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If not for his blemishes, Mikko might be considered handsome, but alas, at least in his mind, he is nothing short of a monster.

He stands at a cool 36 inches tall, flaunting a build that only his family could (and does) consider slight. Hard-earned muscle ripples beneath a pelt that, in his youth, had been soft and pleasing to the eyes with its warm browns, gentle blacks, and modest streaks of silver. All of this comes together to fuel the fire behind a singular amber, almost orange eye, though it burns a little more dimly now than it did before the other one was gouged out of its owner's skull.

Just as his gaze no longer holds its former sheen, the rest of Mikko seems to more closely resemble a feral beast than the man he so deeply yearns to be. He is a walking corpse of a wolf, a sea of thickened skin and missing pieces. Even his tail has gained a permanent kink in its middle since his arrival on Boreas. They say every scar tells a story, and he has many, each of which he can pull from his head almost as easily as his own name...should anybody care enough to ask. Not that it is recommended.

Mikko also has a female Harris' hawk companion named Tanha. She boasts her species' typical coloring and is always perched on Mikko's shoulder unless otherwise specified.

As of Halloween 2020, Mikko has a crooked tail that, at present, isn't depicted in his art.

loyal • protective • stoic • explosive • paranoid • violent

"Volatile." Perhaps there is no better word to describe Mikko, but even that word is a vast understatement. When one is destined to a life of suffering, the intricacies of emotion tend to become...irrelevant. Room must be made for traits that further one's survival, that help preserve oneself so that one might have a chance at living and breathing for another day. And those two things--living and breathing--have been this male's goals for as long as he can remember.

As a result, almost his entire personality is based around survival. Aside from a select few individuals, most of whom are either dead or gone from his life, Mikko tends to keep others at a distance, whether intentionally or unintentionally, though in almost all cases his abrasiveness leads to the latter. He is not fond of when others chip away at the walls he has built around himself, when they attempt to "understand" him and reach him with words of sympathy, for every time he has allowed that, someone has ended up hurt. Instead, it gives him peace of mind when he is left to his own devices and enigmatic ways. After all, he may get hurt, but he is used to that; at least then, he would be the only one.

However, those who remain persistent in their attempts to get to know him are usually rewarded for their efforts in the end. Residing deeply within Mikko is a lonely soul, a leader and family man whose heart seems to be in a constant state of emptiness and mourning over those he has hurt, abandoned, or otherwise let down. This man used to be more prominent in his youth, but over the years, he has retreated behind and built his protective walls into a strongly guarded fortress, where he hides in a chamber among a maze of corridors meant only for those most faithful to navigate to the end--and who can ignore along the way the vengeful shrieks that echo from some barred-off part of it, bouncing off every wall.

Outwardly, Mikko is cold, harsh, and stoic, to the point where some might think he is unchanged down to his core. He is paranoid to a fault, unafraid to spill blood when he believes it is in his or a loved one's best interest. Take the time to know him, however--truly know him--and one will have earned a guardian for life, however faulty he may be.

Meet my kiddos!

Mikko is a MATURE character. Discretion is advised.



From rags to riches then rags again, Mikko's life has followed the same predictable pattern for as long as he can remember. His mother was a woman named Lenci, his father a king by the name of Kyros Xanthos, who took the former as his queen. Perhaps, by title, she was his queen...but by definition, she was little more than a slave, a means to an end for the power-hungry brute. Her only purpose was to provide him with heirs, and from her he received but two: Enno, his firstborn son and the apple of his eye, and Mikko, his second-born son, a title that by itself would forever condemn him as an object of scorn.

For a little while, Lenci was able to protect her boys from their father, but as soon as they were weaned, they were no longer treated as children but as soldiers in training. Kyros wished to see them on the front lines of his army, as stars and as conquering forces over every obstacle his growing empire encountered, and for him, that meant breaking them down and building them back up from the dirt--which was all the better and easier to do while their bellies still scraped it.

He began by pitting them against each other, pushing them to show no mercy even to their brother. On that very first day, with tiny puppy teeth and against their mother's shrill pleas of protest, Enno and Mikko drew each other's first blood...and ended their brotherhood. It was from here that Enno grew to chase their father's praise, while little Mikko only had their mother to look forward to at the end of every day. Her healing paws, her gentle embrace, her quiet coos. As it turned out, he was not so fit for the life Kyros wanted for them. He saw no reward for his efforts, felt no joy from cutting away at his brother, learned nothing from the punishments he received from their father. was Lenci's goodness that made him feel full, made him feel like Mikko.

Of course, this only earned him another strike against his reputation. Kyros could hardly stand the fact that he had created someone so soft. For the rest of Mikko's youth--as he and Enno grew apart, as Enno climbed up the hierarchical ladder, and as the rest of their father's kingdom came to resent him and his distaste for what they stood for--he sought only his mother's company, biting his tongue through every training session and growing accustomed to the ever-present feeling of a smarting wound, knowing that at the end of the day he would get to return to someone who loved him and accepted him for the sweet and docile boy he was not allowed to be beyond the den.

This went on for two years until one day, Mikko saw an opportunity. Something beyond the border had distracted the pack, leaving the young male and his mother with a chance to escape, though it would happen that their absence would strike the Kingdom's nerves as much as any irksome intruder. By the time Enno tracked them down, Lenci had already gone, with Mikko standing between their paths to buy their mother time. There was a fight, a brief pursuit, but ultimately, Mikko achieved his first taste of freedom beyond the prison of his birth.

The rendezvous between Mikko and Lenci was an emotional one. By the time he found her, she had joined a pack by the name of Avelun. It was led by a kind, generous couple and filled to the brim with brotherhood, sisterhood, and every flavor of companionship in between. He followed her there, reluctantly at first, but where he expected to be turned away he was instead welcomed with kindness and sympathy. They had already heard his mother's story and even a little of his. There, in Avelun, he began to thrive; he learned to trust, to make friends, to allow a harmless touch, and eventually he grew to fill the position of Second-In-Command, standing beside his alpha Severus.

It was also during this time that he had met a girl. Somehow, Mikko never scared Flora, even when he thought to try. No, on the contrary, she welcomed his marred complexion as a companion to her own, also dealt to her by her father. Their friendship blossomed quickly into romance, their romance into marriage, and their marriage into parenthood, all the while Avelun began to crack under drama kept by Severus regarding his own family.

His traceless disappearance left Avelun leaderless and threatened to displace dozens, including refugees and entire families. Threatened by fears of what would happen to him, his mother, his friends, and now his wife, Mikko reclaimed Avelun for himself, taking Flora as his queen, their newborn brood as his heirs, and his closest friends as his council. In the span of just a few seasons, he had gone from a beaten little boy to a trusted son, father, husband, friend, and king. But Kyros had made it clear to him when he was young: these riches were never meant for him, and Mikko should never dare think otherwise, lest he ever thought he could surpass his godly father.

Autumn arrived with an unexpected surprise in tow. Mikko had not expected a blizzard when he ventured from the territory in search of resources for winter, but even more unexpected was the discovery that his daughter Aishani had snuck after him on his way out. As a runt and an albino, she was particularly fragile and fell ill while out in the elements with her father; between the blizzard's numbing of the senses and his desperate attempts to take care of his daughter, the pair found themselves lost and far from home. By the time the storm passed and they managed to find their way home, things had changed. Drastically. And not for the better.

They were greeted by a frantic and angry Flora, whom had been leading Avelun by herself while fretting over her husband and daughter's mysterious absence, but that was hardly the worst of it. As he struggled with the pain he had caused his wife, Mikko also discovered that he had missed the births of two new sisters, born to his mother and her new husband. Perhaps the worst of it, though, was finding out that Enno had found the pack...more specifically, his best friend Camilla. She had been the first to replace his brother as a sibling figure in his life, had taught him to puff out his chest and encouraged him to be the man everybody seemed to see in him. But Enno had found her. Dismembered her. And she had come to resent Mikko for not being there to save her.

His depression rubbed off on Flora, who fell from anger into hysteria as her husband's old pain rose to mix with the new. (Of course, Flora's sorrow only deepened Mikko's, which deepened Flora's, and sent the pair into a downward spiral.) Mikko's mother Lenci soon had to take over for the broken little woman and claimed Avelun as its queen, but this would be what gave their little haven away....

They found Mikko by himself and used him to aid them in their mission. They broke him, crippled him, and Enno proudly displayed him to Lenci as Kyros charged forth to steal the crown from her skull. All the while, the rest of Avelun watched, finally witnessing firsthand the curse that had touched and begun working its way through their pack. Lenci surrendered swiftly, trading pride for the safety of whoever she could save, and fled with one of her daughters, leaving Mikko and the others behind. In almost one fell swoop, all of Avelun, against their wishes, were made into Xanthosi slaves. Acciona, Mikko's remaining sister, became Kyros' future queen, and Mikko...well, came to learn that these riches had never been meant for him.

He was barred from medical attention, instead left to fester and weaken in infection and filth. But Kyros saw opportunity in this. The boy had proven successful. He still had a chance, if only he could be free of distraction and weakness and made to endure more training. When he dropped Flora's body in front of his nose, Mikko found a strength in him that he did not know remained, but his rage was not enough to help him prevail over his father. As punishment for lashing out, Kyros gouged out Mikko's eye and left him to weep in his own blood, still without treatment later on.

But soon there came salvation. If one could call it that. A plague ripped through the lands, sparing no pack or rogue that stood in its way. Disease flushed from the region all those who could outrun it, and unfortunately (at the time), that included Enno, who took Mikko along for the journey. It was during this time that he and Kyros became separated and Enno realized that Acciona had gone as well. He made a goal of gathering his father's trophies and delivering them to him upon their reunion, but even long after finding Acciona, Kyros' whereabouts grew no clearer.

Mikko had not questioned Acciona's absence, instead finding relief in knowing that perhaps she had gotten away, but then she returned to him one day as another of Enno's prisoners. Enno was alone, though; Enno was less powerful without their father breathing down his neck, and the younger brother took his chance and the little strength he had left to lead his sister to another escape. As he had done for Lenci. As he wished he could have done for Flora and their children, whose whereabouts by now were a mystery to all.

And escape they did, Acciona safely but Mikko within an inch of his life. He was ready to welcome death when a woman found the pair in the woods. This woman was Shiba, and for whatever reason that Mikko could not fathom either in his daze or in consciousness, she helped them and stayed with them until Mikko was well enough to travel. Now, almost a year later, Shiba has introduced them into a land she calls Boreas, and one thing (beyond all her efforts, of course) manages to drag the broken brute forward:

He had gone from rags to riches then rags again. Did this mean there were riches in store?

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Mikko Romanov vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Large
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Companion 1: <a href="">Harris Hawk, Female - Flying</a>
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