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Large but not large enough to be considered a beast, Karine is a perfect balance between power and elegance, boasting a sturdy yet feminine frame with curves in all the right places. Her strength is hidden by a plush, well-kept pelt and soft points throughout her silhouette, including broad ears, a gently rounded snout, and an unassuming gaze.

Monochrome fur is a simple, deliberate spread of black and white, not unlike a noblewoman dressed in dark shoes, a veil, and silken evening gloves. Black coats her limbs and the tip of her tail while wrapping more completely around her neck and ears, but even her sparse markings steer clear of her pale face, which serves as a perfect canvas for two bright, wise amethyst eyes.

Karine bears scars over the left side of her face and on her left shoulder. Not all her art depicts this.

regal • maternal • loyal • independent • stubborn • selfless

Despite her size, Karine is anything but imposing. In fact, there seems to be something about her--a softness, a grace, a gentleness--that actually makes her quite approachable. She carries herself with poise and purpose, every gesture seemingly calculated and well thought out down to the way she smiles. There is an air of regality about her thanks to her royal upbringing, but she would sooner give the hide off her back for someone than accept a favor from another. Unprovoked, Karine is possibly one's safest and most pleasant company, but this by no means makes her weak.

She will war if she must, and though she would prefer to war with words over teeth, those words may cut just as deeply coming from her lips as any set of canines. Karine is quick, observant; few things slip by her unnoticed, and she will not hesitate to use this knowledge against her foes. Should this not be enough, however, bloodshed is not out of the question. As a healer by trade, physical battle has always been a last resort, but these days her fuse is just a tad bit shorter than endless.

Meet my kiddos!


Karine was born into a life of royalty, the youngest of a litter of three between King Osiris and Queen Zaltana of the Praeses Kingdom. Eldest brother Aleksandr was named heir, with Armen and Karine expected to follow as his future counsel. And no sooner did the triplets take their first steps than they entered into their training--as future leaders, but also as warriors and healers, respectively. Aleksandr and Armen were trained for war, like their father, and Karine in the art of herbology, like their mother.

At one year of age, their official titles were made public; the brothers were also entrusted with the authority to lead the Praeses' army, Karine with the responsibility of keeping them all well and patched up. It was also around this time that a new litter was introduced to the pack. Torin and Alexina Cyprien were longtime friends and protectors of the Praeses matriarchs, and their children would prove to be no different to the young princes and princess. Needless to say, it wasn't long before the youths all became fast friends.

And lovers. As the Cypriens children reached adolescence and the Praeses children reached adulthood, new feelings began to blossom between them. Aleksandr and Armen, though still quite attached to the ways of young bachelors, caught eyes for Praxis and Calixta. Karine even entered into a quiet, tentative courtship with Sloan, all the while Quillon remained a faithful friend to them all.

This innocence didn't last long, however, as the grown Praeses brood were swiftly summoned to fulfill their appointed roles. A bear was spotted within their territory, but for Osiris and Zaltana, it proved too formidable a foe. It killed them almost instantly and threatened to kill the rest of those who swarmed it. Together in their grief and rage, the brothers managed to bring it down--but not without sacrifice. Armen had caught the brunt of the bear's retaliation and lay breaths away from death as Aleksandr pleaded tearfully with their sister to keep them from losing any more family. Despite her own shock and heavy heart, Karine took Armen into her den, where he spent the next several months inching his way back to health.

King Aleksandr did all he could to escape the pain of their parents' deaths. He drowned himself in work and mistresses, falling into a classic position of most Praeses men. Between asserting himself over everyone who dared not bend to his will and spreading his seed to every female wooed by his crown, he soon became a household name, though not necessarily for the better. His siblings were safe from him in the beginning--Armen continued to flirt freely and continue his pursuit with Calixta, while Karine was surrounded by her own work--but this didn't last long.

A new ally had been formed from a pack to the north, the Letona Tribe, whose leaders had decided to pay their new friends a visit. Among them was beta male Yarreza Letona, whom offered Karine harmless company while she and her brothers were kept away from the Cypriens to handle their kingdom. Little did they know, however, there was something planned for them. King Aleksandr and Chief Rosalia, as well as solidifying their alliance with a litter of their own, told Karine and Yarreza that they were to marry. They were wed by Karine's third birthday, and soon thereafter, they conceived twins--all to a helpless Armen's distaste.

Yarreza stayed behind with Karine until the pups were born and old enough to make the journey north. During this time, Karine continued to stay busy cleaning up after Aleksandr. She helped birth his children, comfort their mothers, and patch the wounds of all the unsuspecting wolves that came through the kingdom as slaves to her brother. Armen remained relatively well-behaved, clinging to his sanity, though he and Karine often bickered about Karine's position and Aleks' behavior. He also found himself twice a father despite Calixta's pleas for faithfulness. Karine was present to provide damage control for the reveal of his first litter, but then her own brood found their feet, and she was forced to leave the men to their own messes as she traveled north with her children and Yarreza.

For awhile, Karine found bliss in the quieter Letona Tribe. Despite knowing her home was surely in chaos, she found solace in her ability to slow down and simply be with her new family, even though she was still tasked with tending to a pregnant Rosalia and, later, her pups. But eventually, not only did the quiet begin to bore her...but she stopped seeing her husband and children. She clung hopefully to the Tribe's territory, not wanting to stray from it in case somehow she'd gone mad and they were nearby; but then, one day, when Armen appeared at the border and she laid eyes upon him for the first time in seasons, she knew she had no other choice. According to Armen, wolves were leaving, and those who weren't were suffering. Aleksandr had disappeared as well, abandoning those he'd enslaved, impregnated, fathered, and prevented from leaving themselves. Where did he go? To found a new pack in the north, not far from where they were. With her little ones' scents stale upon the land, she left, reluctantly and without a plan, hoping to either find and help the lost or do something to end the chaos for those still in the midst of it.

She wandered for a time, brushing up on stagnated skills and gathering intel from other rogues that could possibly help her find her bearings. Eventually she decided she would claim her own land and put an end to her brother's antics the hard way. She was no fool to fight Aleksandr on his own doorstep, but with any potential number against his waning ones, she possibly stood a chance. After a couple seasons of being out on her own, Karine trekked north once more to an uninhabited lake to the northeast. There, she found another attempting to lay claim to it. They fought long and hard, but in the end, it was an inexperienced Karine who reluctantly backed down.

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mateYarreza ♂ (ex, off-site)
Sloan Cyprien ♂ (ex, off-site)
childrenRhodien ♂, Oksana ♀ (Yarreza, off-site)
6 ♂/♀ (Sloan , off-site)
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Zaltana Praeses ♀ (NPC)
siblingsAleksandr Praeses ♂ (full, off-site)
Armen Praeses ♂ (full, off-site)
Extended Familyinnumerable nieces and nephews


Intermediate Healer (30)
Intermediate Intellectual (30)

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Karine Praeses vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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