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Elowen is large by average standards, though she is still on the smaller side compared to the giants of Boreas and Auster. She bears a lighter frame overall, one that is meant for speed and endurance instead of brute force. Elli is slender and willowy, tall for her frame thanks to her long, elegant legs. She has thoughtfully almond-shaped eyes of different colors; the left eye is gold, like her father, and the right eye is blue, like her mother. Elowen’s flesh is liver-colored and her claws are off-white.

Like her great aunt Resin, the femme has inherited serrated teeth which is most noticeable on her slightly longer canines. These fangs are sharp, ready to rip and tear through flesh; something Elowen needs to be mindful of when sparring with a friendly opponent. All of her teeth are like this though, again, the most noticeable ones are her canines.

Elli is a monochrome wolfess, just like her parents, with a base coat of black. Covering her head, and ruff, as well as overlaying her back and tail, is an even darker black. Dark gray rests under her base coat color on her legs, belly, and tail as well as rests at the base of her ears. Medium gray fills her ears, covers most of her belly, rests under the dark gray of her tail, and makes up two streak-like markings on her sides.

Silver rests below the dark gray of each leg in a band-like shape, as well as rests under the medium gray of her tail and caps her ears, streaks from the start of her thighs up across her sides to her shoulders, rests off center over each hip, and gives a small streak on her neck. Finally, white sits between the silver and gray of her ears in a small band, caps her chin, splashes unevenly across her eyes with a small speck below, places two dots above either shoulder near her neck, caps her tail, and comes across as sock-like markings on her legs.




Elowen, from a young age, will show chivalrous behavior. Her words and actions will be of the honest and honorable sort, the kind of femme who you can count on to follow through with her promises and then some. Elli will be an honest creature, finding it hard to lie or keep a secret from anyone, especially if doing so seems like it could be dangerous for those she cares about. Elli is kind-hearted and compassionate, a wolf with a big heart who might make the mistake of wearing it on her sleeve. In short, Elowen wants to help others, she wants others to be happy, and she was willing to do anything to make that happen. Elli will be the reflective type of listener, one to give advice to loved ones and friends when they need someone to help them out.

Even from a young age, she will be seen as a hard worker, putting in nothing less than one hundred and ten percent every time. This is good considering the girl is ambitious, setting her goals high so that she has to work to reach them. She is ambitious, but not malicious - she would never take something from those she thought deserved it. Elli is selfless, putting others before herself, even if it means that she might not get what she wants. She is passionate about doing whatever she can for others, no matter what. Elowen will struggle with doing things for herself because she is of the mindset that if everyone else is happy, then she is happy.

Elowen will be a sponge for knowledge, someone eager to learn and expand on her skills. She will also be emotionally driven and quick to act, traits that have the potential of being taken advantage of. Elli is the sort of wolf who will put herself in danger if it means saving someone else, no questions asked. When Elowen fails at something or does something poorly, she has a bad habit of reflecting and dwelling on the past in such a way that she might become sad and quiet. Elli is one who is hesitant about telling others about what she is feeling and may need some prodding before she is ready to talk.

Mental Condiitions


Ginger - A female Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever companion that is 17” tall. She has natural coloration and no remarkable features. She is described as focused and hard-working.

Hot Mama - A female Cardinal companion that has an 11” wingspan. She has the male natural coloration for her species and no remarkable features. She is described as fiery and motherly.

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Minor Mutation Pass Minor Mutation Pass Allows a single minor mutation to be applied to a new character. Serrated fangs (Offensive) n/a
Large Companion Large Companion Allows for a large companion less than 25" tall (for birds, wingspan of 50" or less; for reptiles, length of 50" or less). Female nova scotia duck tolling retriever, 17" n/a
Small Companion Small Companion Allows for a small companion less than 12" tall (for birds, wingspan of 25" or less; for reptiles, length of 25" or less). Female cardinal, 11" n/a
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