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29 Inches } 110 lbs | Light | Medium Fur

Kya is a beautiful wolf who takes after her mother in coloring. One look at her and you wouldn't have to guess whose child she is. As a pupy she's mostly a dark and light blue blob, but as she ages her markings become more pronounces. Her base is a medium blue which darkens to almost black the further you get down her body and lighter the further up you go. She looks as though she was born from the ocean with rippling wave markings spreading across her with no real pattern or reason to them.

The only coloring she didn't inherit from her mother is the soft tawny color that graces her head. This color lines her eyes, the rim of her ears, and the bridge of her snout and head. It's very subtle, but there's a hint of the Destructions in there if you look hard enough.

Her build isn't very impressive. She takes after her mother in height as well and as an adult only reaches 29" tall. She's got a light build that hardly ever changes. She won't ever grow to have the build of a muscled fighter, but she'll be lethal in her own right. She's certainly got the build to go along with her looks though. She's very dainty and pristine and likes to keep up with that appearance as much as possible. appearance

Intelligent - She takes after her parents in this regard. She picks new tricks and skills up as easy as a newborn horse learns to walk. Anything that puts her mind to the test is exciting to her and all the more reason to try and learn it even faster. She enjoys being quick witted and will always strive to find ways to better her mind. Often times it can be a downfall as well. She tends to be a know-it-all and doesn't believe she can be wrong about anything that she feels she knows perfectly. Even if she ends up being in the wrong she'll never be the one to admit it.

Arrogant - Speaking of not admitting when she's wrong, she tends to be quite arrogant in certain situations. She's confident and sure of herself and often doesn't second guess her actions. She can be rather vain about her looks too and will often use it to get what she wants if the other wolf can be manipulated easily enough. She looks to further her own goals (and her family's too if applicable) and isn't afraid to manipulate and lie where she can get away with it if the need arises.

Analytical - While she doesn't second guess her decisions, it's because she's put the utmost attention to making that decision before she acts. She tends to over analyze everything and it's almost borderline insanity. She will sit and think about every possible outcome before she goes through with something just to ensure it doesn't negatively impact her in any way.

Genuine - While she puts on airs for outsiders to be the best creature to walk the earth, she tends to be a lot more real with her family. While still intelligent in her own right, she's a lot more friendly and open with her siblings and parents. True friends will see this scarce side of her as well, but the circle will stay small. It takes a lot to get her to fully open up to another. She often finds friends useless unless they serve to benefit her. She's the type who'll use you for a brief time rather than keep you around long term. She's not incapable of making lasting relationships though.

Ambitious - She has high goals for her life. She's not the type to sit idly and let life pass her by. She wants to make the most of her short life by setting new goals and breaking records. She won't be known for her fighting prowess, but she as hell will try to make her mark in a different way. Whether it be to obtain a particular rank or just be the most knowledgeable in a certain subject, once she sets that goal she's determined to achieve it. <

Inventive - She takes after her mother in regards to crafting. Learning from a young age, she likes to tinker with different materials to create trinkets and useful items and weapons. Eventually this leads to her picking up herbology: she takes a keen interest in different herbs and is far too interested in different toxins. It's unknown what she'll do with this knowledge, but she finds it extremely useful to have. Whether it be as simple as knowing how to heal another wolf or as dastardly as trying to assassinate them. Who knows what the future holds with this girl?

Nurturing - She does have a nurturing side. While outwardly cold and distant, she loves her family and would do anything for them. Whatever pack she resides in, she extends this same courtesy to. While slightly selfish and looking to further her own goals, there's some small part of her that enjoys the act of helping others where she can. It is a twisted sense of pride for her to say "I did that." It only feeds into her arrogance, but who can fully complain if she's helped out another in the long run? Even if it's not for the most healthiest of reasons.personality


- Born Spring of Year 16
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parentsKirsi x Song Destruction
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Kyanite Destruction vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Medium
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Skills: Beginner Intellectual & Beginner Healer
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