a yawn. Looking over at her mother and father, she saw that they still slept, curled together, pure white fur melting into deepest black. One of the senior warriors was curled in the recuperation area. Steadfast had been ambushed by the neighboring pack, Darkmoon. The old wolf had received a few injuries, one serious enough to keep him from returning to his usual resting place. Erani watched the battered and scar ridden grey wolf witch and growl, undoubtedly still fighting off the attackers.

She stood, and stretched again, tail lifting to fall over her back. Straightening, she gave her mother and father a last loving look and slipped out. Aobhinn’s head lifted slightly and she watched her daughter slip out. Up with the sun, and bringing back more than enough herbs to keep the stocks full. A smile pulled at her muzzle, and she lowered her head, nestling her nose into Alor’s thick fur.

Erani traveled at a happy gait, tail wagging now and then to great the smells and sounds of Spring. A rabbit dashed out in front of her, and she took off after it. The chase was short, and the rabbit shot down its bolt hole to safety. Erani pawed at the entrance for a moment, then turned and padded away. Time to sniff out some herbs. She had made a sort of memory game over the last month, naming the herb she had found, and then recalling everything she knew the plant healed or eased. At times she spoke aloud to bring the memory more clearly to view in her mind. It kept her knowledge up to date, and it helped wile away the hours she spent searching.

The young she -wolf had spent the main part of the morning gathering plants. She now padded her way back to the pack, tail waving gaily through the air, cerulean eyes, still slightly pale with her young age, happily searching out interesting things around her, like odd patterns in the leaves and the trunks of the huge redwoods that soared well beyond a wolf’s reckoning. With an apt mind, she tried to imagine just how many wolves just one of these monsters would hold within its trunk. Possibly a thousand, or more.

Her mouthful of herbs dulled her senses to the strange, yet not unfamiliar smell emanating from the clearing the pack resided within. Then she noticed how silent the air was, that no chatter came from the clearing. Surely they weren't all sleeping still? Her brow puckered slightly, innocent eyes ready to tease her brothers and sister for sleeping in so late. The she came around the next corner. Before her lay her nightmare, but she knew she wasn't asleep. But surely she must be! They couldn't all be laying there like that. Then the smell reached her through the cold scent of the peppermint. Blood, fear, death.

She walked on numb paws through the carnage. It couldn't be real. They could not be dead. Surely the blood would vanish and they would leap to their paws, playing and laughing as they should. A panicked whine broke through the herbs in her mouth as her parents came into view. They were laying stretched out, muzzles pulled back in a last snarl. There were three bodies missing. Blizzard’s ghostly coat should have been mixed in with those there, Shadow was no where to be seen, and Boulder’s hulking frame was absent as well. Another panicked whine tore from her throat. Anali and Norik were there, the same awful grimace of their muzzles, gashed all over with grievous wounds.

A soft, shaking whine made her head snap to the right. Cormalin! His eyes, one golden and one blue, stared at her, shock from the pain of his injuries clouding them. She scrambled to her brother, nosing at his heaving sides, tail tucking. He spoke one word. Run. It was an effort for him. She watched her brother collapse, and didn’t wait to check if he was alive or not. She didn’t want to know what was so obvious. She was alone. Completely alone. She ran on unfeeling paws, stumbling over roots and rocks.

Her first year alone was difficult. When she came out of the shock of loss, she was miles away from her pack’s Territory, laying in a wide valley of wildflowers. Her stomach clenched with hunger, driving her to rise to sore paws and hunt down a small meal of field mice. But the remaining year, without the knowledge of how to hunt larger animals alone, she lived upon what she could catch, and what she could dig up. Every day was filled with the pain of heartbreak, and each night was riddled with nightmares that had her tossing about. Blizzard Boulder and Shadow chased her through the Other World of dreams, laughing, cursing, muzzles dripping blood.

For the rest of the year, up until Winter, she made a meager life, eking out a living of near survival. She caught enough to keep her from growing too thin, but she was still underweight. Winter was one of the many near death experiences she would endure and survive. It was a long lasting winter, one reluctant to leave the lands. When it finally ended, a tired and worn Erani was relieved to see the flowers blooming and poking through the last remaining vestiges of snow. Her coat had become rough, bones showing through it, and her gait had become a shambling limp on tired paws. Due to the harsh winter, her first heat cycle never came.

Spring of the second year of her lonely existence saw a change in her hunting. The revelation that she could hunt an old deer alone had a good effect on her next one and a half years of lonely wanderings. Food was easier to find and hunt, and she filled out again, began to take more interest in living instead of wandering aimlessly and allowing instinct to keep her alive, if just barely. She grew strong, finally growing into her adult body. Her new way of hunting was dangerous, even with old prey, and she adjusted to it. She became swifter on her paws, stronger, and planned ahead of the hunt.

Erani’s interest in healing never wavered, and she kept herself up to date, testing the plants’ effects. Halfway into her third year, she came across a rogue wolf, a loner. The male had been sitting by a stream, babbling incoherently. When he caught her scent, he spent no time in checking himself. He attacked. The fight was brief, and Erani was amazed to come out of it with only a few scratches. The male had tussled with her for two minutes, then charged off. Mental illness. It was something she had never come across. And she made a decision then not to approach other wolves.

She returned to her wanderings, and into her fourth year, she at last came across a pack. She was tired of being alone. The pack was Starlight. Valhalla as it is now known. She was welcomed, instead of chased off, as she had expected to be. Then shortly after her acceptance, the pack moved. From the lands known as Ciroc, to the lands known as Alacritis. It is here, at last, that she is home.

Erani came to love Valhalla, and the Alpha male, Cairo. Though, the love for the Male himself was never allowed to blossom beyond a dearest friend. After all, he'd had a mate when she first came to the pack, and while that mate left him back in Ciroc, soon after, Guinevere took the place. Unknown to Erani were Cairo's feelings for herself. Each Spring meanwhile, brought a sense of loss, and pain. No heat cycle came to tell her that she could have children, and thus a mate. After all, a mate would want children, and there would always be the sadness that no children could come.

However she never hated the females who could bear children. Every new life brought the same amount of joy to her heart, even as she longed fore her own bundles of joy. As Time passed, She was promoted to Lead Healer of Valhalla by Cairo, something she never really expected to happen. And as more time passed, she grew to settle in well as a Lead Healer. And the time came that Cairo and Guinevere's first litter was born. Syrinx, Chrysanthe, Epiphron, Eos. Two others had been adopted by the kind Alpha pair. Preston and Neo. Beautiful children, the entire lot.

However, happiness could only last so long. Near the end of that Winter, tragedy arrived in the form of illness. Guinevere had developed Lung Cancer. The Alpha female tried to have Erani keep her illness a secret, but Cairo came in on the scene, and under those eyes, pleading the way they did, and a firm order t tell truth, Erani obeyed. In that moment, she lost Guinevere's trust, and never got to regain it.

She was attacked that night by Blackmoon wolves, five assassins, when she sought the plant that might save the dying Queen. She nearly died then. Instead, she survived, but the plant she bore to Guinevere came too late. Just into spring, Guinevere died from the Cancer. The loss hit the Lead Healer hard. Although Cairo never blamed her, she never forgave herself. Cairo, however, stopped her from falling into depression, and possibly illness, by giving his six children into her care. They were the light that kept the shadows away. She guarded them and cared for them almost obsessively. And she loved them as though they were from her own womb, then hated herself for the fact that they would never truly know their mother.

Then the dream came. Lost in a dark ancient forest, where Death bade her to walk with him. He showed her a valley, torn and burnt by catastrophe. That dream was to come true as a nightmare. A while later, a volcano in the north erupted, shattering Alacritis. Valhalla and three other packs survived, Valhalla thanks to Glaciem's warning early on. And so, once again, Valhalla moved to a new land, and a new Territory. Alacritia.

It has been two years now. Cairo passed Valhalla into Collision's paws, and from Collision's rather eventful reign, to Epiphron. From Epiphron, to Chrysanthe. During this time, Erani met a warrior. Nova. Her first heat cycle hit her in the spring like a stampeding herd of bison. Nova became her mate, and with their union came five pups. Castiel, Surreal, Arella, Gabriel, and Lyric. Five beautiful children. Her life was complete, even with her demotion by Collision. Honestly, it was a welcome break, if it hadn't been for the disappearance of Preston. Neo had become a hateful creature, running from Valhalla, and joining Tortuga, who had also survived the eruption. If only Collision had left Neo well enough alone. The male was fought for and won back, bringing a wolf ridden with hatred for the very wolves that had loved and nurtured him. Even her. The hatred stung her heart. Eos had vanished as well, around the time Valhalla settled into their new home.

She was completed. But even that couldn't last. As things smoothed out for Epiphron and Chrysanthe, with Epiphron changing rule to Chrysanthe so that she could pursue marriage to Maverick and bind the Alliance, Gabriel was drawing farther and farther away. And eventually, he vanished for good. Cairo was growing old, and had collapsed at the meeting that brought Chrysanthe to power. The day before Cairo's death, the old King finally revealed his secrets. Afterward, as time went by, Erani began wondering, as Nova's absence grew and continued, what it would have been like.

Time progressed, and life went on, until Liberty, Daughter of the late Beta, Aislyn, crossed paths with the new Glaciem King, Isardis Armada. There followed a War, and a siege which Valhalla lost. Chrysanthe lost an eye to the Glaciem Queen, Argent. Cormalin was taken prisoner, along with two Seracian ally wolves.

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mateEx-Mate: Nova
Heart-Throb: Cairo Adravendi
childrenBy Birth: Castiel, Surreal, Arella, Gabriel, Lyric

By Adoption: Chrysanthe, Epiphron, Syrinx, Eos, Taurig.

parentsAobhinne x Alorek
siblingsCormalin, Anali, Norik (D)
Extended FamilyObsidian the horse. Adravendi family, Nomads.


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