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30" 74lbs

Rhythm is primarily wrapped in a light drizzling of milk chocolate color. Upon her spine, ears, and graceful limbs the milk is removed and a deep rich chocolate remains. The bridge of her nose, under her eyes, the end of her scruff, and a strip down her tail all boast the creamy lightness of white chocolate.
Her form is proportioned beautifully, with her maturity the femininity of her hips has become more exaggerated, long supple limbs support her beautiful form. Soft features make up her pretty face while large doe eyes and beautiful ears will accent her fox like details. Her tail is covered in long soft fur, the very tip often drags the ground. The rest of the girl is covered in a similarly soft plush coat.
Her eyes are rather unique, especially for her family's history. Her orbs are filled with a brilliant sky blue, but shimmer with a glint of bright purple.

Confident- With the girl slowly growing older and life's lessons teaching her some rough lessons Rhythm is blossoming into a strong woman who knows what she wants as well as where she's come from and what she's done.
Loyal- She remains bound to the name of her family, she can not resist the call of one that shares her blood, and is always willing to land a helping paw to a sibling in need. She's proud of her heritage and honored to be a part of the Destruction family.
Blunt- Rhythm doesn't believe in lying, even white lies are hard to press from her dark lips. She tells as she sees it and is not afraid of calling someone out. She's not incredibly eloquent and can easily come off as rude or uncaring of the situation.
Forgiving- Her ability to anger is strangely low, along with having duller emotions she rarely if ever acts on her anger. (However she is extremely susceptible to sadness.) Her fuse is long and her patience is astounding, but once buttons have been pressed its still rather difficult to tell her feelings.
Den ~ a small cave beneath a giant boulder that has a tree growing on/next to it in Buffalo Knolls.
Scent ~ a mix of herbs usually, with a hint of cucumber and melon.
Voice ~ Mae Whitman aged: 1/3/20misc


Birth - Year 1
Rhythm was born along side Chord, Motif, Harmony, and Bass to Lyric Destruction and Darilnor the alphas of the pack Ahlon of the land of Dimenticato. There she lived with her siblings and family peacefully and with out incident for a year. During this time her mother taught her much of the healing, birthing, and child care that she knows today. As well she was taught a bit of the history of her family by her grandparents before they too left for Alacritis.
Year 1 - Year 2
During the span of this year all of her siblings would leave Ahlon and make their way to Alacritis. During this time Rhythm continued her studies within the realms of healing as well as started to explore the task of a messenger. Eventually though she couldn't stand how much she missed her siblings and as she emerged into her second year the girl would leave her homeland.
Year 2 - Year 3
The Worse Kind of Pain - Rhythm finds her way to Bass's newly formed pack Abaven just as he returns from losing Irune to the cold King Isardis' grasp. She is welcomed home, finding comfort yet worry as well for her injured brother. Stop the Fire - Motif takes her sister on a trip through Abaven lands. Just Like Yesterday - Rhythm visits a still recovering Bass and officially joins the pack as a messenger. Hold My Tongue - Rhythm has a heart to heart with Harmony. The other sister fills Rhy in on all she's missed since the other four siblings left their home. Harmony also lets Rhy know about the big crush she's got on the new member Quintus. Stepping Stone - Rhythm enjoys her first meeting as a full member of Abaven. I wasn't Aware the Mona Lisa Cried - Rhythm meets up with an injured Quelt. Let's Stop Waiting Around - Rhythm meets back up with Chord, showing him some of her rare affection as they are reunited. Chord offers to take her on a little adventure, still not willing to join back up within a pack. We Find Ourselves in the Same Old Mess - Chord Returns Rhythm from their adventure, calling on their siblings for the first reunion they'd had since the last time they had been in Ahlon. Enemy Lines - Rhythm participates in the messenger training of Abaven, enjoying a bit of friendly competition with her pack mates as they search for Bass and show off their skills.

Bright Eyes - Rhythm and Nona do their best to escape from the flood that threatens Abaven's lands. It's Time to Fight Once More - Rhythm follows Bass and the other out of the territory, though the pack is not with out its casualties. Rhythm Experiences death of a pack mate for the first time. Look at this Stuff, isn't it Neat? - Rhythm and Motif try to forget about the worries of their pack difficulties as well as the tragedy that has struck them. The pair enjoy themselves. Reclaim from Wilderness - The floods recede and Abaven returns to it's home. Hard Habits to Break - Rhythm meets the man Albion on her exploration of the lands out side of Abaven. They explore the strange land together, trying to find out what kind of mystery it might hold. Though in the end Rhythm enjoys exploring his past more than the lands around them. Wishing on the Noonday Sun - Harmony has gone missing and Abaven is in need of a healer, Bass and Motif ask Rhythm to take up the healer's mantle.

You Took the Breath Right Out of Me - Motif returns from a trip to the south, with much to talk to her sister about. The confession of her night with a strange man begins a journey that will change their lives forever. Tell me lies, Tell me Sweet Little Lies - Motif falls ill, but the reason for feeling under the weather is hardly the flu. Rhythm realizes what it is, and after their last talk the sister is sure that Motif is expecting. Does This Gift Have a Refund? - After a bit of thinking Motif finally tells Rhythm about what her plan for the pups growing inside her are. The news that she is taking them to their father after they are born devastates Rhythm, but she stays strong for her sister, knowing she needs to support her decision. Sing me to a Happy Place - Rhythm and Motif enjoy a quiet moment after their last emotional talk, even more sure that they will be together forever. Pox Rotten Antelope - Motif is feeling really pregnant and as she spends time with Rhythm the girl becomes even more convinced that she doesn't want to reproduce. Though she can't deny how much fun she has talking about Albion with her sister. Yesterday the Rabbit Died - Rhythm meets a peculiar character named Migi, she feels a little nervous around him and is sure to commit his oddness to memory. Need Your Love - Rhythm has a quiet moment with Wren before her and Bass's children come. Having two pregnant females within the pack has been interesting. Re, a Drop of Golden Sun - Rhythm and Motif hang out for some sister time, she also tells her of the man she'd met previously.

In the Middle of the Night - Rhythm meets the man Valentine while exploring the lands around Abaven, she becomes quite curious about this stranger, even if he played a cruel joke upon her at their first meeting. Curse My Eyes - Rhythm meets up with a man called Killian and his companion. The End is Nigh - Rhythm returns from the south and finally tells Motif of her meeting with Valentine. Something in the Water - Bass calls together the pack to speak of how big their population has gotten. As well he calls those who are able out to hunt. Shiver Me Timbers - Rhythm gets in a snow ball fight with a girl called Mirajane. None the Less I Must Confess - Chord comes to visit Abaven but he brings grave news with him from Ahlon. Umbrella - Rhythm follows Chord into Threar territory, formally meeting her aunt Novella. When all this Actual Life Played Out - Rhythm follows Chord back to Abaven to confront him about leaving them so quickly. Having no idea about what he'd just told their grandparents. The Heorte - Rhythm follows Bass to the festival called by Pantheon only to encounter Valentine once more. Bass gets a little over protective and she and the cobalt man play an amusing trick on her litter mate. Honey Roasted Peanuts - Valentine finds Rhythm after their practical joke and their joke turns into reality when they set up a date. Fork in Her Path - Rhythm tells Motif about her intentions of taking Valentine on a date. Prettiest Face I've Ever Seen - Rhythm makes her way to Imperium, finding herself a little nervous about asking the alpha to a date. Even after a not so perfect date Rhythm fixes Valen's sledding induced wounds.

Breakin' My Heart - Rhythm's life is changed forever when Motif gives birth. The ordeal almost ends in the death of not only the three boy pups but Motif and her remaining daughter as well. Though Rhythm mourns greatly over the lives lost she is assured that she has saved Motif's life this night. Panda Paws - Bass personally thanks Rhythm for her service to Motif, they also speak of Wren's quickly approaching due date. Shelter to my Soul - The next day Wren pops, producing a fully healthy litter for her and Bass. Rhythm finds some unwelcome feelings stirring within her and flees not long after. What a Wonderful Kind of Day - Rhythm meets up with Kyarst Armada and the two get caught in a snow storm on the volcano. White Winter Hymnal - On her way back home from running away Rhythm would sustain a head injury, she is helped home by Nagendra. Crying With My Soul - Motif returns from dropping off Shaye with her father, though it is reveled that in a season or so she would return to Abaven. Rhythm is relieved. We Live to Dance Another Day - Rhythm comes to mourn her grandparents with the family as Novella calls them together for a funeral. Once Upon a Dream - Rhythm meets Niketas. For the Love of Family - Play time with Wrass babies! I Will Guide You Home - Motif asks Rhythm is she'll accompany her South to retrieve little Shaye from her father. I'll Stumble and Fall - Rhythm meets Shai for the first time as Motif and she bring back not only their daughter but the father as well. How to Save a Life - Rhythm struggles with some really sad thoughts, afte rthe season she's had depression seeks to knock at her door. Shaye tries to comfort her aunt by hunting Salsamanders. I Will Scream With the Howling Wind - Rhythm starts having nightmares about her lost nephews. Motif helps her through her ordeal.

Jailbreak - After a disaster date Valentine come to Abaven to ask Rhythm on another date, and maybe bug Bass just a little. This is Totally Not a Kidnapping in Progress - Rhythm and Valentine travel to the cliffs to watch the sun set together as they learn more about one another. Rhythm can not deny how relaxed she feels afterwards. Can You Fill the Silence - After getting comfy in her den after her latest date with Valentine a howl is heard at the battlefield calling for Bass. Rhythm follows to find she's being challenged for. Here Take it - After Hati defeats Bass in combat Rhythm is brought back to Imperium. She'd not been summoned by Valentine, but rather an unknown woman. Trust Me - Rhythm is rescued from the crazy woman and her accomplice and is escorted to where Bass has followed her to Imperium. On the way he asks her to stay with him in his pack. She can't help but say yes. Hold Up there, Moses - Bass and Rhythm are reunited but their relationship will forever change as Valentine tells him of his intent to keep Rhythm within his pack. Bass takes her decision in a bad way, and the consequences of her decision become clear: Rhythm is banished from Abaven.

Trust Chords - After trying to fall asleep for the first time in strange lands Rhythm is distracted by Chord, who needs to know what's just happened. Misty Eye of the Mountain - Motif interrupts Rhythm's meeting with Chord, turning into another harsh reminder of Bass's punishment. It doesn't seem like the sister's will reconcile either. Tell me what I Want to Hear - Valen gives Rhythm his den and helps her forget for a moment what she's lost. No one doesn't apply to me - A few days after attempting to settle in Shaye makes her way to Imperium, giving Rhythm some hope of her future.

Year 3 - Year 4
I Made a Search through Every Room - Rhythm meets her cousin Soliloquy, not realizing he's been taken prisoner by Valentine. Here Come the Drums - Rhythm attends her first meeting of war. I Miss You - Rhythm meets up with Motif once more, both knowing how much they wish to reconcile but still are unable to make amends. Never Danced Like This - Taking her duty of hunting seriously Rhythm is interrupted by the appearance of Kyarst (who has also just joined Imperium). They easily form a bond of friendship. Get in My Belly - Imperium enjoys a pack hunt. Spirit of Life - Rhythm meets back up with Nagendra who has also recently joined Imperium. It's a Mess - Rhythm is still feeling down, but Valentine offers her whatever she needs to be happy in Imperium and even offers to speak to Bass. They end their talk in agreement on another date.. of fight training. It Takes Two to Whisper Quietly - Rhythm has an interesting, yet embarrassing conversation, with Cascade. Going Under - after mentioning her practice in birthing Cascade calls Rhythm to the birth of Valentine's most recent litter. Most of All - Rhythm meets back up with Kyarst and they devise a game to better get to know the Orchard. That Kind of Day - Shaye comes back to Rhythm for some much needed play time. I Want to Love you Madly - Rhythm becomes acquainted with the beta of Imperium, Daegmar. Halfway Through the First Day of the Week - Chord returns to Imperium to see Rhythm once more, eventually convincing her a trip to Abaven is in order. I Shall Call Him Squishy - Grabbing a toad that will be their key to opening Bass's heart Rhythm almost chickens out on the way. Feels Like an Empty Space - Rhythm and Chord come to talk to Bass, but even so it's no happy reunion. Though her brother admits to still loving her he will not go back on his word. Their family remains divided.

Dogs of War - Rhythm attends fight training, taking on Lysis as an opponent.

Year 4-5

Rhythm falls deeply in love with Vaelntine and bears him her first litter. Rhyme and Rhys consume her life. After feeling like she's living in a Fairy Tale the woman and her son go out to gather herbs together, however their short trip takes a huge turn for the worse. A band of Slavers capture the two of them. Unable to call for help and blinded after the fight Rhythm and Rhyme are taken far away from home and the ones they love.

Year 5-10

Rhythm and Rhyme are held captive for many years, Rhythm is forced to bear children to her captors. Eventually Rhyme finds a way to help his mother escape and the two of them finally return home.
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mateValentine Imperialis
childrenRhyme and Rhys Imperialis - by Valentine
Treble, Epitaph, Andante Destruction - by Slaver
parentsLyric Destruction x Darilnor
siblingsChord, Motif, Harmony, and Bass

Fight Form

Rhythm Destruction vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Medium
Build: Medium
Skills: Master Intellectual & Advanced Healer
Specialty: Seer
Rhythm Destruction vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Medium
Build: Medium
Skills: Master Intellectual & Advanced Healer
Specialty: Seer


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