Xenafull name
2 Yearsage
Summer of Year 16birthdate
Chaotic Neutralalignment

she came from the ocean
pink face splotches
pink eyes

no injuries

notable scars
The broken ballerina. Lanky and skinny her muscles are taut under her thin skin. Xena is a beauty like that of a dancer or runner. A girl made from the mold of her mother before her Xena is breathtaking, from the perfectly pristine alabaster coat to the delicate muted pink splotches on her face. She is lanky and tall, her coat sleek with plenty of musculature hidden beneath. Meanwhile her eyes glisten a brilliant bright pink, entrancing and intelligent all the while. Perhaps what could be mystifying about Xena is the texture of her alabaster tendrils, long and wispy and almost ghost-like in appearance upon first glance. Though this does not come without its faults - the price of being so beautiful is almost always pain. Because of Xena's condition sunlight can be rather harsh on her sensitive skin; prolonged exposure beneath the sun's rays can cause painful burns and so the woman has a tendency of waiting til dusk or dawn to do most of her galivanting. This is not to say she isn't found out and about, she is just smart about where she goes and when. Xena chooses not to disclose to others the sensitivity of her skin in the sun's light, fearful that it could be seen as weak and used against her. The albino would rather grin and bear it than ever admit she was weak.

traits: loyal, clever, tenacious, studious, soft, caring
tropes: brooding, secretive, jealous, resolute

Xena is a captivating woman in looks alone, but that is not where she truly shines. Her intelligence is something to be rivaled, and many would say she should have taken the route and become a true Ambassador. In a way, she is, but her thirst is for that of the healing arts. As she grew from girlhood into an adult, her tutor instilled in her strong instincts of moral rights and wrongs. A creature of intrigue, she keeps to herself unless her trust is gained. Preferring the solitude of her own sanctuary Xena is not one that is oft found in crowds. Silence is her savior, isolation her reprieve. She seeks quiet moments in her day to gather her wits once more, for being around others so often exhausts the girl far more than she'd like to admit.

Such withdrawn tendencies also keep the sun child from unwanted attachments. Xena can be reclusive and careful of those she keeps in her company. Close friends will be her only constant, and ones she has proven to be quite selfish with and selfless for. It is quite possible that she would throw herself on a fire for those she loves, but heaven should have mercy on any who betray this woman. While she's caring and a rather loyal woman to those who have earned her trust and respect, should they ever turn their backs she can be a vindictive creature possessing every terrible thought known to womankind.

When not in the company of others or tending to wounds, Xena finds herself curled close to the nearest source of heat; be it another breathing creature or warm fire. As stubborn as she is, it would be a miracle just to get her to genuinely smile at a joke, even if she found it unerringly funny.personality

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