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Build-- He inherited his build from his mother, though he doesn't share her bulk or stature. He stands at 28" tall, his potential stunted by his mother's difficult pregnancy. Long, thickly muscled legs lend him a sure and powerful stride through the sucking mud of his home. His paws are large and broad, allowing him to find purchase on roots and disperse his weight across loose substrates. His shoulders and thighs are muscular, but lack the breadth of a large frame to lend him an imposing figure. Gracile features lent power have crafted a man whose build doesn't tip the scale in either direction. His chest and hips are slim, ideal for slipping through thick undergrowth and around tree trunks. Bog has a fairly long neck corded with strong muscles, and a cranium that tips slightly towards being robust. The soft curves and angles of his features denote a gentle warmth, and make him appear approachable to almost anyone. Tall, sparsely furred auds are well tuned to the slightest of sounds, and allow him to detect movements in the murky water of his native habitat.

Coat-- Adapted to the high humidity and heat of his home, his pelt is relatively thin and short. This facilitates moisture evaporating away from his skin and thereby avoiding irritation and infection from bacteria growth.

Muddled hues swath his pelt, with a base shade of muddy brown covering his form. Inky brown darkens the fur over his back and shoulders, covering his features with a dark cowl. Along his cheeks, throat, and belly the shades lighten to a rich chestnut. The fronts of his thighs are a deep mocha, which trails down his hind limbs to form stockings that are only visible in the sunlight. The most striking markings he bears are in the shades of green that dapple his form. Like lichen dangling from vines and moss covered stones, he wears shades of green across his flanks and over his neck. With the odd smattering along the sides of his neck and climbing towards his spine, he becomes all the more difficult to find among the murk of his native lands.

The dark fur of his face is broken up by lichen-green undereye markings, which trail down a short distance towards his cheekbones. The outer rims of his ears are stained in shades of verdant green, as is the bridge of his muzzle just above his dark nose. Pale peridot brow spots make his soft features all the more expressive, and in bright light one might notice the patches of deep green-brown across his forehead.

Eyes-- Verdant, striking emerald gems pierce through a dark, muddled pelage. They capture attention from the outset and one can often find themselves feeling pinned beneath his gaze like a butterfly to a corkboard.

Stance/Gait-- Surefooted and graceful, he picks his way through uneven and tumultuous terrain with ease. He had to learn to navigate unsure paths quickly to survive. While his legs swing seemingly without a care in the world or clear intention, each step is deliberate and careful. He can chase a hare through the mangroves without losing his footing, and sidestep an alligator's lunge through the mud.

He stands with the casual self-assurance of a man who is well acquainted with his body and its limits, despite his slouching shoulders and constant vigilance in the form of a roving gaze. The nub of his tail tends to twitch while he thinks, often betraying his anxiety or interest in any given scenario.

Scent-- loamy soil & florals & damp stone

Scars-- Despite his youth, Bog has seen violence. Through means that he won't disclose, he lost his tail. The man has only a scarred nub in its place, and the hair will not grow over the puckered scar tissue at the very end of the stub, hardly noticeable thanks to the remaining long fur growing over the sides and top. The tale of how he lost it changes each time he tells it, and no one knows the true story.

Accessories-- Bog tends to wear the skull of a large male muntjac as a mask when foraying into unknown territory, or venturing beyond the familiar territory around his den site. The mask has leather straps tied to its zygomatic arches so he can slip it off and wear it around his neck if he decides against wearing it. Dark areas might be visible around the roots of the fangs and molars, as they have been secured with a resin/sap mixture to ensure they don't slip out over time.

***Bog is a man in the way a strange bug you find in the dirt is a man- it's more of a fond descriptor and denoting of personhood than it is a concrete gender identity. He was born AMAB but his identity is vague at best, and he doesn't really tie himself to a conceptualized gender.appearance

Standoffish-- It should be expected for a wolf raised in the damp murk of a swamp to be a little rough around the edges, and altogether not the best at first impressions. Initial meetings tend to be awkward, and he doesn't always impress strangers. It takes a few encounters for anyone to glean even an undercurrent of the odd character that lurks beneath the mask he puts on around strangers.

Eclectic-- Bog is a strange man. Pure and simple, he has odd habits and quirks that tend to lend themselves to a lack of strong social bonds. He spends plenty of time tending to his plants, cleaning his bones, and organizing his trinkets, but would drop everything if someone were to ask him about any of these things. The way he tends to avoid eye contact in favour of scanning the landscape, or wander about muttering to himself, all mark him to polite society as an odd duck.

Absentminded-- It's not necessarily that he forgets things, rather that they slip from his focus rather often. Sometimes, they never encounter his attention at all, and though someone has told him something, he wasn't aware of this. It isn't uncommon for him to leave one task completely forgotten for weeks while attending to something else, and find himself baffled that the previous task has fallen into disarray when he returns. There are good odds on any errands he is sent on to end with his return heralding an entirely different result.

Introverted-- Bog is well suited to his solitary lifestyle, and he thrives when spending large periods of time without encountering another sentient creature. The man is at his happiest when he wakes to the sound of birdsong and spends his day organizing his den, then going to bed without having heard the sound of another voice. While he welcomes the company of family, or trades with the wolves beyond the bounds of the swamp, he cannot tolerate prolonged stays in heavily populated lands.

Collector-- In the event that you need something strange, and can't get it from your local trader, there's a very good chance you can find it in Bog's den. Otherwise, you can probably count on Bog to find it for you within a few days. He keeps a well stocked pharmacopeia, alongside a wealth of odds and ends for crafting, and his prized collection of bones. He delights in keeping various skulls around his home as decor. He finds beauty in death and decay, where many might see despair and horror.

Opportunistic-- Tantamount to his survival thus far has been an ability to take advantage of any situation he comes across. He is exceptionally skilled at finding the bright side in most things, by proxy. This tendency has also taught him the advantages of questionable morality. Stealing from stores left unguarded, trading dangerous herbs and fungi to sketchy looking folks, and the likes are all up for grabs, if it ensures his survival. Some might find this detestable, but those aren't the kind of folks he would hang around with anyways.

Warm-- At his core, Bog is a kind individual. He is welcoming to all, and caring. He rarely turns away someone in need, and will gladly offer up his home to anyone who cares to stay. There is a simplistic, lackadaisical twist to the way he talks and acts that draws others in, and inclines them to stay and chat with him for far longer than they might expect, once they get past the initial awkwardness of meeting him. He enjoys helping others, and making them happy. If you're in need, there isn't anyone better to seek out. personality

Bog has a constant companion in the form of a Goliath frog named Bug, who tends to accompany him in some form at all times. The only thing that really sets him apart from your average Goliath frog is his tenuous grasp on the language of wolves, though he doesn't speak to strangers all that often, he tends to pester Bog regularly. Bug is 13" long from snout to vent, and a voracious eater of any small animals that he can get into his mouth. Anger the frog at your own risk.

For more information on Bog's kinfolk, check out this page!misc


The swamp decides..


A long lineage of swamp dwellers finds continuation in Bog and his siblings. His mother Fen had an arduous pregnancy and delivery, where she nearly succumbed during birth. The first child she delivered was stillborn, a tiny creature without any fur. She emerged with three living children, and her loving wife doted on them all until Fen was well enough to resume hunting for the family. Once the pups had opened their eyes, and began taking tentative forays into the dappled sunlight of the mud beyond the den mouth, Fen was well enough to travel.

The children were brought before the Great Tree, an unspeakably massive thing whose existence in the swamp is inherently unnatural and therefore mystical. The spirit of their home lived within its thick, vine-choked trunk, and they would be recognized by the land only once they were introduced through the tree. Sap was tapped from its trunk, mixed with some of the rare blossoms, and each child was marked with the sacred mixture. Only then was there a chance of their survival in the treacherous land they called home.

By the time they were four months old, the three children were being encouraged to spend less and less time in the family den. They hunted frogs and snakes, gathered edible mushrooms when they couldn't hunt, and treated their smaller scrapes and cuts, all on their own. Bog and his sisters, by the tradition of their lineage, were taught enough to survive on their own and become self-sufficient well before many pups of the moors and mountains. Whether they succeeded or not, the swamp would decide in the end. Such was the way of their life.


It didn't take long for Bog to ease into life on his own, and he found himself enjoying his time wandering the swamps. After a few days he stumbled upon the site of his future den, and began the arduous task of digging out the muck from the roots of the old tree near the banks of the swamp. As the weeks passed he emptied out more and more of the space beneath the old tree, supporting the thick roots with heavy stones and clay sourced from other parts of the swamp.

Attending one of the many gatherings, he heard that one of his sisters had not survived long after leaving the whelping den, and had been claimed by the swamp in the time since the last gathering. He sought out his mothers, and surviving sibling, hoping to check in with them and ensure they were not too greatly affected by the loss. The four of them stuck close to one another during the gathering, and told stories together until the small hours of the night until they fell asleep near the fire pit.



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parentsFen [f] ( x ??? [m]) x Bloom [f]
siblingsunnamed [?], Marsh [s], Pod [m]
Extended FamilyThe swamp forms the true bonds of kinship between Bog and his Family. Thus, the following are not all related by blood: Puddle [m], Mud [f], Basalt [?], Craw [?],

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Defensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Muntjac skull mask</a>
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Bog vs (opponent) for Race
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Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
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Build: Medium
Skills: Novice Healer & Advanced Navigator


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