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Avantika is quite an attractive child. Swaths of gingerbread and syrup, complemented by frosted steel and shadows, cover her pelt. Her face and head contain more hues of the former, while her body is dominated by the latter. To cap this all off is her eyes, which shine a brilliant azure. Her body itself is a perfect mix of speed and strength, although her height deviates from this norm. Her stature will make her a tad awkward and gangly as she grows, but once she reaches adulthood, it will add esteem to her frame. This comes mostly from her long legs, which end in bulky paws that are almost too big for her.

As Avantika is still young and impressionable, her personality is subject to change depending on the pressures put on her, but a few traits are already apparent in her nature:

I wanna hide the truth,
I wanna shelter you

BENEVOLENT Her harsher traits are tempered by a propensity for helping and sympathy, both to those she cares greatly about and strangers who nevertheless need her help. Despite this, some might call her cruel for her ends-justify-the-means mentality and cold practicality. It matters not. She would help them as if nothing had happened, although she wouldn't be able to resist a satisfaction at the irony.

But with the beast inside,
There's nowhere we can hide

OBSERVANT The Azrail pup has a keen interest in figuring out how people work. She enjoys people, but it's unclear how much of that is as lab rats. She dislikes strangers or anyone who knows more about her than she knows about them. She will likely be quiet and not give out much information at first, but find little ways to figure out more about whomever it is.

No matter what we breed,
We still are made of greed

FORCEFUL Some might mistake Avantika for a mild, shy character, and in truth she usually is, especially with strangers. But once she is comfortable with someone, the girl likes to get what she wants, either with words or actions, and knows how to debate. Even if she backs down in the moment, she probably won't forget the argument and will come back with more points later on. She is an activist by nature, and is bravest when protecting others.

This is my kingdom come,
This is my kingdom come

ANXIOUS A lot of Avantika's insecurity and anxiety issues are tied to her parents throwing her away as a child. She sometimes has panic attacks and often feels inadequate or useless, even when doing everything right.

When you feel my heat,
Look into my eyes

The girl's fighting style will be characteristic of her full personality: quietly observing her opponent, with powerful bursts of attacks in between. These attacks may look unpolished or even berserker-like, especially in her childhood, but once she is practiced, rest assured that she will know exactly what she is doing.
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Avantika's father always said that she was never destined for power. If so, then it was a cruel joke of fate to give her to two of the most despotic, greedy rulers ever known.

The girl's story begins with these rulers, her begrudging parents. Zara, her mother, was always brave and cunning, though she was only a commoner, but vain King Larin mated with her only for her beauty, refusing to make her his queen. Zara knew this and threw away the herb meant to keep her from child, tricking him into impregnating her. While a king could generally do as he wished, there was a law that a man, even a king, who gave a woman a child must marry her. So he did, and from Zara's pregnancy came a single healthy pup, Avantika.

But, of course, neither ruler knew much about children, and they could find nothing but fault with their daughter. She was too loud, too needy, too annoying. They disciplined her the only way they cared to: physically. And so the girl learned unnatural silence and never to reach out for comfort. She played by the rules, and was rewarded with more silence.

It wasn't enough, though, and when Avantika was a half-year old, she was drugged with sleeping herbs and taken a good way outside of the kingdom, into the lands of Ardent.


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parentsMother: Queen Zara Azrail
Father: King Larin Azrail


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Avantika Azrail vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Avantika Azrail vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Large
Build: Medium
Companion 1: <a href="">Sharp-shinned hawk, Female - Flying</a>
Skills: Beginner Fighter & Novice Intellectual
Specialty: N/A


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