Hattori Kirikofull name
6 Yearsage
Summer of Year 14birthdate
Lawful Neutralalignment
wicked player
Being a whore's daughter makes you one thing, and one thing primarily-- pretty. Kiriko is a pretty thing, with refined features and keen eyes. Not too sharp, not too yielding. She's been trained to careful neutrality, and she's hard to read. Very hard. Still waters run deep, and Kiriko runs deeper. Carefully composed neutrality is her default state.

Kiriko's coat is soft to the touch, nearly silken. It's not terribly well equipped for keeping warm in colder months, but she makes do. All in the art of getting by. A stark field of white, with markings of brilliant reds and rich black. This is a koi, and a fairly exotic one at that. Her eyes echo the reds in her coat, and are often the most expressive of her features.

She speaks softly, always with a serious undercurrent. Softly, seriously-- the same way that she carries herself. The balance that she's struck within herself, and within the universe. appearance


On the surface, Kiriko seems almost normal. Almost. A demure creature, one that was taught to be seen but not heard. A girl that knows how to listen, and is terribly good at it. Picking up on small changes, and knowing how to use those to her advantage. Any shift in the breeze, any shift in tone, she can see it. Socially smart, and extremely observant.

Observant. Nearly overly observant... is there a bit of paranoia that comes with it? Of course. Narrowly escaping the jaws of death in the way that Kiriko has, that will leave you traumatized. That will leave you looking over your shoulder constantly, just as she has. That will leave you with your heart pounding in your chest at the slightest disturbance in the forces that be. She is still recovering. For the most part, she hides this. A weakness that can't be expressed, can't be shown.

This is a girl that will grow into herself. She will become regal, she will learn to carry herself with strength and intent. All things that will come to her in time. Once Kiriko has a chance to settle, to stop running? Well, that's when her life will begin. That's when she will become, for real this time. personality

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