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Arngeir Erlingheimdóttirfull name
Geir, Geirranicknames
4 Yearsage
Winter of Year 11birthdate
Extra largesize
True Neutralalignment

Arngeir is shown to be made of pure muscle and might, her broadened shoulders and wide thorax paired with rippling muscle under tight skin, a trait that's commonly associated with the berserkir of the Erlingheim bloodline. She's described to often appear beastlike - her assertive gait and daunting appearance often manages to catch some glances of suspicion and nervousness. Her paws are large and tough, aged from extreme conditions, much like her. The Norse daughter has a pelt that consists of varying tones; black, ivory, sepia, chestnut, and a list of others, it's thick length stretching from her lineage of tundra dwellers. She has a lot of gradience flow in her colors, as well as dappling along her thighs and rib region.

Similar to her body build being tied to her origins, there are several other traits that tie her to it as well. For starters, her eyes bloom to contrast from the dull, urban tones of her coat. Their base color is a molten gold color, with a ring of fuchsia pink around them. Her pupil also has a bold ring of stark blue around it. Next is her chest marking, resembling some obscured fire symbol. Lastly, her scarring.

Due to her life, in and out of combat, Arngeir has earned her scars with hardwork, dedication, and many mistakes. Her left eye has a large, wide scar that starts at the bottom tip of her ear and ending at the cheek bone. There's another scar, a thick bite mark, on the right side of her neck. Some thin nick marks sit at her left forearm and another long scar rakes along her spine, ending at the tip of her ribcage. Lastly, her tail has been ripped clean off, leaving a short nub in it's place.

Having earned her way to being an upstanding and high-ranked member of several civilizations, including her home clan, Arngeir has lived through several circumstances that may have seemed impossible. Her resolve has hardened over the course of a few years, as well as gaining more knowledge as she becomes further away from her childhood in Wildmount. A sacrifice - as Arngeir often calls it. Nonetheless, she's learned to cope and accept this fact, even if the old way of life still follows her.

Geirra isn't the type to shelter the feelings of those around her, believing it to be weak and unfitting if they're grown. This follows towards those who are considered to be superior members of their societies, the Nordic daughter dishes out bitter remarks like it's her job. But, regardless of how jaded she seems to be, Arn has never said it with the intention to lie. She believes that, in order to improve, you must be aware of your mistakes. And regardless of the situation at hand, there's always improvement to be made.

Then again, Arngeir isn't the type to spoon feed. In her presence, she demands you either grow the fuck up or stand down. The world isn't going to soften, and she won't either.

With that in mind, it can be a nerve-wracking experience to speak to the Dóttir, as she has an intense presence. But, that does fall away for those that have earned a much lighter side of the dame. Surprisingly, she does have a sense of humor, even if it's used with a deadpanned expression or a sarcastic tone. Her loyalty and trust are two things that don't come cheap, and her oaths are one hell of a thing to be broken.

ஜ Added Height from Chronos

ஜ Added Height from Sea

ஜ Speaks Old Norse, Icelandic, English, German, and Norwegian

ஜ Follower of a Norse Pagan-like religion called Sáttrism


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parentsIvan Erlingheimsson & Eureka Erlingheimdottir


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Arngeir Erlingheimdóttir vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Heavy
Skills: Beginner Fighter & Beginner Intellectual
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