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Faith is most visibly a child of Toxicity, outside of one key difference. The child will inherit her father's greater height, growing to stand a towering 45 inches as an adult. However she will not carry forward his bulky frame, in fact she will be slighter than even her mother. A sort of tall willowy woman, not fragile looking but definitely more delicate than one might expect given her size.

Faith's pelt is long and thick, it looks almost luxurious, it is in fact so thick that the tips of her ears have sprouted some little tufts of fur. The child is nearly half and half shadow and light, the front of the girl is a dark black in coloration, lightening slightly in areas to a slightly lighter grey, from the corner of her nose to her cheeks and marking her shoulders and down her forelegs. Then from her midpoint back she is mostly a white-grey, this color also marks the back of her forelegs. Finally her tail is a gradient in the opposite direction, from white to the grey coloration to black to... blue? The girl's father's parentage sneaks through in some choice blue colored markings. This color plays around her eyes, the tips of her ears, runs up from her forepaws up to about the mid point of her legs, her sides where the black feathers to white and the tips of her tail. This blue coloration would be enough to make her stand out but even further than that they glow, a gentle light that never seems to dim, a gift from the gods.

Finally the child observes the world through a pair of heterochromatic eyes, the outer ring of her irises are a yellow coloration while the inner ring is the same blue as the markings that surround her gaze.

The girl's literally glowing appearance has left her ill-equipped for stealth, but Faith has no need for this form of subterfuge. She will learn early how to chose her words carefully, she knows how to twist a sentence to either be the knife between a pair or ribs or the sweet nectar of an appeasing word. She does not mind being observed, though not particularly vain she does her best to keep herself well kept. This is because she views her own body as a temple, a sacred vessel for the fallen god, and she has great reverence for him. The girl believes that she is among his chosen, a prophet born into flesh. He may occasionally chose to speak through her, offering her wisdoms, giving her words or images that no one else can see to share his word with those in her life.

Though Faith must also live her own life outside of her experiences as a prophet and finds a great deal of satisfaction in learning how to use the earth to prepare medicine's, poisons, and ritual items. Though she does not hold any particularly strong empathy she does feel it would be a waste of her talents not to offer them, even to mortals. She, much like her mother and grandfather before her are driven to spread the word of God, knowing, perhaps more easily than most, where she belongs in life.

Faith is more than just her life's calling though, and while she may see unconverted mortals as less worthy of God's grace she is not malicious and even has a strong, even if a little dark, sense of humor. She possesses a strong sense of loyalty both to her family and those that have earned her trust and is even capable of vulnerability and affection, though it is mostly reserved for only those closest to her. She is mortal after all and cursed with all the strong emotions that come with life, even if she will do her best to keep negative emotions hidden.


- Bioluminescent markings (blue markings)

- Ear tufts



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Litter mates:

Faith's litter was a two father litter, meaning some of her litter mates are half-siblings through Hyperion Aracari

Full blooded siblings:

Pontifex. Modesty Rasha(?)

Half siblings:

Patience, TBA?

Half siblings:



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Faith Abraxas vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Dire wolf
Build: Light
Skills: Beginner Intellectual & Beginner Healer
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