Solo Destruction-Loirefull name
1 Yearage
Autumn of Year 15birthdate
Extra largesize
True Neutralalignment

Build: Far exceeding both of his parents, Solo will have more than enough bulk to his form. Long, powerful legs and a sturdy frame, well suited to heavy hitting and long winded pursuit. While far from the largest of brutes out there, a brute he will be. Well built shoulders and a thick waist lend him a build reminiscent of a draft horse, with a thick cords of muscle rippling with each stride. His head is large and blocky, with a powerful neck to support it. His paws are broad, almost too large for his powerful form. Solo is a juggernaut, without a doubt.

Coat: Swathed in pale alabaster, there is no blending in among the shadows. Solo stands in stark contrast to most landscapes he finds himself in, and only disappears against a backdrop of snow if his back is turned. Luckily for him, the pelage that drapes over his form thickens considerably in the winter. Perhaps this is as a result of the prolonged, bitter winter in which he grew up. In the summer, the dense undercoat sheds out and the sleek musculature underneath becomes more obvious to the eye.

He wears his mother's markings with his father's colours, the trademark bars along the fronts of his limbs are muted gold ringed in ebony. Over his face he wears a mask of the same black shades, with more hints of gold in the form of a rounded point above his nose and trademark Destruction undereye stripes. Golden brow points swoop down around his eyes and out from the corners in a cat's-eye manner with a blunt, rounded edge at his cheekbones. The backs of his ears and tip of his tail are tipped in obsidian, and the very tips of his ears are marked with that recurring faded gold.

Eyes: Whorling mercury fills his gaze, darkening to gunmetal grey in low light. Set in the dark mask upon his face, they hold an eerie quality and seem nearly bottomless when he meets your eye.

Stance/Gait: Aggression doesn't come naturally to Solo, and when he moves it shows. The easy, loose-limbed gait that he walks with is typically paired with head held high and expression neutral. He tends to keep himself held in the most careful manner, well aware that he can cut an imposing figure in the right circumstances. There is often a warmth to his dark facade and he is prone to cutting goofy grins at those he sees staring.

Voice: As he ages, the rich English accent he picked up from his mother will pair with vocals that continue to deepen with seemingly no end in sight. Once he reaches physical maturity, an impossibly rich baritone will rumble from the depths of his chest that can almost be felt shaking the very ground.

Scent: Cloves, cinnamon, & sawdustappearance

Protective: Solo cares deeply for his siblings, they're the most important parts of his life. After losing his mother and having his father leave at such a young age, he has devoted himself to caring for them and ensuring everyone feels loved and secure. Over time, this urge extends to the rest of the pack and anyone else he grows close to. The downtrodden or wounded that he comes across in his life are easily swept under his wing, and he does all he can to secure their happiness.

Gentle: There isn't a cruel bone in his body, and Solo doesn't carelessly engage in violence. Sparring and hunting are his passions, but he would never cause unnecessary suffering and pain if it can be avoided. He has a penchant for taking in small wounded animals that wouldn't otherwise serve as food, and can often win over even the most timid and fearful folks. Something about him just radiates calm and tenderness, at his core.

Closed off: He has lost a lot, and as a result he doesn't readily let others into his heart. While he presents a friendly and kind exterior, he rarely shares details about himself with the intent of genuinely getting to know others. Friends are hard won, and love is even more difficult to come by. He doesn't believe in selflessness from others, or kindness. Abandonment issues are rife within his psyche, and it shows in the way he thinks about those around him. He makes an effort to do good where he can because he doesn't think anyone else will.

Driven: A passionate and relentless character, he doesn't let things go once he's set himself on the path. Whether its a hunt that is proving more difficult than originally anticipated, or a poorly matched brawl, Solo doesn't give up on much. He pushes himself through even when anyone else would quit, and even if those he loves urge him to surrender.

Charming: Perhaps it's a quirk he picked up in an attempt to find closeness in a world where so many are eager to hurt others, but the art of charm and seduction come easily to Solo. Well placed compliments and soft caresses become an art form, and he becomes adept at finding a new bed to sleep in for a night or two when he chooses to. The desire for affection and attention is temporarily assuaged through one night stands, and he doesn't have to risk opening up to someone and being hurt yet again.

Blasé: After everything that's happened to him, Solo has adopted an attitude towards life that whatever happens, happens. He acts on things as they come, rather than thinking too much about the future. It's a defense mechanism against the anxiety that would otherwise swallow him and devour any ounce of happiness he might feel. Come what may, he'll be fine, and so will the wolves he loves, because they've probably been through worse. personality



Born in the Abaven pack lands to Aranea and Allegro alongside brother Balthier, and sisters Azzurra and Psalm, the children are soon left by their mother. Perhaps this is due to the sudden reappearance of an estranged half-sister that their mother believed to be dead, but the young boy can't quite piece it all together. Far too young to understand her motivations, they are raised in Abaven by their father Allegro. The siblings develop close bonds in the face of this rocky start, and grow up under the tutelage and care of the close knit pack. A gruelling and unusually long winter tests everyone's mettle and bonds, and tensions are pushed to the brink for many.


The family makes a trip to the Hallows to visit their mother, who has opted to settle with the pack for a while. Solo still cannot understand why his mother doesn't just come home to stay with them again, and let them all be a happy family again. However, he spends what time he can with his mother in the immense castle far to the south. By the end of it, fresh tension has developed suddenly between his parents, and he struggles with the regression to where the family had been in the weeks after his birth. Regardless, when they return to Abaven, Allegro continues arranging the den they all share as though he intends for their mother to return home soon.


Summer arrives with bleak news from Allegro. Aranea has done something wrong, and is no longer coming home. She is, in fact, not welcome within the borders of Abaven at all. The devastating blow is minimized only by the subconscious belief Solo held that she was probably never coming home in the first place. Resentment harboured in private in only the smallest hours of the night rises closer to the surface, but he pushes it down in the interest of comforting his family.

Allegro spends a good portion of his time in the following weeks gathering food, furs, and stockpiling them in the den. These preparations go mostly unnoticed by the young man, who doesn't spend too much time looking into it.

Late one night, the sounds of movement disturb the boy, but he thinks little of it. He rolls over and goes back to sleep. It's only the next day that he finds out from Balthier that their father left in the night, entrusting the growing pups to the pack and the work he's already put into raising them. Yet again, Solo feels as though he's been failed by the world, and in turn he failed to protect his siblings from the world. He should have woken up, followed Allegro, and convinced him to stay.

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