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Taiga is thickly built, all corded muscle and raw, unbridled power. The feline stands five feet at the shoulder and stretches an impressive twelve feet from nose to tail. Bulky, but not fat, Taiga weighs in at a little over 700lbs.

The lion's body is dipped in a deep charcoal grey. Running along her body are obsidian rosettes, arranged in stripe-like patterns. Her hind legs, tail and face all share similar striping. At points, such as her cheeks, throat and legs, the charcoal shifts to silver. The back of each obsidian ear holds a stark white spot. The lower half of Taiga's body looks as though it's been dipped in snow. White encases her lower half, and underline each piercing eye.

Taiga's coat is thicker than that of your average lion, for she is far from being one. There's a ridge of thicker fur that runs from the backs of her ears and fades out mid spine. Her belly fur is thick as is the fur of her tail and paw pads. All the better to protect against the hard, snowy climes of her homeland.

Taiga's nose and pads are a soft pink. The feline's eyes are a deep claret. These ruby orbs seem to fade from dark red to light red depending on the cat's mood. They sparkle with intelligence and knowing, but there are some times where they glitter with darker things.
Voice Claim- Shira- Dark Souls 3 appearance

Taiga can be a very grumpy thing. She is pensive and thoughtful. Sometimes her mouth snaps before her mind can process the proper reaction to something if she's in a heightened state of emotion. She apologizes after, but that doesn't always make things better, does it? These anger reactions ostracized her from the other lions and brought about more than a few scars and bloody battles. Perhaps that was why she was pushed from the pride.

Being on her own allowed Taiga a lot of time to think. She had to grow up fast and had to teach herself a lot of lessons. After a year of being on her own, the cat has done a lot of maturing, though it's doubtful that she'll ever lose those bouts of anger. However, she tries to keep herself from getting to that level.

A bit of an odd duck, Taiga's year alone left her yearning for companionship and so she found herself speaking to all sorts of different animals just to tamp down the loneliness within her. Because of this, she is comfortable around both predator and prey and doesn't always think with her stomach first. When hunting, she tries to take the weakest, the oldest and the injured.

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