Aurelia Verattifull name
Auri, Reli, Leahnicknames
1 Yearage
Spring of Year 18birthdate
Chaotic Neutralalignment

At her foundation, she is made up of shades of silvers, greys, charcoals, and off blacks. Generally starting lighter in her undercoat, and fading to dark shades in her top line. However, she isn’t simply monochromatic. In patches over her hips, shoulders, neck, ears, and face, she has markings that fade from midnight blue to aquamarine- similar to a gradient seen in the aurora borealis. Her eye color is a similar shade of cyan that nearly blends in with the markings that adorn her cheekbones. She has a light build over a smaller frame with a relatively lean muscle definition.


Simply put, Aurelia does and says what she please with very little forethought offered to potential consequence. Because she’s reactive, she seldom thinks about the big picture of things. She can unintentionally bring a situation from bad to worse for herself because she is often volatile, ruled by emotion, and prone to self-destructive bad habits. Aurelia allows her need for instant gratification to push her to unhealthy dependencies. It’s difficult for her to set reasonable limits, and instill a sense of self-control. And while she is more concerned with her own well-being first and foremost, immediately behind that is her concern for her source. She hates waiting for things. Aurelia works quickly and expects others to do the same- because of this, it’s often difficult for her to enjoy what she does have. Its easy for her to fall into negativity with others and processes that don’t function as efficiently as she would like them to. Inadequacy is one of her greatest fears, so her interests oftentimes develop into obsessions. She is prone to fixations and often struggles with day-to-day maintenance tasks when faced with something that has her complete attention.

Aurelia lacks responsibility. If it isn’t important to her, it will be hard to count on her to complete a should-be important task. Her problem-solving skills are generally weak- not because she lacks intelligence, but because she lacks the motivation to pursue something that requires more effort than she’s willing to put out. That being said, Aurelia is confident in herself and her decision-making skills. If she wasn’t, she wouldn’t speak so loudly. She won’t admit when she’s wrong and will continue to argue her point even when she realizes she’s incorrect. Standing alone has never bothered her before, and conflict doesn’t scare her. She will always be one of the first to step up to a difficult situation, prepared or not, eager to prove herself and assert her superiority- if it’s there or not. She is bold speaking, and unafraid to take action for herself. Even if that means repressing another to elevate herself. And although her ideas may just be opinions, she will certainly relay them as facts, making it difficult to sway her despite the flimsy or erroneous nature of her argument.

Aurelia is high-spirited and does have a flair for the dramatic. She portrays a pushy energy that is difficult to miss, even in a crowded setting. She is attention-seeking, and willing to project whatever it takes to make her feel like she’s been seen. When it comes to loyalty, she has very little- more interested in what’s going on in that specific moment than any kind of long-term ties or commitment. She is sure of herself and isn’t overly concerned with the temperature of perceptions of others. And even through her poor decisions, she maintains a sense of self-reliance.


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Odd Colored Markings Odd Colored Markings Allows a character to have minor markings that are unnatural colors. n/a 1
Small Companion Small Companion Allows for a small companion less than 12" tall (for birds, wingspan of 25" or less; for reptiles, length of 25" or less). Female Eurasian Magpie, 20" Wingspan n/a
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