Ephemeral Bellangerfull name
1 Yearage
Spring of Year 17birthdate
Lawful Goodalignment

Ephy's pelt is black overall with a ginger collar about his neck and ginger dancing down his sides. His eyes are a rich and intense amber in color that always seems to dance with a sheen of intense curiosity in them. He is tall and slim with no extra weight clinging to him. Despite this he is not sickly but remains healthy with a hefty appetite, his body simply doesn't pack on weight. And like his weight, he seems unable to pack on much muscle mass either. His fur is also thin which gives him an even leaner appearance, almost to the point of making him look malnourished. The ginger fur that makes up his collar, as well as other parts of his body, is a few inches longer than the black pelt that makes up the majority of his body.


Ephy is the sort to have never met a stranger in his short life. He seems to have the innate ability to make friends wherever he goes. He enjoys having a good time and just enjoying life. He is loyal to those whom he has made a connection with and will do whatever he can to help them out. He is always down to go on an adventure and often acts on a whim. He is one to lead with his heart rather than with his mind. He lets his passions take him where they might. He always seems to be full of energy and rarely tires. He is a dark boy with a heart of gold, an innocent he has yet to learn not to give his trust away so easily. Also, having been raised alone, he doesn't have the most sophisticated social abilities. Basic notions of conversation are usually lost on him, as well as the names to a number of the most trivial things.


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