Enki Kleinfull name
Ink, Kikinicknames
2 Yearsage
Spring of Year 18birthdate
Extra largesize
True Neutralalignment

The base color of Enki’s coat is the light tan of sun-bleached sand. It helps to make the boy’s coat striking, with the way the soft brown mellows and fades into it is a light pink around his muzzle. Some might call his features, feminine with his light build, sharp cheek bones, and dances body but he is a fighter at heart and is ready to prove his skills at a moment’s notice.

The tan of his coat lightens on the back of his neck and in a swoop that paints his side and curls under his belly. Enki’s hind legs and the underside of his tail bear the same light shade. While difficult to pin down, perhaps his most striking features are the dark splotches of a deep earthy brown that litter his pelt. Starting on his cheeks and moving all the down to his tail, the soft tans and pale pinks that make up his coat are darkened in a random, yet beautiful, pattern.

From his mother, Enki will inherit her pink nose while the only gift that his absent father, Noir, will give him, will be his light, baby blue eyes.

All in all, Enki is looker… just like his mother.

Adventurous ~ Cynical ~ Focused ~ Motivated ~ Vengeful

From a young age, Enki will show a great interest in the world that lays outside his den. Once he steps foot outside, the boy will try to scamper off and explore anything and everything he can (even if he shouldn’t). This natural curiosity will follow him into other aspects; learning how to fight, what his mother does, why his siblings are so strange… the boy will be full of questions that might not always have an answer.

His family is his life and Enki will be distrustful of any outsiders that try to worm their way in. When he begins to leave the borders of his home, he will find it difficult not to try and figure what everyone’s motive are. No is just helpful, they will want something in return. Anyone not of the Klein lineage will be kept at arm’s length and it will take a lot more effort for them to gain his trust.

Enki will strive to be a great fighter and explorer, setting goals from himself to stay motived and moving forward. He will also tbe his siblings cheerleader, working toward helping them to reach their own goals as well. Family is everything and, if anyone crosses them or says an unkind word, Enki will track them down and teach them a lesson.

Due to traumatic events in the first year of his life, Enki is currently dissociating from himself and his life

Symptoms may include but are not limited to:

•Having gaps in his memory where he can't remember certain events

•Not being able to remember information about himself or his life history

•Forgetting how to do something he has been able to do well in the past

•Finding items that you doesn't remember ever owning

When interacting with Enki, he may:

•Appear apathetic

•Have a vacant stare

•Have little to no inflection in his voice

•Not react to things that should rouse a response



Extra Height: 4"; 2"

Character Slot




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