Sitri Klein-Destructionfull name
2 Yearsage
Spring of Year 17birthdate
Extra largesize
Neutral Goodalignment


The base of Sitri's coloring creates a dark background for all of his other markings to play off of. His legs, tail, ears, and muzzle all show off a deep black that fades into a dark ruby as you draw closer to his torso with the brightest red showing up around his hips. A scattering of white, starlike markings all over his body makes the first appearance of white on his coat. More solid white markings markings with tattered, speckled edges show up three of his legs, forming indistinct socks and a long sweeping marking covers his stomach and reaches up his sides and around to a pointed end at his hip. Spotches of white mark his shoulder blades, tail, and left ear tip while a sliver of white trails up from his nose to just between his eyes. Right under his eyes and on each brow is more densely clustered speckles of white that almost look like faded white markings from a distance.


His eyes are reminiscent of the beginning of a sunset with a sky blue mostly around the upper part of his iris that fades into a rich lavender at the bottom.


Sitri is a tall wolf, reaching forty two inches tall at his full height. While not the bulkiest wolf around, he does have a healthy, medium build that is well toned from training and frequent explorations.


His scent is as diverse as the terrains he travels with hints of jasmine, orange, and sandalwood.appearance


Sitri is nothing if not dedicated and dependable for those he cares about. Once he agrees to do something or makes a promise there will never be any doubt that he will follow through with it. At first glance you might not believe that's the case considering how free spirited and off the cuff he can be, but he is very true to his word. He is also extremely family oriented and loves all of his siblings and parents dearly. In his list of priorities they will always come first so he would never agree to anything that might endanger them or strain his relationship with them. He doesn't necessarily look for their approval in everything he does, but he does appreciate when they support his decisions and his path in life.


Sitri is pretty much always on the loud side and never shies away from speaking his mind. He is always honest, sometimes brutally so, and it's not uncommon for him to dig himself a hole with the things he says. He never means to be mean spirited with the things he says, but sometimes his tongue runs faster than his brain can think to really think through what he's going to say. He's also very forward in the way he approaches others and eventually when he starts showing interest and attraction in others he won't be shy in telling them how he feels. He'll tend to be quite the Casanova, always chasing after love and always enjoying to shower others in affection.


Sitri as a general rule is always very kind and benevolent toward others. He likes to leave the world better than he found it and always strives to do good. However, that doesn't mean he's always gentle in the way he goes about things. If he feels like there is someone that is simply too evil to be helped or someone that has directly attacked or injured someone he loves then he has no forgiveness in his heart for those individuals. He has no problem with bloodshed for those reasons, but he wouldn't randomly attack someone without just cause. personality

Possessions & Companions

Ruby, female Red-Shouldered Hawk.

Slate, snow leopard with gray eyes. misc

Inventory listing
Icon Name Description Details Quantity
Full Abnormal Color Full Abnormal Color Allows a character's base color to be something unnatural. n/a 1
Height (In Inches) Height (In Inches) Allows an extra inch of height over 36", max of 42" allowed via purchase. n/a 6
Large Companion Large Companion Allows for a large companion less than 25" tall (for birds, wingspan of 50" or less; for reptiles, length of 50" or less). Female red-shouldered hawk, 48" n/a
Large Companion Large Companion Allows for a large companion less than 25" tall (for birds, wingspan of 50" or less; for reptiles, length of 50" or less). Male snow leopard, 22" n/a
Battle Accessory - Defensive Battle Accessory - Defensive [NR] [NT] A defensive battle accessory. Hardened bracers made of black leather for both front legs, held together with three silver buckles on the outside of each leg. n/a
Battle Accessory - Offensive Battle Accessory - Offensive [NR] [NT] An offensive battle accessory. Dagger with black leather wrapped grip and a black opal set into the pommel. It's kept in a black leather scabbard on his right side near his shoulder by two straps—one around and one across his chest. n/a
[NR] indicates a non-refundable item; [NT] indicates a non-transferrable item.
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