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Valerian Mithras Aerisfull name
Val, Rianicknames
Chaotic Neutralalignment


Build: Harkening back to an ancient lineage, Valerian stands 45" at the shoulder. Crafted with the intent to inspire awe and terror in the hearts and minds of weaker souls. With each stride the ground trembles, and the heavens themselves would quake if he could step into them. Valerian was crafted for war, and it is in battle where he is in his utmost glory. Indeed, with his burly, tank-like physique, he is almost unstoppable in a fight. Thick cords of muscle lattice a sturdy frame, with broad shoulders and hips. His limbs are not unlike the trunks of young trees, with huge paws that are well suited to navigating treacherous northern terrain.

Coat: Were he a smaller wolf, you wouldn't be able to tell from looking at Valerian. The thick, dense pelage that covers his form is adapted to the cold northern climes and protection from biting winter winds. The colossus does the bare minimum to keep it tamed and tended, preferring to just let the tangles work themselves out rather than put in the extra effort to groom them out.

Of course, no one notices the state of his fur. Instead, the eye is drawn to the undulating patterns of celestial green that cascades down Valerian's flanks, gradiating to a dark magenta before they fade into the rich violet of his base colouration. It's often a shock to first meet him, as the northern lights themselves appear to have been trapped in the thick fur over his back. The lower areas of his body are a mostly solid dark purple, with scattered flecks of magenta to mimic the distant glimmer of stars in a twilight sky. Over Valerian's face, a magenta blaze has been painted between his eyes. Beneath each eye, a smear of colour fades from fuchsia at the inner corner into that dazzling pale green over his elegant cheekbones.

Eyes & Voice: Set into the space between broad cheekbones and primeval brows are a pair of shining golden gems. Rimmed with lashes that would make angels weep, they glimmer like sunlight breaking through a forest canopy.

Valerian will grow to have the kind of husky baritone that makes knees weak, and he uses it almost exclusively to spew the most vile profanities anyone's ever heard. Imagine if a bard never learned to sing, but was raised in a seedy bar by a few murderous sailors. He gets incredibly loud when excited, and his booming laughter can echo for miles. From the moment of his birth, he was taught far more of his sire's native languages than the common tongue, and so a thick accent clings to every syllable. It's a rather ambiguous amalgam, and he's far better at masking it than his sire ever was. The hints of germanic linguistic roots warp the consonants of his speech when he does opt to speak the common tongue, and linger even when he's trying to hide that weird accent of his.

Scent: The crispness of ozone after a thunderstorm seems to linger on his pelt constantly, though merely as an undercurrent to the more heady perfumes that he unabashedly adorns himself with. Once he matures, Valerian will rotate through a few favourite smells, primarily herbal- sage, pine, cinnamon, and cherry blossom (this one is for special occasions).

Gait & Stance: Pride and confidence ooze from every pore, and it shows in the way he carries himself. Val knows exactly who he is, and he isn't afraid of anyone. He holds his head high and carries himself with a sure stride. Shoulders rolled back and chin up, often making a point to look down on anyone he can. It's all a big game, and he's daring anyone to try their luck.

Quirks & Mutations: The titanic figure escalates his intimidation factor with a set of ivory tushes sprouting from his lower jaw. Like his father's, they stick straight up from the space behind his lower canines and jut upwards with a slight backwards-and-out curve towards his face. From his massive shoulders and the points of his knees, a matched set of bone spurs protrude to protect his neck from assaults. A unique invisible mutation has taken root in the corded muscles of his long legs. An increased density of fast twitch muscle fibres allows him to make sharper turns and react quicker to stimuli.

When it comes to less notable cosmetic traits, Valerian has plenty of odd quirks. As is common for his lineage, his tongue is naturally grey-black. His sagittal crest is more pronounced than the average wolf, allowing strong masseter muscles to anchor there and support the needs of his maw's extra equipment.



Bold & Brash: First and foremost, Val doesn't hold back. Pulling punches is a disservice, and sugarcoating his words isn't worth the effort. Some might call him rude, but he isn't intentionally being an asshole. In Valerian's mind, it's better to be brutally honest than to try and soften the blow. The world is cruel, and it makes no such effort, so why should he bother? He loves to run headlong into whatever situation he might find himself in, and figure out the plan later. Instinct serves him well enough.

Brawler & Antagonist: He loves a good fight, playful or otherwise. Val's love language is violence and physicality, so he roughhouses with the ones he cares most about as often as possible. To him, his brawn was a gift to be used to its maximum potential, and he delights in throwing his weight around. However, this propensity for fighting shows itself in a desire to instigate altercations whenever he gets bored. Val is not above calling someone's mother a whore just to get them to throw hands. Whenever the itch to move gets unbearable, he'll lash out however he needs just to get that energy out of his system.

Charmer & Vagabond: Rooted deep in his biology is the urge to get his way by any means necessary. Sometimes, that means being real sweet on someone until they give up the goods. With experience, he'll be able to sell snow to a polar bear. What better way to find somewhere to spend the night than to ask someone if they'd like to take him home? This is the kind of behaviour that gets a man a certain reputation, and his nomadic tendencies will mean that he rarely spends his time in one bed for long. Free roaming wherever his heart desires, Val will wander in and out of everyone's life at his own leisure.

Cynical & Standoffish: He's adopted a rather pessimistic worldview, despite everything. Val doesn't see the best in those around him, save for a very select few. With the life he leads, he tends to bring out the worst in others, and so he rarely sees the good in them. So he guards his heart closely and keeps others at arms length as best he can. It's yet another reason that many might be keen to label him an asshole and write him off entirely. Val has a propensity to look right into someone's soul and pick out the worst aspect of them upon which to base his opinions, rather than risk being hurt in the future by trusting their better qualities.

Possessive & Loyal: As someone who makes a living stealing and beating the shit out others, he's quick to stake his claim on whatever pleases him. This can be objects or living beings, with no limits on what might strike his fancy at any given moment. Once Val decides something or someone belongs to him, he'll go to the grave to make sure he keeps that hold. Similarly, Val will go to the grave side by side with those he trusts most. His family are incredibly important to him, and his few most trusted friends are unlikely to ever shake him entirely no matter how hard they try.


Dire Height & open character pass: donation

Inheritance mutation: tushes

Minor mutation: Bone spurs

Elixir of Agility: boosted fast twitch muscle fibres

Large Companion + Companion Mutation Pass: unused

Large Accessory: Braided ruff & cheek fur w/ beads



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parentsDeion Sosicles Aeris x Jack O'Malley
siblingsCosmas [x],Henbane [f], Karaka [f]
Extended FamilyGrandparents:

Caia Arabella Aeris & Ragnar - Paternal

Great Uncles

Mithras Aeris, Sosicles Aeris, Adieun Aeris

First Cousins:

Mithras Aeris x Faria Ardelle: Leto [f], Iskra [f], Artemis [f]

Second Cousins:

Leto Aeris x Chaos Saxe: Ares Saxe [m], Lyra Saxe [f], Aquila Aeris [f]

Artemis Aeris x Angelus Imperialis: Jupiter Imperialis [m], Orion Imperialis [m], Aerndis Imperialis [f]

Third Cousins:

Jupiter Imperialis x Alfrun Finnvi: Beorn Regni [m], Brida Regni [f], Ivy Regni [f], Lotus Regni [f], Lorelai Regni [f], Mitros Regni [m], Tor Regni [m], Ulmaria Regni [f]

Jupiter Imperialis x Ballad Pyre of the Ademre: Aeode Regni [f], Kalyke Regni [m], Kore Regni [m]



Fight Form

Valerian vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
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Valerian vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Racing Form

Valerian vs (opponent) for Race
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Valerian vs (opponent) for Race
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