Seumas Cranakfull name
4 Yearsage
Spring of Year 15birthdate
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Seumas is home to a mix of earthy-toned fur. Over his stern face and down his puffy chest is a swathe of light mocha brown, whilst his torso and tail are covered with a sandy beige mix, including splashes above each of his paws on the front side of his forelegs. In between these two blankets of colour is a long stripe of an orange, or gold-like, colour which spreads from underneath his bushy tail and underbelly, over his legs and goes up the sides of his scruffy neck to cover his pert ears (which are otherwise a sandy dark brown). This same shade matches his nose, his (usually scrunched) eyebrows and are distinctively splashed in a dotting under each of his intense pale yellow eyes.

Seumas is of a muscled medium build and measures in at 35 inches tall at the shoulder. He holds himself strongly and well balanced - alert and serious at all times. His fur is well-kempt but on the longer side, especially around his scruff (calling it shaggy will earn you a glare!) He has a small scar on the right side of his throat which runs diagonally for around three or four inches, courtesy of his lovely father. seumas-ref-for-rina
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pronounced Shay-muss

Seumas, despite his bulk and the somewhat intimidating permanent scowl on his face, is a big, fat softie. The eldest of his six siblings, he is usually organised and responsible, sometimes even stern. Anyone who really knows him knows that all it takes are a pout and a good set of puppy-dog eyes and you've got him. That being said, being the eldest has left him with a sense of responsibility to care for others, something he has felt a lack of since leaving home. He sees value in all skills, be it physical or emotional, although he may lack a few of the latter. He is more introverted than extroverted - being a part of such a big family meant he didn't exactly have to go looking for friends. This, paired with his outwardly stoic demeanour makes him feel a bit awkward whilst making friends. If you give him a chance, and Seumas gives you one back, you'll have a big brother for life.personality

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