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There is little to say about Praxis' appearance, as her furs are as pure and white as the clouds above with not so much as a scar in sight to break up her pelt. Though she knows no one else who shares her coloration (or lack thereof), she considers herself rather ordinary next to the rest of her family. Even her sister Calixta, who inherited none of their brothers' striking reds and violets, shines beside this blank slate of a wolf. The only colorful thing about Praxis, attitude aside, are her eyes, which bring each other out as they shine separate shades of green.

Her frame is about as sharp as her colors are bright. Praxis stands at about 30 inches tall with a build that tends toward athleticism, her body boasting streamlined points about her snout, ears, tail, and joints. This creates somewhat of a harsh air about her features, which may send wrong messages (or very clear ones) to certain individuals.

dignified • protective • righteous • stubborn • serious • dominant

Some might call her a stick in the mud. Others...may use more choice words than that. But the fact is that Praxis never intends to come off as harshly as she tends to do. Having grown up alongside two brothers, a softer sister, and the hardened royal family of her home pack, she learned from a young age how to use her voice and stand her ground, both of which she had to do quite often in order to be heard. Now, this stiffness comes almost instinctively to her, to a point where she may have to "unlearn" it in order to fully realize her newfound freedom from her homeland.

This is not as difficult as it may sound, however. Praxis does have a lighter side to her, if only one can assure her that nothing idiotic will happen to jeopardize her or her company's well-being. That was one of the things that irked her most about home, after all. She craves good, clean fun, and in the right setting, she can be competitive and as rough-and-tumble as her brothers. As for love? One can safely say that if she goes out of her way to perform a gesture for someone, she is beginning to crack. But only her siblings have seen her go beyond that.

Meet my kiddos!


Wherever the Praeses name has sunken its roots, surely the Cyprien name has been made equally familiar. Both lines have lived, fought, and thrived alongside one another for generations, and Praxis' generation was no exception. She and her siblings--brothers Sloan and Quillon and sister Calixta--were born a year after the royal family's brood of three, but that did little to keep friendships from budding. By this point, their attractions to one another were practically in their blood, with each family looking to one another as an extension of their kin rather than a separate allied force.

As was expected (and perhaps planned), however, feelings began to change as Praxis and her siblings saw adolescence. Her stomach churned at Calixta's dreamy talk of the younger Praeses brother, even more at Sloan's infatuation with their only sister, but those juvenile responses changed once she found herself growing closer to the eldest of the royal litter: Aleksandr. As reckless and downright thoughtless as that alpha blood was, she could not help finding it endearing or even exciting at times, even if it meant collaborating with his sister to keep him out of trouble. And for awhile, it seemed that he felt the same way about her boldness, choosing her company over that of her siblings or even his own.

This went on until a pattern started appearing among the Praeses men. Calixta would tell Praxis of strange behavior from Armen, and every season, it seemed, there would be a new litter of puppies running around that looked uncannily like the young male. She wanted to deny it at first, just like her sister, whom she could not bear to imagine being so hurt, but then when she saw similar trends beginning to appear with Aleksandr--and to a far larger degree--she wasted no time in no longer having hers wasted.

And good riddance it was. She distanced herself from the heir before she could ever find herself too close to him, and at first, it felt good. Good to have dodged the bullet, good to feel like she had sent him a message about his behavior. Even though his behavior...never really changed. In fact, she eventually began to see him with another woman, one who looked too much like a prettier version of herself.

It was also around this time that Calixta came to her with a confession. She wanted out. Karine, the Praeses' princess, had opened her eyes about Armen's behavior, and that information alone was enough to leave an impression on Praxis about Aleksandr as well. The girls left together, confident that if they had not been missed yet, then they never would be. They likely would have just gotten tangled up as more of the princes' mistresses, but at least their brothers would remain to continue the Cyprien legacy.

Now, in the foreign lands of Boreas, the sisters hope to make a new name for themselves--one whose fame is not simply due to the fame of another.

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