Rhian Saxefull name
2 Yearsage
Spring of Year 17birthdate
Neutral Evilalignment
Dikui player

Rhian doesn't look like much of a supernatural girl. She's pretty enough to attract more than a few admirers throughout her lifetime, but they probably won't see any sign of her odd origins. Even in frame and height, she is perfectly average. She's isn't very tall or very short, not very hefty or very slim. She is a perfect balance in appearance, nothing that would really stand out from the crowd.

She has a soft, light greyish-tan base pelt. Her muzzle and nose are fading to darker, with dark gray stripes crossing over her legs. Along her back are similar colors, but these stripes are much wider patches, especially the one swath over her shoulder. White dots, like flakes of snow, scatter over her back.

Her eyes are very light, bright blue, and very expressive, usually sparkling with some joke. All of her body language and expressions are very "loud", for that matter. Even in the rare instances that she isn't talking, you can still see everything that she wants you to hear.

She has inherited the same large teeth as her father and with it, his lisp.appearance
As a pup, Rhian will be much like her adult self, but she will have much more of a desire to prove that she is something to be afraid of. She'll try to scare people for fun and be needlessly mean for no reason other than that she doesn't really care and she thinks it's fun. She admires her more naturally creepy siblings and will try to steal their tricks.

As she grows up, Rhian will outgrow this feeling and will actively try to hide her spookiness. She'll just become very friendly. She will always yack her head off at people who'd rather not listen. She'll be able to pick up on it more as she ages, but then she just won't care. She will never have much in the way of obvious shame, a natural actor or class clown. She's simply blessed with the ability to make people laugh, even if they're not sure if they're supposed to. She's loud, bold, and has a hell of a temper, but she's not truly scary.

At least, not compared to what she can become.

Rhian will laugh and crack jokes with you, all the while imagining the countless ways she could destroy you. If someone has made themselves her enemy in any way, she will do anything to pay them back. She'll keep grudges, but only until she is satisfied with her win.

Sometimes she'll seem not to exhibit any emotions at all, merely cold, professional codes of conduct mostly learned as a child. She lives her life by these rules, memorized and repeated over and over in her mind. If you could glance into her brain, it might look like a computer's inner workings, all tightly made code, playing out without any human feeling or nuance. This makes her efficient, but it also can betray her if she stumbles upon a situation that she doesn't have a rule set for, leaving her to drown in helpless confusion.

Deep relationships will be difficult for her and may end up a little one-sided, with Rhian wanting to know everything about her friend or partner but not giving away much of herself. Even she herself doesn't know exactly who she is. She can point to the rules she lives by or how she's acted before, but nothing deeper.

Under her hot and cold layers is a deep, heavily guarded core of true rage, sparked at moments when she is stressed or hurt. Rhian is too scared to know the details, but she knows from a young age that she will never truly be able to control it, no matter how hard she tries.


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Minor Mutation Pass Minor Mutation Pass Allows a single minor mutation to be applied to a new character. Elongated fangs (Offensive) n/a
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