Fable Destructionfull name
5 Yearsage
Winter of Year 15birthdate
Extra largesize
Neutral Goodalignment
Xarae player
No if ands or buts about it, Fable is built like a brick house. Everything about her is large. She's tall and stout with wide hips, big paws, and her family's telltale huge gleaming blue eyes. This Destruction takes after her parents and tops out at 42" tall. Her fur is densely packed, smooth and almost feline in its silky softness - in no small part due to her taste for fish, particularly salmon. The fish's natural oils keep her fur and skin immaculately moisturized.

Her base coat is shades of grey, darkest at her shoulders and spine and lightening to pale ash on her stomach with some darker striping on her face and just before her underbelly lightens completely. She takes after her father in coloring - the rest of her markings are those same shades of pale and dark grey accented by an earthy, natural burgundy color.

Fae's face is darker grey with a light grey blaze across the bridge of her muzzle ending just before her eyes - that same light grey accents both eyes with some soft grey flecking around the edges of her sweet baby blues. An earthen red blaze starts where the light grey ends, sweeping between her ears and down the back of her head before petering out in flecks and lines of light grey, burgundy, and dark grey across her shoulder blades and ribcage. The same pattern repeats itself across the top of her rump and tail. The fluff on the backs of her thighs and a small spot on her chest are the lightest grey while the dark red color echoes in brilliant swoops on her front legs and across her back upper thighs.

Beginning from birth, Fae is fascinated with delicious, scrumptious, wonderful food. The little girl will start growing quickly and seem to never stop until she tops out at her parents' height - and, of course, this growth needs to be fueled by tasty morsels. Fable is clever as all get out and will learn how to hunt, trap, and snare wildlife from a young age to feed her voracious appetite. Once she grows bored of simple meals, she will begin to experiment with fire and herbs, leading her to be Boreas' very first culinary expert. Eventually she will begin a lifelong love affair with seafood, particularly salmon.

Outside of the "kitchen," Fable is eager to learn about the world around her. She's less interested in the "why" of things and much more fascinated by the "how." A natural inventor, she will begin to assemble strange rickety creations of all sorts as soon as she can walk. Most of them serve no purpose, but eventually she may stumble upon something completely ingenious - at least, that's what she believes. Fable is a dedicated student and one day will grow into an excellent, patient teacher. She loves to bring out the spark of creativity in others and longs to stoke everyone's interests into a raging bonfire. Fae believes everyone is talented - they just need to figure out exactly what they're good at! Wolves who are content to just go with the flow or laze about she simply doesn't understand.

Simply put, Fable doesn't know the meaning of doing anything half-assed. This proclivity towards business and productivity can get exhausting for others at times and can frequently come across as grating, even when she believes she has someone's best interests in mind.

After her time away from Boreas cooking for a wealthy king, Fable has grown spoiled. She is confident in her talent to a fault and always on the hunt for rare spices and meats. This Destruction has a sterling palette now and will not settle for less... and if she has to, you can be sure she's pouting over it. personality

Inventory listing
Icon Name Description Details Quantity
Height (In Inches) Height (In Inches) Allows an extra inch of height over 36", max of 42" allowed via purchase. n/a 6
Deer Dad's Blessing Deer Dad's Blessing [NR] [NT] Allows a deer-themed post-acceptance minor mutation. Can be offensive or defensive (takes one season to fully develop IC). Unused n/a
[NR] indicates a non-refundable item; [NT] indicates a non-transferable item.
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