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Oxx is massive, standing as tall as the tallest Dire and towering over most. Not only is he tall, the man is thick as well. Corded muscle is evident and ripples beneath his pelt as he moves. Oxx works hard on his physique as he is rather vain. More so than a lot of females. He keeps his coat shiny and clean at all times. If he's having a bad hair day, it's not out of the ordinary to find the giant brute sulking.

The majority of Oxx's coat is a deep, slate grey. Upon it are muted charcoal colors stripes and spots. This same charcoal coloring stretches the length of his muzzle and continues in a dorsal stripe, tapering out between his shoulder blades. The tops of his ears and the tip of his tail are charcoal as well. The lower portion of his body is a blinding snow white. This white trails upwards in small spatters and flecks. The eyes of the dire brute are a deep slate grey and if you stare into them for too long, you realize that they're rather lifeless.

It's not unusual to see a smile on the massive man's handsome face. He's quite proud of the rows of sharp, serrated teeth within his wide maw. That smile can be deceiving, however. It's not always a sign of good tidings. The smile might be good for him, but it's probably not good for you.

--Narcissistic Personality Disorder-- Be warned.

Above all else, Oxx is a quite unsavory character. He is self-serving and every action is considered to place himself in the best light. He almost always ends out on top. When he doesn't... well he turns into something entirely different.

Oxx bleeds confidence and is incredibly sure of himself. The giant man grins almost constantly as though there's something that he knows that you do not. Life is a joke. One big, bloody, toothy joke. He's a very smooth talker and is incredibly articulate. The sharky brute uses his pleasant disposition to manipulate others into giving him what he wants: Entertainment. Every interaction is a game and only he knows the rules and the criteria to achieve a win.

There are times when the happy veneer chips away and Oxx becomes sullen and pensive. If something doesn't go his way or he's having a bad hair day, the gargantuan beast gets sulky and whiny. He just needs someone to pet him and tell him that he's pretty to perk back up again.

Always, laying just beneath the surface is anger, fury, bloodlust. He keeps it in check as he was trained to do, but every once in a while he just needs to sink his teeth into flesh. And if that flesh just so happens to scream and beg for its life... all the better.
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