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Acantha Elpis Stavrosfull name
Ann (used mostly as an alias)nicknames
4 Yearsage
Summer of Year 12birthdate
Extra largesize
Lawful Neutralalignment


Monochrome with simple shades of gray and white, Acantha's coat gets its beauty from its simplicity. The darker shades are centralized around the top of her head and around the middle portions of her sides and middle of her tail. The upper portion of her body around her scruff, rump, and top of her tail is a lighter shade of gray, almost making her look like she's constantly followed around by a spotlight. All of the other portions of her body are dipped in a clean white, all of these shades fading together in a lovely gradient. Around her shoulders, middle of her back, and the middle portions of her outer thighs are random clusters of darker gray spotting, making it look almost as if this darker gray is flaking up into the lighter portions of her coat.


Her eyes are a pale cyan, as beautiful and clear as the ocean at a pristine, sandy beach.


Her build clearly shows her warrior heritage. She stands at 40" tall and typically has a well maintained medium build with an obviously feminine flare. Her muscles are well toned and strong from years of training, though her thick coat makes it seem as if she is curvier and softer than she is.


Rich and woody like the forests she grew up in, hinted with mahogany and patchouli.appearance
Hardened by events in her past, Acantha feels little fear and is through and through a grizzled warrior. She knows her strength and her worth and will accept nothing less. After living on both ends of the spectrum of the highest privilege and power to the lowest, most abused state imaginable, she knows the best and worst of the world. Her opinions and views of the world tend to sway and vary depending on the situation, though she does have a few hard and fast rules she lives by. She has no patience for women that view themselves as weak, but she will also not stand for any kind of abuse toward women that are being taken advantage of. She will step in when she must to rescue those that need it, but then she expects them to be able to pick themselves back up just as she had.

Not a day goes by when Ann isn't working on her prowess in battle or sharpening her clever mind. She sees each day as a gift and any day not taken advantage of as wasted. She has long since given up the idea of leadership since it was the reason for her abuse in the first place, but she does still find purpose in serving if the cause is strong enough. Once she is dedicated to something she will be unwaveringly loyal. She appreciates the laws and structure of a pack and likes to know that there is an order and a reason behind doing certain things as well as a chain of command for her to follow and depend on. She does have very high standards for who she follows however and will be very unlikely to do so if she feels that they are inadequate.

One might think that after the abuse she went through she would be completely against the idea of mating or taking a husband, but it is quite the opposite. Following the escape of her captor, she found power and confidence in sexual acts and enjoys those pleasures quite casually. She's less eager to form real, lasting bonds with any one wolf, but she isn't completely opposed. It would have to be someone that could match or best her in her skills and someone that she trusts whole heartedly - trust that is sometimes more difficult for her to build. personality


First born into the ruling family of a powerful, warring pack, Acantha was destined to rule from brith. She lived side by side with her father and mother, the king and queen, eating and breathing how to lead and fight. She took very quickly to each of her lessons and quickly became the most formidable and deadly fighter among the ranks by the time she reached her second birthday. While most heirs went directly into their role of king or queen once the former rulers were no longer able to lead, her father made the decision to place her into the role as head of the guard instead and have her begin reworking how the warriors were trained and organized. This was because her brother had failed to live up to the expectations of the role and their father stripped him of the rank, leaving the seat vacant. While their younger siblings trained and prepared to take over this spot, Acantha was placed there temporarily.

The night before the ceremony that would install her as the new head of the guard, Acantha woke up to someone barging into her den. She couldn't quite make out who the shadowy figure was before something came swinging at her head, connecting hard with her skull and knocking her out cold. When she came to, there were ropes tying her front paws together as well as her back paws and her mouth was tied closed as well. She was being carried on a travois away from their pack lands. She began to struggle and fight, giving muffled cries and straining against her restraints. The cart stopped, and her brother came into view, giving her a wicked grin before covering her head with a cloth that must have fallen loose during he ride.

By the next morning she found herself hidden away in a cave system at least a dozen miles from her pack's borders. From there she traded hands several times, different strangers picking her up each time to move her further and further from home, always covering her eyes so she couldn't tell where she was being taken. At the end of it she ended up in a slave auction and was bought by the leader of a rival pack who recognized who she was. He took advantage of her, forcing himself on her and locking her away from the world.

For almost a year, the wolf that bought her used her and raped her, sending his fighters in to tie up her muzzle and restrain her before he would go into the cave where she was being held so she couldn't fight back. Toward the end of this first year, she became pregnant by the leader of this pack and used that as a bit of leverage to get better treatment. More regular feedings, better bedding, things of that nature. Once she began to build up a little more strength, she sent a message via one of the guards to tell her captor that she wanted to talk. She was able to convince him that she truly wanted to be his wife for the sake of their children and that she would forgive the treatment she had gotten to this point if he would let her out of this cell and let her live with him properly. She added that if her parents found out she was alive and well they would reward them handsomely and she would make sure they knew the relationship was consensual so that they wouldn't retaliate against his pack.

He agreed and brought her to his quarters, too wrapped up in his excitement to have heirs and to have the princess of the most powerful pack in their lands as his willing bride to think clearly. The first night that they were living together as a couple, she lured him into bed, telling him that they needed to start off their proper relationship with mating that wasn't akin to rape. In the middle of their sex, she ripped his throat out and snapped his neck, killing him far more quickly than he deserved. She slipped away from the pack in the dead of night and ran until she couldn't run any more. None of the land around her was familiar and she only got more and more lost trying to find her way back home.

During her search she eventually gave birth to the rapist's pups she immediately killed them and kept going with her search for either somewhere to call home or her parent's pack. She traveled further and further away and eventually gave up on ever finding her home pack again, instead focusing on building herself back up, replacing her armor, and finding a new place to call her own, putting everything that had happened firmly behind her.
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Acantha Elpis Stavros vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Medium
Skills: Advanced Fighter & Novice Intellectual
Specialty: N/A


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