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Izanami is surely one of the more unusual sights in Borea. This is mostly because of her dog heritage and the fact that the kai breed was a rarity outside of Japan even when the humans still existed. Her body is best described as small and stocky. Her face is round with a relatively short snout, at least compared to that of a wolf. She has the Kai typical small eyes and ears that give her a distinctive look. Her whole body is built rather athletic but not overly muscular, It is clear from that, that she is very agile and fast. Izanami's tail is rather short only reaching her hooks if it were uncurled. It is also almost always curled over her back in a sickle position. Her fur is of a dark red color with thick black tiger stripes that practically let the red disappear. The texture of her fur is harsh and rough with a medium length which makes her a little bit vulnerable to the cold Winter season. appearance

Loyal, Stoic, Patient, Balanced, Knowledgable, Zealot

coming from a long line of samurais Izanami displays many of the common characteristics. She is a rather humble being, not seeing her skills as something to boast about but rather a tool that will secure the leadership of her master. She tries to maintain the routine in which she is living, but the life of a ronin proved very turbulent and she is prone to be rather gruff if her routine is interrupted. Aside from her moments of grumpiness, she is rather patient, a skill she mastered at I’m her training as a Gi. In addition, she is a very logical thinker which can make her appear cold and emotionless. She will use this, especially when dealing with the perceived enemies of her clan. She only reveals her emotions to a small group of people she trusts and even then she has the tendency to keep her feelings to herself. If an outsider would describe her most fatal flaw it would be her subservience to her leader. Being raised in a society that values loyalty to one's leader, makes her ready to do almost anything for them, dying included. Her leader will get with her a trustworthy companion that under no circumstances will betray them. This loyalty is limited only to her leader and she will put this loyalty before anything else.

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Izanami's line was descended from dogs who lived with samurais and their descendants. After the humans' end, the dogs intermixed with wolves and build a clan that valued the samurais' ways. Not letting the dog blood die out, every newcomer has to mate with a dog or low content wolf dog. The highest rank was that of the Daimyo and the old Daimyo's blood relative with the least amount of wolf blood. If two or more candidates fit that description, a competition was held to determine who was more fit to rule.

Izanami was born to two clan members who have lived their whole lives as part of the pack. She spent the first 2 years learning the way of the samurai and necessary fighting and hunting techniques. After her second birthday, she began her training as an Advisor. Around the same time, she was filled in about a conspiracy in the pack by her parents. They revealed that their leaders were not the real leaders but usurpers that killed the first Heika, a black purebred wolf. Izanami was shocked; her only way of living and the pack's whole history was a lie. After the first Heika was killed, the usurpers tried to erase every hint of her existence. Luckily some texts about her survived. One of them included a prophecy in which the Heika would be reborn to, once again, rule the pack.

The following year she completed her training, in which her debating skills and ability to think logically even in the most stressful situations were tested and practiced. During her practice and the following year, her father worked on her fighting skills. Besides that, Izanami tried together with the other rebels to gather more information about the Empress` location. Shortly after her 3rd birthday, she was sent on a quest to find the Heika. Crossing the Japanese sea, she set out to find the dark wolf with the eyes of the falling sun.

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Izanami vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Medium
Build: Medium
Skills: Beginner Intellectual & Beginner Navigator
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