Aku Jami Magnison of the Beregynjafull name
3 Yearsage
Winter of Year 12birthdate
Lawful Neutralalignment

Eyes - Pale blue
Skin - Nose leather and paw pads are liver colored
Coat - Mainly white with grey markings. Starting at his nose and going between his ears and down his spine is a thick grey line that fades to pale grey stripes just below his shoulders. The color picks up again and begins to darken mid back creating a saddle that covers him from hips to tail base. His belly and chest are middling grey that fades as it works its way up his sides. Aku's elbows are fringed in a similar color. Branching off from the blaze down his face is two pairs of dark grey stripes; one over his eyes and another at the top of his forehead. appearance
Aku is a traditionalist. He was raised on the belief that all things are connected and that there must be a give for every take. Harmony is the result of a balance between spirits and nature, and chaos is born of broken expectations. Because of this he is very careful and deliberate in his actions. He is deeply spiritual and dedicates a portion of each day to the rituals necessary to his well being.

His people are largely fishermen and where they're from that is a cold and thankless existence. The struggle to survive breeds rugged wolves and Aku is no exception. He isn't easily discouraged and is a tireless problem solver. That coupled with a well rounded upbringing primed him for a manhunt that so far has spanned two continents and shows no sign of ending. If it says anything about his character, the search for Akna is one he knew was impossible from the start, but, knowing what it meant for his people, he accepted the challenge anyway. Not a day go by that he regrets his decision.

Aku is a quiet, stoic soul. He exudes a calm assurance wherever he goes and though he may be big, in observing him one gets the sense that he is a gentle giant. It would be a mistake to think him a pushover, however. He may not be explosive or overly demonstrative, but in the face of adversity Aku will stand strong and not allow himself or those he holds dear to be pushed around easily. His resistance, like the rest of his personality, is quietly forceful. personality
Height x2
Battle Companion - 18" male maine coon polydactyl named Perun. He looks like this and has a small set of forked antlers like this except in monochrome.
Battle Companion - 16" female polydactyl maine coon named Lada. She looks like this and has a small set of forked antlers like this except in monochrome.

Aku comes from a rugged and industrious people called the Beregynja (Bair-eh-gin-ya). They are chiefly fisherman who dabble in raiding to acquire the things they don't make or catch, and rarely venture far inland unless it's to pilfer. By and large they are exceptional swimmers known for their diving ability and most of their lives are spent in or near water. A peculiar trait of the Beregynja is that they build the bulk of their dens in the rivers and deltas in their territory. A semi aquatic den is suited to their semi aquatic life. Not unlike beaver dams, Beregynja dens have an underwater entrance and a raised, dry interior. An entrance on land or on top of the structure allows residents to travel dry if desired, but both are used in equal measure.

Aku practices a religion that is an amalgamation of Slavic Paganism, Old Norse tradition and generic shamanic animism. The deities are decidedly Slavic, the rituals and celebrations smack of viking influence, and the day to day prayers and thanks giving are so generically animistic they are nearly cliche. For example: prey animals are thanked for their sacrifice and commended for their speed, skill or what have you, and a portion is left for the spirit whose territory the kill was made in. misc


Aku comes from a land far away. He comes from a people known as the Beregynja, neighbors to the free-spirited reindeer chasers, the Jarvela. Unlike their neighbors, the Beregynja aren't quite so free-spirited and they aren't keen on chasing ungulates. They believe strongly in the ways of their ancestors and are sticklers for tradition, believing their correct actions keep the world around them in balance. Occasionally their neighbors would get too cozy or accidentally trample on some sacred Beregynja tradition and the Beregynja, of course, would retaliate in an effort to punish the radical Jarvela and put things back into alignment. This usually meant stealing and sacrificing reindeer, which, naturally, created some friction between the groups. Finally, in an effort to bring some peace and wipe clean the slate of past grievances, a faction of the Jarvela struck an agreement with the Beregynja. Part of this agreement was the arranged marriages of some of their young people. One of those young wolves was Aku. His bride was Akna, a Jarvela transplant who, after learning of the details of the arrangement, wasn't too pleased with the amount of freedom she was going to have to give up. The Beregynja elders managed to get her through the pre wedding rituals before she had enough and fled the scene.

Akna may have thought her part of the deal over when she left, but in leaving with some of the rituals complete, in the eyes of the Beregynja all she'd done was throw things into chaos. In order to make room for Akna a 'thread' in the spiritual web that held the Beregynja community together had been untied. The spot had been prepared for her; no other wolf could fill it. Without her the community started to suffer calamity after calamity. As she had completed some of the rituals in the eyes of the elders she had been joined to Aku to some extent thus sending him after her was the best option for redemption. So at the ripe old age of 3 Aku packed his bags and set out after his lost bride.
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mateAkna, duh
childrenNone because his wife ran away >:c
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Aku Jami Magnison of the Beregynja vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Large
Build: Light
Companion 2: <a href="">Antlered cat, Male - Battle</a>
*Companion 3: <a href="">Antlered cat, Female - Battle</a>
Skills: Beginner Navigator & Beginner Fighter
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