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Judas has a deep, nearly unblemished coat of solid black - lacking the grey, silver or cream dusting of color as many of those before him. His eyes are dark with a dull grey, not brightly contrasting off his coat or colorful. His eyes can often be described as 'void' or 'souless', his feeling seen more so in his body language. Judas sports large, almost devilishly pointed ears and paws that he seems to not have fit in fully. He is a pretty big boy weighing out at 135lbs at his robust and healthiest, with long and powerful legs that leave him at the same height as his father (at 35 inches) just with a bit more weight to him. Not as heavily built as his brothers or as tall as Samael, yet still just as willing, if not more, to throw his weight around. He walks with an uncaring, lazy gate and often sports a half-cocked smirk.

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Dominant & impulsive, Judas likes to be on top and well known by his peers and with a willingness to fight for any cause. A perfect fighter, though cares not to work and shows his lazy nature in guardianship by lack of border patrol. He is a chaotic being, likely to stir up trouble and go against the system. This act of rebellion was stirred up when he and his siblings were able to escape their mother's clutches. He will not follow the weak and consistently tests one's leadership. These qualities often give him the outlook of a 'black sheep' within the mostly lawful Archer family. At times, he will try his best to do as he is told, for the better of his pack and family, though his best is not much and only goes so far. There is little in life which Judas takes seriously although his belief in Moon Mother is unshaken, lashing out on any who dare mock Her. Due to this as well as his unwillingness to waste his time with the weak, he often goes head-to-head with brother Nuriel. Judas was never very good with 'reading the signs' (often looking to Samael or Macha for the answers) though takes them just as serious even if he don't always follow them...
  • Growing up in Devilsbite Dell, Judas was grown to be a religious wolf. Their beliefs hail from a religion that worships the moon - named Moon Mother.
  • While Eremiel birthed Judas and his two brothers, Anahera and Vesna both were as second and third mothers to all the pups.
  • Judas majorly is active during the night as he is happiest with the Moon Mother guiding him and blended into the darkness by his solid black fur.
  • Though Judas left the Dell early in his life, the teachings and way of parenting of his mothers and the witnessed treatment of his father has left a scarring in his persona. He believes that strong women are predominant in leadership and men's usefulness are limited to fighting and... Well, breeding.
  • Born in a pack with only female leaders and then in his teen years joining a pack with only a female lead, it is likely he will not adapt well to leadership under another male.
  • Savor his own brothers (or most of them) Judas prefers the company of females over men. Men are only competition to him, something in his way. Young, naive and 'ditsy' females are less preferred. Judas is attracted to older, confident and smart women.
  • If Judas could wear a black leather jacket with a switch blade and cigarettes in his pockets, he would.
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    Judas Orion Archer was born May 8th, 2017 in a pack called Devilsbite Dell by Skoll Archer and Eremiel along his age-mate brothers Ramiel and Samael. Being born bathed under the light of the Moon Mother, he was taught such religion and traditions from the very beginning. As he aged, he had no reason to deny his pack's beliefs however, swayed by the words of his father, learned that men were not the dominant figures in this land. With his three other brothers deciding to leave their mother's home, Judas decides to follow, curious of the rest of the world and not wanting to live in the shadows of the Dell from being born a male. They travel to the only other place they knew of - Relic Lore.

    Relic Lore ...

    Pack History
  • Devilsbite Dell
    Pup — (5/8/17 - 1/4/18)
  • Vigils Keep
    Queensguard — (5/24/18 - 10/14/18)
  • Pookastone Scowle
    Yearling — (2/17/19 - 4/1/19)
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    childrenw/ Nineva — Rashina, ---, --- & ---
    parents Father — Skoll
    Mother — Eremiel
    siblingsSisters — Attica, Lila, Macha & Vaeda (half)
    Brothers — Samael & Ramiel (full), Sven, Nuriel & Anduin (half)

    (and likely much more unlisted due to unknown)
    Extended FamilyNieces — Avella
    Nephews — Scully

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    Judas Orion Archer vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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    Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)


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