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Avacyn Mendaciumfull name
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Appearing to be taken from the sweeping expanses of the galaxies, her coloring is a blending mix of deep black and shades of blue, indigo, and violet. Her patterns are indistinct and asymmetrical, with one half of her face covered in more black than the other and the opposite side of her body darker than the other. All across these patches of space-like colors are speckles and splatters of white and light blue, looking almost like a scattering of stars. The tip of her tail, each of her front paws, and the rim of each ear is dipped in pure white, acting as stark highlights on her dark coat. Around her right eye is the most intricate part of her appearance - an intricate white marking that takes on the pointed motif similar to a snow flake or shards of ice forming across something.


Her eyes are a reflection of her father's, deep and black as an abyss or the endless night sky that she takes after so closely.


She takes after mother's graceful, limber physique, all of her seeming long and willowy and moving without effort. Her strides are almost dancer like with limbs that nearly seem too long for her stature. She never quite reaches the heights of her parents, standing at 42" at her full grown height, but still taller than most none of the less.


There's a distinct warm sweetness to her sent that most noticeably smells of bergamot and vanilla.

unique atributes

If you come across this beauty at night or in a shadowed place, you'll notice that the white marking around her eye glows with a dazzling iridescence. With her pitch black eyes and dark coat, it can make her look like a disembodied orb of light from a distance at night or somewhere like a cave. She inherited two traits from her mother - her paws which are large and feline, appearing to be the paws of a tiger rather than a wolf, and ridges of spiked bone that start near her brow and follow the curve of her skull back toward her ears. Another unusual mutation takes the form of patches of dark scales that follow the front curve of each shoulder and cover the front of her shins in a thin strip. These add extra hardness to these parts of her body, the scales hard and bony so adding a good bit of defense. appearance


Avacyn is the calm and order that contrasts her brother's chaotic nature. There is little that can shake her and she wears responsibility well. In her youngest days she is easily shaped and molded to fit the role she is ultimately meant to serve, but once those lessons have been set she will be unwavering and dedicated to her purpose. She is disciplined and purposeful in all aspects of her life. As she grows older the only wolf in her life that might see any side of her that is different from the pristine goddess she has made herself out to be is her brother - the bond between the twins so strong and deep that only he can see down to the most raw version of herself. She is deeply loyal to her family, her cause, or her pack. Her loyalty is not freely given and must be earned if it's to be given to someone not of her own blood, but once it is given it is there for life.





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Avacyn Mendacium vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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