Discordia Devillefull name
Disco, Dia, Di, The Devilnicknames
1 Yearage
A petite thing, the woman lacks in size and bulk but don't let that fool you. The lithe woman is agile on her paws and even quicker with her mouth. She keeps herself impeccably groomed, her dark cinnamon and chocolate coat darkest at her spine and reaching around the curves of her rear, down the backs of her hind limbs and claiming the toes upon them as if they were reverse toe-socks. The tips of her ears, brows, tail, and lowest points of her cheek fluff are also dark, yet are overshadowed by the pale white that masks her face and dips down her throat to her supple chest, fills the inside of her ears, covers the back half of her ear shells, streaks through the end of her tail, and freckles around her body like the spots on a fawn. Perhaps what's most beautiful about her however, are her dark rose colored eyes framed by long, dark lashes. Though you should probably be a bit worried about her fangs and wicked smile.appearance
bitch, snarky, selfish, jealous, carnal, power hungry, savage, mercilesspersonality

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