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Hayai might not look like much, but one would be a fool to underestimate her size or modest markings. She's as much of a koi as her brothers and sisters in arms, and she won't hesitate to make a point of it if someone dares challenge that fact. She stands at 23 inches tall and weighs hardly anything soaking wet, but she knows how to use every inch and pound to her advantage, whether to help her sneak out of trouble or right under the belly of an enemy. Where she lacks in strength, she makes up for it with stealth, treading upon light feet and swift limbs.

Her coloration is modest compared to most of her fellow koi. Bearing a mostly white pelt, those telltale rusts and blacks only reveal themselves on her appendages and, in slightly more detail, around her seafoam eyes. A liver-colored nose might cause most to take a second glance, but she is no albino. The sun is as much of a friend to her as the moon.

confident • outgoing • loyal • clingy • vengeful • insecure

She walks with the confidence of a great beast and the pep of a dreamy-eyed damsel. Hayai is generally a happy little woman, adventurous and energetic, full of smiles and absolutely delighted to make friends--or admirers. Some might think she's being fake because of this, and in a way, perhaps she is, wearing a bright face as a way of making herself visible when she might otherwise fall under others' radars. But it comes from a genuine place of fullness in her heart, one provided by her fellow koi.

However, her fellow koi also have the potential to bring out a much darker and more daring side of her that others might not expect. Among them, Hayai feels like she can do anything, be anything, without the limitations set by her stature and her albinism, and as such, she will do anything to protect their honor as well as her own. A determination to cling to that which gives her a sense of home, of purpose, is enough to convince her to fulfill any responsibilities placed upon her...even those most savage.

Meet my kiddos!


Hayai grew up knowing little of the Iga Clan and its separation from the other clans of Nippon. Instead, she was fed stories about hostility, war, and discrimination meant to keep her close to home and out of trouble. This worked for a time, but as a young Hayai grew into herself and stopped growing physically, she began to find that not even her birth clan--which should have sheltered her, accepted her, and regarded her without judgment--had a place for her.

She was too small to fight and looked too much like those on the "outside" for anyone to allow her to be seen doing anything of immediate value for the clan (though no one would ever elaborate on the latter excuse). So, she started training to be a healer, a profession that would keep her plenty busy, out of sight and out of mind. Hayai kept her head low for awhile and did what she was told, content to at least have the illusion of belonging somewhere...but then one day, during her lessons, she heard whispers. "Is she Iga?"

The first few times she asked about it, she was denied answers, but her poking and prodding eventually gave her the information she sought. The Iga Clan were a clan not necessarily of misfits but of all colors of personality--and actual colors not unlike her own. Hayai was torn between feeling enlightened and feeling cheated out of opportunities she could have had, but she quickly remedied this by doing exactly what her family had tried to prevent. She left without missing a beat to sniff out her fellow koi.

From there, it wasn't long until Hayai realized her potential as an Iga warrior. She advanced quickly in both the fighting and healing arts, using each to help build upon the other, and learned how to use her small stature to her advantage. It was also during this time that she began to mature in other ways, but these were not so easy to deal with. Between these newfound, alien feelings of acceptance and a growing need for more than just friendships, Hayai struggled to hang on as she rode the ride of adolescence.

Perhaps the worst of it was a crush she formed for one of her superiors. Takemikazuchi was one of three heirs to the Iga Clan, but while sometimes she wondered if her heart had grown to only beat for him, he never seemed to see her the same way. In fact, it seemed she was hardly seen at all. They were handsome koi, lush with color and intricate markings while her own bright pelt shone almost barren in the sunlight. In short, Hayai never stood a chance--and she knew it--but this never stopped her from quietly admiring them, him, from afar. Even after Hattori failed a mission and was shunned by the rest of the Clan, Hayai chose to stick close to the heirs and their other followers, all the way up until they were ambushed during one of their secret meets.

She was about as clueless as everybody else, thrown off-guard by the attack and unable to set aside her overall loyalty to the Iga Clan to retaliate against wolves who suddenly saw her as one of the traitors. Fortunately, she was able to evade most of her attackers thanks to the skills she'd learned during her time among them, but in turn she saw many others pay a dire price. One of them being Takemikazuchi, whose body she discovered during her escape. There were no clues behind his injuries, no traces of his assailant left behind, so in her frantic state of grief, she mauled the next and nearest non-rebel to cross her path. And then she ran. Ran and didn't look back.

Now, she finds herself on Boreas, moving with little direction as she follows clues of Hattori and his followers' locations: traces of blood, fur, scents, scraps of meals. Here, she hopes to find her brethren, settle back down, and perhaps even make new adventures.

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