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⊰-Female | Medium | Light Build | 30' | Chaotic Good -⊱

All things start off in the world by looking through the eyes one hold’s, special and unique to each wolf for no matter how many there were in the world a pair could never be truly replicated. That was what the second born daughter of Nox had always thought as she looked upon her reflection that had been casted upon any surface of water.

Hues of yellow almost as bright as the sun would scream out as the young girls eyes would open. Precious to her above all else as they marked her as the child of her father strong yet always silent. Among the yellow laced around the pupil were notes of the blood orange of her mother’s own wondrous orbs. A silent yet unseen sign that she was a blend of her parents in more ways than just one.

As her eyes would wander from her own enchanting gaze they would linger on the marking’s she held. Around her eyes held a mixer of the two fur colors she possessed, both belonging to opposing ends of the color spectrum that she would one day know of. Black as deep as the endless void of the sky that would sit without the stars that could dazzle in the overhanging skies. White, ivory in hues that could rival the moon as it sat in the nighttime sky illuminating the world beneath. She held thoughts that the family she adored would all the more feel the same way as she shared their features.

Though around her enchanting eyes were not the only place that held this unique coloring in her fur patterning. While the base color she possessed was that of the mother she so adored, there in lain the hints of white the were blessed by the coloring of her father. From the bottom of the spots on her eyes the ebony coloring would extend to her upper chest with small breaks here and there to allow the cascading white to feather about. That was until her lean legs were seen. It was there that the coloring she adored broke to show off the whites her fathers lineage.


⊰-Sweet | Gentle | Melodic | Calm | Reserved | Innocent-⊱

While she was raised certain traits had appeared, though she assumed her parents would love her no matter what personality traits she held as long as she stayed there in the world they knew.

The first one showed up almost as soon as the words heir to the Nightingale throne hit hear fluffed over ears. She was a princess to be, or a princess in her parents eyes. No matter the case she felt that she would wear this crown until the end of her days. As that decision was left on her mind she had taken to becoming dainty in a way that allowed her to stand in a different light than from her sibling’s. Though with this dainty behavior an elegance of sort’s had been born as each step she made seemed sure of itself as she walked through the home their Uncle Lupa had crafted for them all. While she had started to walk this path she had taken notice that Diaval had seemed to hold a streak of his own that allowed him to walk to a beat of his own making with their mother close behind, just like she was to each one of her children.

Though as Astraea watched whilst keeping her head held high, her mouth sealed shut she watched the rebellious streak in her younger sister Eclipsie erupt. This was when the second trait of hers had awoken. She had become more prudent as she tried to talk her sister down from most of her antic’s because she saw a future where they would all be close no matter what the world had thrown at them.

Something in her mind had awoken one day when their mothers friend claiming to be a healer had arrived to help Eclipsie and herself learn of things that could heal or cause them harm. A desire to learn more had erected itself in her young malleable mind as she followed the healer around asking her all the questions she could before they would stop for a moment or two. The healing arts had allowed a passion to arise in her heart which in turned caused her to be a bit more outspoken when she was among the herbs she enjoyed so much. Though with this knowledge that held an unknown wealth, the healer and her uncle had told her of some of the herbs that could cause death. A healer is what she aimed to be, but if she needed she knew what to lace water, or food with to those who would attempt to give her family harm.

When Astraea was out and about following Diaval and Eclipsie she became shy, her speech held gentle notes as she had felt unsure of herself in the shadows of her more outgoing sibling’s. It was a noticeable problem when she was away from their mothers side, but to Astraea she felt as if it was a semblance of some strength for their father who had always remained silent and he seemed so strong for such act’s. So why couldn’t these small down falls be one of her own strengths that could help her along in her days to come?

Companion: Ruaisar star seeker
Species Morning Dove color white
Height 13.5in
Wing Span 10in
Gender Femalemisc


Star’s they had always blessed the nighttime sky, but also the ground below that they would look over pondering at the thought that some creatures could stand out above the rest.

The thought was from Astraea’s mind as she watched her mother move about the den that housed the family of misfits. Yes that was a proper term in her eyes but she loved them all dearly even if they didn’t seem to all fit together like the sand at the water's edge. Seamlessly moving to and fro without beating a lash. Yes that was definitely her family. A kind mother who wanted to show her children the world while following along to make sure they stayed safe. A father that was mute, almost untouchable to anyone but their mother. She could always see the love in his eyes when he looked at her. Though she would never understand how he felt for his children, nevertheless she would offer him her heart. Then there was her Uncle Lupa, not by blood unfortunately. He was a nice wolf, always by her mother's side and her right paw to boot! He was a special wolf to the home they had all known. She could not forget Auntie Iza… ’she can never pronounce Izanamis name…’ but she would walk by her side looking about as the elder female would while she told her about the home she came from. It had always put a smile on her face knowing a wolfdog like her could come all the way from her home lands to find her mother.

Astraea had fond memories of each wolf she had known when she was parted from her dear siblings. Each relationship she held with them she wanted to foster and grow. Though her attention would soon be turned to her elder brother her mother had lovingly named Diaval. She was to be his shadow in the ways of the pack that their mother wished to bring to life. No matter where he went unless it was to use the restroom she would follow along, her eyes open wide and her ears standing tall. Watch and listen, that was her plan if anything was to befall her brother, though she had prayed to the forests above that nothing would ever harm the family she loved. Even Eclipsie her wayward little who she would not let fall behind. Ever since they were young she seemed to hold a streak that their mother could not knock out of her paw’s, rebellious in nature just because she wanted to explore the world on her own. To have their caring mothers eyes off their backs for once in their young lives. So many times she would have to talk her sister out of doing something stupid or reckless even if it meant they had strayed from their mothers sight.

It was a simple life that Astraea could all but dream of some family drama here and some there but for her it was perfect, just made for their family. It would make her smile softly as she looked at each one with love while in the back of her mind she had always thought ’These wolves, my family… Mother I will give my life to protect you all no matter what.’ It was with these words forever present in her mind that she had followed along, her head held between low and high as she worked to learn more of her family, wishing to unite them under a better front. There were times coming that would be unforeseen, from being driven from the birthing home, to where they had to rest at the healers home. In there she had made some friends not many, but it was a start on a new path of life one that would bring her to this current time. Afraid for the future as both father and brother had been left behind not wishing to follow where their mother had led. It hurt her young heart but if willing all would be healed with time.
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parentsNox Nightingale - Mother to the shy little princess, a women who she would love unconditionally and follow to the ends of the earth.

Lars Mavridis - Father to the shy little princess, a male who was mute by force rather than nature. Someone who she was hoping to help the rest of the family see the light in until they had left their home while father and her brother where left behind not coming along.
siblingsDiaval Nightingale - The eldest of Nox's first litter, but sadly he had chosen to stay behind while both Eclipsie and herself trailed after.

Eclipsie Nightingale - The youngest daughter of Nox, but that does not stop Astraea for wishing to stand in a light that allowed them both to understand on another
Extended FamilyLupa - Uncle Lupa was with her mother even before she was born, there is so much this brute could teach her and she wanted to learn.

Iznamis - Aunt Iza had traveled far to follow mother believing that she was the one true ruler, but that did not stop the wolf-dog from blending into what she called family.

Quill - Adopted elder brother, someone who mama Nox had brought into their family. He was one of her little song bird, for he held wings upon his back.

Illian - Adopted elder brother, someone who mama Nox had brought into their family. He was the second of her little song bird, for he too held wings upon his back.


Intermediate Healer (30)
Intermediate Intellectual (40)

Fight Form

Astraea Nightingale vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Size: Medium
Build: Light
Companion 1: Mourning Dove, Female - Flying
Skills: Intermediate Healer & Intermediate Intellectual
Specialty: N/A
Astraea Nightingale vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Medium
Build: Light
Companion 1: <a href="">Mourning Dove, Female - Flying</a>
Skills: Intermediate Healer & Intermediate Intellectual
Specialty: N/A


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