Ursa Fatalisfull name
Autumn of Year 19birthdate
Lawful Goodalignment

Our lives are made

Ursa will be rather tall, but not the tallest. Her legs will be long, but rather hefty. Overall, her whole stature will be hefty. Weight will cling to her no matter how much exercise she gets in. Rotund and curvy, her coat will also be rather thick and slightly unkempt unless her mother insists she grooms herself. Her coat will be two colors, nearly chimeric, of ashy ivory and a muted grey-blue as if she pulled one from her mother and the other from her father.

Aside from the mish-mash of her two colors, she will not sport any other markings except for the telltale sign of the Fatalis eye marking. Small white lines will cross over her left eye, standing out starkly against the navy side of her face. Another important thing she took from her mother is that her eyes will be a pastel lavender that appears almost white at times during sunny afternoons.

In these small hours

Honest, Soft-spoken Quiet Thoughtful Selfless Empathetic Worrier Overall, Ursa does not have a mean bone in her body. Rather, she sees herself spending her time fixing others. Listening, helping, healing, whatever they need to feel better. Her heart is bigger than her brain and ultimately it will be her downfall. Always having the benefit of the doubt and wanting to see the best in others, she will probably get taken advantage of and walked all over. It really isn't her fault - she's only trying her best. Preferring to keep her mouth shut, she will drink in the words of others and learn all there is to learn about the world.

Hiding in the shadow of her siblings, she will hate the spotlight. Hyperaware of her surroundings and others' feelings, Ursa is a delicate soul that will care for even the meanest creature out there. To her, everyone is born good and can be turned good because they are only mean due to past traumas. Constantly worried that she will mess up or offend someone, it will be hard for Ursa to make friends as she will be withdrawn and an introvert. Though she can be social, she will wait for someone else to say something first or make the first move. Ursa will also adore her mother and father and the rest of the Fatalis family. Always wanting to do good by them and look up to them, she will be very loyal and stay close to home.

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