Rook Castielfull name
* eyes are lavender and tail is bobbed
Born as the only pup in the litter, Rook had more than his fair share of milk as a pup and it shows. Growing to a staggering height, he stands at an impressive forty-five inches at the shoulder. Equipped with a toned body from endless training, he maintains an average body shape while not looking too thin or too bulky yet he eats enough for a small military.

Primarily, the man is a colorless white. Like a cloak, blacks and greys cascade from his crown down his nape and fade onto his back and shoulders. The darkest grey appears on the back of his neck and turns into striping down the sides of his neck and ribs towards his chest. In a few places, the grey has been erased and the white reappears, splotchy and random. His face is mostly white, marred only by greys that claim the lower portion of the left side of his face as well as a single smear across the right side of his mouth and another smear at his right eyebrow. Thick fur collects around his neck, much thicker than elsewhere on his body and similar to that of a mane, however the longer hair atop his head is a bit too short to lay flat and stands up nearly straight into a mohawk, starting as white blending into the darkest grey of his neck. Out from his skull protrude two horns, tall and curved towards his face slightly, the horns are situated nicely above each lavender eye, starting as black and fading into white at the tips. His tail was removed at birth and all he retains of it is a puff of white fur.

Rook isn't all that bad. I promise. He comes off as uncaring, perpetually bored, and has a tendency to say exactly what he thinks with zero hesitation. He shows little emotion, and when he does it's usually annoyance or some form of anger. He's very easy to annoy actually, so he's not quite emotionless… just, grumpy. That works. The unfortunate part is he will most certainly back up anything he may say that might offend someone. He's hot headed to a point, but it does take some time to get him angry. Annoyed, sure, but he's actually quite patient and tolerant despite his opinion on the matter. Usually, however, he's pretty quiet and keeps to himself until he just can't anymore. He prefers to keep to himself a lot of the time, unless training requires partners or he's forced into socializing. Rook is very much an introvert.

However, things start to change when he makes a friend or someone he can trust. He's loyal to a fault and more protective than a mother with a new child. He's still brutally honest, but in a way with toothy grins and playful tones. He can still fall into a quiet spell, but otherwise he's much different than how most others know him.

Purchases -
Dire character pass {albinism & height) - owned
Mutation (thick fur on nape & throst with Mohawk) - $50
Mutation (dibatag horns) - $50
Companion (piebald raven) - 500
Companion (black howler monkey) - 500
Weapon (bracers w/ 2 kunai) - 400
Armor (hooded grizzly pelt dyed black w/ raven feathers) - 400misc


Rook is the first born child of his father, although he was illegitimate and the bastard son. Even though his father was the king, his fathers affair led to his birth before the queen became pregnant and ultimately decided the rest of his life. Being the bastard child, he had little extra luxuries. Hardly more than the average court pup, but much less than a ranked prince, or heir even. Even still, Rook was forced to file into the ranks of the militia and train to defend his father and queen. Rook excelled in training and quickly rose in ranks at an early age. He was no seasoned warrior, but he trained hard and earned his place at the head of his class.

Rook earned his nickname 'Doom' within the militia, as many of the young warriors had done. For various reasons one would earn their name, but in his case it was his fighting style. It could be said that it was difficult to defeat the young child, but if you did, he would come back for you. He rarely tells anyone his real name, choosing just to stick with the nickname.

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Rook Castiel vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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