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Large | 35" Inches | Light Build

The years have not been kind to Nox though no-one would be the wiser judging simply by appearance. She stands with an air of dignity and moves with grace, head always angled slightly upward, nose upturned but never wrinkled. She has a fox-like appearance especially in the face, a narrow muzzle perched between two pointed-ears. In the center, two burning amber eyes. They burn bright and flicker like the lasting embers of a fire smothered in the darkness of night. Her gaze is harsh and scrutinizing one minute and calm and gentle the next. Anyone who dared try to read them would find themselves lost in a sea of amber, with more questions than they started with.

Sleek ebony fur, dark as a starless night, encompasses her entire body. It appears seemingly pitch black, though in the correct-light one can find tufts of brown there as well. Upon first glance, she appears untainted, smooth, and unsoiled by blemishes though a closer look would betray that thought. Various scars and furless patches from battles long forgotten remain etched into her skin. The most remarkable of them; crisscross scar on her forehead and a deep trio of claw-shaped gashes carved into the highest-point of her right side, nearest to her rump, and visible teeth marks line her inner-back right leg. The newest of them, a messy and calloused mess between her shoulder blades, visible only a certain angles, as it is wedged beneath layers of dark fur, and finally a small notch into her chin, faint but there. Whatever stories these scars hold remain hidden, untold, and some simply forgotten.

She is large for her species, but not overly so. In height she is slightly above average, standing at about 35" inches tall with a base-weight of 155lbs. Her frame is more shapely and feminine, trading bulk for speed. Nox has a more slender bone-structure, thin waistline, long and graceful legs fit for covering long distances. In a land of strange-wolves, she is hardly the strangest, but perhaps there is something divine and pure in her simplicity.

[Credt to artist Shinzessu for lineart and Kyu for coloring!]
Alignment Fluctuates | Navigator // Intellectual | The Starless Queen

Scholarly || Ambitious || Patient || Hardened || Motherly || Diplomatic || Devoted || Manipulative

Current State - A bit less tense, seeking knowledge of the area and people. Open to conversations but still occasionally depressed. Misses her kids and just children in general.

Nox was once the arrogant and zealous daughter of a King. Into her teenage years grew to be overly ambitious, bitter, and jealous of her younger sister, Nyx. Nyx was the favored daughter of her father, despite Nox's efforts to gain his favorite. Her ambitions and heightened-aspirations encouraged her to kill Nyx which eventually led to her being banished. Nox then, thought herself a Goddess; The one who would lead her people into the new-age where she would shape a better world of demi-gods and monsters. In some fashion, she still thinks that of herself, but her arrogance is less-abrasive. In order to achieve her goals, the banished heiress sought other lands which eventually brought her to Candenta.

There, with the guidance of a few mentors and friends, she had time to mature. It was in Candenta that she was able to practice diplomacy, control, and restraint. Nox eventually found love, in the most unexpected of places, which softened her and momentarily turned her away from the dark. The loving pair led to the emergence of three new lives. She made an exponential leap in growth after the birth of her first-litter. While she never lost her hunger for power, she did learn patience and was forced to tame her ambitions in order to be a good mother to her children. In the early stages of her pups' lives, she was a tamer version of herself, a kinder mirrorlike version of the lady before. The kind that took in the lost, and orphaned; The kind that raised children that weren't her own and saw past the flaws and imperfections of her people.

Nox was on a lighter-path for a while, though her goals never drifted. That changed when her lover went missing. Without his support, she became depressed. Until that point, she had never accepted love or experienced loss. It was, as she would describe it; 'The harshest months of hardship in her entire life.' In the many months he was gone she eventually accepted that he wouldn't return. Because of what happened she developed a heightened fear of loneliness, failure, and separation. She held her children, but perhaps too tightly, as she watched each of them drift away. Nox had begun to recover when he reappeared. His reemergence had a negative and positive effect, it allowed her to make peace with what had happened but in the end, it was her that pushed him away. Nox decided then that she needed to harden and bury her inner-emotions, in order to become the Queen she aspired to be.

It was that ultimate decision that led her to abandon the place she had called home for over two-years. She was forced to part from those she loved, even her own son, whom the mother vowed to never abandon. She led her people away, through forests, over mountains, and even across oceans in pursuit of a place to start over. Each loss along the way left her with a heavy heart. Nox adapted to survive, struggling to find that balance of light and dark that she once had.

Major Personality Changes

Woman of The People - Ambitious but not overly arrogant anymore. Seeks to lead her followers with a fair but firm 'hand'.

Trust Is Earned - Hardened and somewhat cautious of new-comers.

Stand By Me - More possessive and protective over those she considers to be 'loyal' followers. Those who made the trip from Candenta, are, especially valued. [Lupa, Eclipsie, Astraea]

Mother and Teacher - After raising a litter she is more patient, understanding, and willing to overlook mistakes made by children and young adults.

Those I Left Behind - The harsh journey led to a magnitude of losses, many of which were her own 'children' or companions. She now has an instilled value of the lives of others, especially those she cares about.

Love Abandoned - Love is not something she ever sees herself able to obtain again nor does she seek to.

Narrowed Vision - Nox realizes now that her ambitions were too great. She has narrowed her focus with a few particular goals in mind. [Goal A: Build an everlasting empire and become Queen. Goal B: Birth a new heir capable of carrying on the legacy.]

[Credit to Sammy for the wonderful manip!]


Chapter I: The Birth of a Goddess

Nox was born into a pack that inhabited the southern swamplands called the Gales. They were the descendants of an ancient pack that settled that area. In ancient times the wolves of the pack would fight to the death for rank and the honor to breed. Only the victors bred to ensure the strongest bloodline possible. With each passing generation, the tradition died but descendants from that bloodline remained; The Nightingale’s were said to be one of the families with the strongest connection to their ancestors. In recent times, Erebus Nightingale was the sole carrier of the blood. He eventually fell in love and paired with an heiress of another tribe called Chaos. Together Erebus and Chaos produced two heirs named Nox and Nyx. However, Chaos did not survive the birthing process. The two were fed and weaned by another female and once they were weaned the two were raised by their father. Under his care, they received an education and were held to the highest standards. They were treated like royalty and expected to behave as such.

Nox was the eldest and therefore the proclaimed heir. Erebus was particularly hard on Nox, while he cottled and showered Nox’s younger sister. While Nox received strict lessons in literature, etiquette, and fighting; Nyx learned how to tend a garden, compose poems and collect herbs. Nox struggled to gain the approval of her father. She had to work twice as hard, and nothing she did earned the same amount of love or praise that her sister received. As Nox emerged into adolescence she continued to endure the mistreatment, becoming bitter and jealous as time went on.

Chapter II: Pandemonium and Banishment

What does an attention-deprived child do to gain the attention of a parent? They rebel. As Nox grew she became more difficult for her father to control. The doe-eyed child faded and in her place was an angry girl seeking distance from the constant lectures and strict household her father provided. Nox sought solstice in the woods, despite her father’s warnings. She rarely found trouble in marshes, and instead found friends and even lovers. The attention-seeking escapades spent with the beta’s son and shaman’s daughter enraged her father. He would punish her, and she would slip away again. Sometimes avoiding her lessons entirely to spend time with the ‘unscrupulous or under-ranked’. One session she never avoided was the fighting lessons taught by her favorite mentor; Apollyon. Apollyon was the second-in-command, highly revered but also feared for her treacherous past. Nox especially looked up to Apollyon, not only because of her strength but because she felt understood. Apollyon’s lessons were harsh, and it was those training sessions where Nox gained many of her scars. Still, she continued to come-back, each lesson more fruitful than the last.

Apollyon fed into Nox’s ambition, encouraging her to fulfill her desires, whatever they might be. Nox took her advice to the fullest and will a head full of grandeur, a heart full of bitterness, and a stomach full of some unscrupulous mushroom substances; She envisioned the world, not as it was, but what it had been, and what it could be. Nox believed that she saw herself among a blackened sky, hollowed figures of her ancestors and powerful glowing begins whispering of ancient civilizations and a brilliant future. She continued to visit what she believed were the ‘Gods’ and in time she believed herself their champion and a Goddess. Nox marched forward, filled with a newfound ambition that would eventually get her into trouble.

In the depth of night, under a bleak sky, near starless; she sought to commit one of the foulest atrocities. She tip-toed through the castle-ruins with a purpose. On that particular night, there were few guards, but none that noticed anything peculiar about her being was her home after all. Nox crept into her sister's bed-chamber and there, with a glisten of something dangerous in her irises, she crept ever-closer to the sleeping form of her kin. Jaws stretched wide and without so much as a warning, she wrapped them around Nyx's throat. Deep, steady breaths became panicked. The longer she held, the less her baby-sister struggled, and the fainter her rasps became. That was how a spark of jealousy, a dash of ambition, and some well-funneled kindling became an uncontrollable fire.

Nox slipped away undetected, washed the taste of copper from her mouth, and slept till morn. When the sun rose she went and told her father what she had done, expecting to be praised. It was what the Gods wanted, surely? An act that gave tribute to what their ancestors would have once done. However, Erebus reacted with not pride for his daughter but sheer horror. He grieved for both his daughters that day, unbeknownst to him because the punishment for murder was often death. Unable to bring himself to slaughter one of his bloodlines, he sentenced her to exile. Nox was barely a year old at the time. She swore she'd outlive her father and restore her family name, spitting acid and bitter words as he had her cast out. She believed that her clan was weak and that murdering her sister meant that she was worthy of God's love and that by enduring this process she would one-day become the Goddess and leader her linage needed.

Chapter III: A Strange Friend In A Strange Place

Exiled from her home the heiress wandered for a while. Driven by her ambitions and sheer will, she managed to survive. WIPWIPWIP

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mateCurrent Mate


Past Mates

Lars Mavridis - Their pairing was broken off by Nox when he was captured by his former leader, Morpheus Shangri'la in spite of Nox whisking (stealing) Lars away to a better life. Lars was lured into a trap and taken prisoner by Morpheus. He unintentionally abandoned his children and mate, leaving Nox depressed and bitter about his disappearance. He was later rescued by Nox's second-in-command, Iza against her wishes. Nox did not take kindly to either of them leaving, however, Lars received the worse punishment. After an emotional reunion, Nox decided to let him stay with their group, but she ended their relationship and deemed him an outcast. Nox later left Candenta, leaving Lars behind. Lars was Nox's first and most-likely last love. After their relationship fell apart she vowed to never allow herself to be weakened by love again.


Diaval Nightingale - The first-born and previous heir. Nox was forced to leave Diaval behind in Candenta after he refused to leave with her to find new lands. [MIA]

Eclipsie Nightingale - The dutiful and hot-headed youngest daughter of Nox. Unlike her brother, she accompanied her mother on the journey though it pained her to leave Diaval. [Future Adoptable OR My next char]

Astraea Nightingale - The 2nd oldest and current heir to the Nightingale 'throne'. Nox refers to her as the 'Nightingale jewel'. [???]


Chaos Nightingale: Deceased - The heiress of a neighboring pack called Vienna. She fell in love with Erebus after he visited their pack to bolster relations between the two groups. Their marriage formulated an alliance until she died giving birth. Nox never knew much about her mother, other than her parents were especially in love and that her sister, Nyx looked simular to their mother; which could be an explanation for his favoritism toward her.

Erebus Nightingale: Deceased - Erebus was the former King and Nox's father. Not much is known about him other than he was the sole-carrier of the ancient bloodline revered in the Gales. Nox was his daughter, albeit his least-favored one. He and Nox had a very tense relationship up until her banishment. He was killed in a coup staged by Apollyon over a year after Nox's departure. He was murdered by his own soldiers, rallied by Apollyon, mainly due to mistreatment the pack endured under his rule. His death was not swift nor kind, and especially disgusting.


Nyx Nightingale (Deceased) - The daughter and favorite of Erebus Nightingale. Consumed by jealousy, Nox murdered her in cold blood.

Extended Family
Nox never learned much about her extended family other than their harsh and violent ways. She often uses her ancestors as an example, not seeking to be exactly like them as she strives for a balance between their ways and her own.


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Nox Nightingale vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
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