Segin Epsilonfull name
2 Yearsage
Spring of Year 14birthdate
Neutral Goodalignment


Deep, fathomless black and hues of purple share space on his form, causing uneven, waving forms and shapes across his body. His muzzle, cheeks, throat, chest, stomach, forelegs, and tail are all coated in black while the other portions of him are covered in dapples, splatters, gradients, and waves of purple. The largest portions hold a darker, gray-toned violet while brighter splashes of plums and violets stand out against this darker background. None of his markings are perfectly simetrical, with more black showing up in certain areas than others and some areas collecting more purple than others.


Even though his coat is moderately colorful, his eyes are almost completely devoid of it. His irises are a shimmering, pale silver, appearing to be the stars standing out on the midnight galaxy of his body.


Segin stands at 32" tall and when he is at his healthiest weight will land at an easy, medium build. Not the biggest male around, but perhaps not the smallest either.


Fresh and floral with hints of forget me nots and lily of the valley. appearance
Always torn between his desire to help others and his fear of hurting those around him, Segin has a hard time forming bonds and connections with anyone despite the fact that all he craves is the chance to improve someone's life. He struggles with survivor's guilt after watching his brother being killed in what he feels like was his fault and over compensates at times, almost becoming self sacrificing to help others. He would throw himself into the line of fire if it meant saving someone that needed him. However, he is not a violent wolf and loathes hurting others unless there is no other choice so he will use any other method available to him before he resorts to fighting.

He is always honest with those that he spends time with frequently, never concealing his emotions or thoughts. He sees life as being too short to spend it living hiding his truths after being so close to death himself. He'll never purposefully hurt someone's feelings, but he also won't sugarcoat anything to protect them from the truth either. The only exception to this is the fact that severe mental illness is a part of his bloodline, refusing to even acknowledge it in himself out of a deep seated fear that he might end up like his father.

While he has a hard time forming deep, lasting bonds, he does like falling into shallow, more superficial relationships where he can find some temporary peace and pleasure. If he does actually manage to connect deeply with someone he'll struggle with it at first, pushing them away to protect himself and them, but if there's enough persistence then he'll eventually give in and you'll never find a more dedicated, grateful, loving wolfpersonality


Segin was one of many children, the youngest in a litter of four, but only one litter of many from a revolving door of women. His father had one woman that he seemed to care about most and she was the only permanent fixture in their lives as far as a "mother" went. This woman that he loved was incapable of having children and that sent their father into a downward spiral, developing a fetish over pregnant women and an insatiable craving to have children of his own. He started capturing other women, raping them, and forcing them to have his children. He was extremely manipulative and abusive to his "mate", making her believe that she could never leave them, threatening the pups lives as a consequence if she tried to leave. As soon as the pups could be without their mothers, he would kill the women in front of the pups as an example, a threat of what could happen to them if they tried to leave or misbehaved.

Eventually, it came to a point that there were just so many pups that even his father couldn't keep track of them all and a few of them were able to quietly slip away in the middle of the night with the help of their mother figure and they were never seen or heard from again. The night that Segin had decided he would do the same despite the concern he had for leaving his siblings behind, he happened to see his father cornering one of his older sisters in the back of the cave that they all shared and even when his sister started fighting against him and crying out for help, none of his older siblings got up to help, all of them turning away with pained looks on their faces. Their father was by far larger than any of them and far more vicious so none of them dared to oppose him. At less than a year old Segin watched in horror as his father raped one of his half sisters in front of all of them, beginning his father's further decent into madness.

After that Segin felt like it was impossible to leave, fearing that if he wasn't around to tend to his sisters after his father was done with them no one would. He did this for over a year, feeling helpless even as his oldest half sister that had just turned two ended up pregnant by their father. Around this time he got closer to one of his half brothers who frequently joined him in caring for their sisters, both of them commiserating at how unfair and cruel it all was and how desperately they wished they stood a chance in fighting off their father to finally end all of this. As Segin neared his second birthday, he began developing an attraction for his half brother, the pair sneaking kisses in the shadows of the cave and slipping away when no one was looking to make love.

Their father caught them one night and went into a rage, ripping his brother off of him and throwing him into a near by tree, fracturing his spine. He condemned them both for having sex with another man and for letting anyone touch them but him - contradicting himself and not seeming to care, too enraged and insane to notice. As if he just had to prove a point, he snapped the neck of Segin’s brother, killing him instantly. He then turned on Segin, beating and raping the young man and making him look at his dead brother the entire time.

In the middle of the attack, Segin snapped. He twisted in his father's grasp while he was still on top of him, ripping out his throat and brutally murdering his abuser, ending up having to push his massive father's body off of him and staggering away covered in his blood. He was terrified of what he had done despite the circumstances, afraid that he was going to turn into a murderer like his father, and vowing to never harm another wolf after that incident. He went back to the cave and told his siblings, half siblings, and adoptive mother what happened and they all scattered to the wind, finally freed from under their captor and oppressor.

Segin started traveling the world after that, struggling to find a place where he belonged and constantly afraid of the insanity his father had developing in himself.
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Segin Epsilon vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Medium
Build: Medium
Skills: Intermediate Healer & Intermediate Navigator
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