Irvingfull name
2 Yearsage
Summer of Year 17birthdate
Small speciessize
Lawful Neutralalignment
A base coat of greyish-tan swathes this lean feline. During the summer, it can lighten from the sun to a bright tan-yellow but tends to stay on the grey side. All over his body are dark ashy-black and warm brown clouded markings that are dotted with light grey spots. His ears, toes, and tail are most the same dark ashy-black that encircles his clouded spots. One thing that sets him aside from the average Sunda Clouded Leopard is his warm blue eyes that often look like a clear lake. His height is slightly taller than the average at 22" and his figure is thin but muscular.appearance
Born and raised in the tropical regions around the Rio Grande, Irving was raised with a thick Southern American accent and ideals. Irving's philosophy is that the world is a cycle. We are born, we live, we hunt, we eat, we have offspring, and then we die. Life is simple. There doesn't need to be anything complicated past who you want to fall in love with. Most days, one can find Irving lounging around in a tree that hangs over the river so he can fish with some vine and leftover mouse or yesterday's fish. He will travel around from time to time when gets bored of the fish in the river. Due to his size, Irving has never hunted big game and has no inclination to ever do so. Like most cats, he is hesitant and suspicious of strangers - especially of non-felines. Quite twitchy and uncertain, he will hang back and take the cautious route over being reckless. He's not afraid to tell others that he's a scaredy cat because who really cares? If he needs to run from danger, he won't bat a lash. Overall, Irving is a decent guy that is pretty harmless and generally nice. It's hard to offend him and easy to be his friend. He has a charming wide toothy smile. Sometimes clumsy and awkward, he tends to make jokes and fun of himself to lighten the situation. The big negative about him is that he has commitment issues. He is hesitant to make promises and settle down with anyone. Irving would rather be alone and have friends than be tied down to anyone for the rest of his life. Also, he's quite squeamish and hates the sight of blood so he rather not fight or physically hunt, but instead will trap his kills. Irving is pretty smart even if his way of speech makes it appear as if he's not. If he talks too much, it's because he's nervous. If he doesn't talk at all, he's probably scared or worried.personality

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Small Species Pass Small Species Pass Allows creation of a character of any species below 23" tall (for birds, wingspan of 42" or less; for reptiles, length of 4' or less). Sunda Clouded Leopard n/a
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