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Calixta is built with a slim figure, which lends well to speed and maneuverability. It’s evident that anything requiring physical strength would be a struggle for her, though she’s not entirely helpless or overly delicate. Her pelt is primarily a light tan color with golden undertones that are more vibrant in the sunlight. Pale cream patches break up the up her bpelt, brightening the fur under her mismatched blue and orange eyes, and covers her neck and chest, as well as a splash along her back starting just behind her shoulders. Her mussel and ears, as well as a stripe up the bridge of her nose are coated in a muted brown that also covers her underbelly and her tail. Another splash of cream can be found on her tail towards the top, with a pale ring near the tip of her tail.


Calixta is a free spirited creature, despising hardest rules that don’t allow for any flexibility. Tradition is a word that leaves a bad taste in her mouth, and she doesn’t see the purpose of it, or why anyone would do something simply because “it’s always been done that way”. She is restless and has a need to explore and venture out to lands beyond those that she’s comfortable in, though she prefers to have a safe place to be able to return to at the end of her travels. She doesn’t mind slowing down, if there are enough things or people around her to keep her attention, but her mind often wanders, and it can lead to her disappearing for days at a time without warning and suddenly returning later, eager to share stories of her travels.

The woman is almost unreasonably optimistic, always finding the bright side in just about any situation she may find herself in. It is a rare sight to see her not full of joy, though she does know that some situations call for a more reserved response. If she is pushed past her limits, she is more likely to fall quiet than she is to turn to negativity. In severe cases, she might even walk away from the situation entirely rather than deal with the fall out of such situations, and is hesitant to return. Disappointment and pain are things she does not cope with well, and would rather ignore and dismiss the feelings than to confront them.



The Cyprien family had always been a well established presence in their home pack. They were not leaders of any kind, nor were they a family that had much power, but they had always been steadfast in their loyalty to the crown. They were respected not because they held titles, but because their history had always been entwined with the alpha’s family. Whenever stories were told of the glory and victories that had been achieved by their kingdom, a Cyprien was always present.

Calixta was born with three siblings, two brothers and a sister, and each of them were taught of their families history, and told that their place was to support the crown at all costs. Each child excelled in a different area, Sloan aiming to be a warrior, Quillon a hunter, while Praxis and Calixta pursued healing and scouting respectively. They of course were not helpless in other areas and would often train together, but each of them had their own interests and specialties. It carried them down different paths, but it also provided even more opportunities for them to bond when they did come together. They each always had new stories to tell about their separate adventures, but as they grew older, things became more complicated.

Armen was the king's son, brother of the heir. He would not take the crown, but he would still likely achieve a high title one day. He was only a year older than her, and they were close when they were young. The pup adored him, and as she grew, her infatuation turned into something for more real and tangible. Her feelings shifted towards something that she couldn’t contain anymore, and it seemed to be reciprocated. Armen was a gentleman, taking her on dates, helping her learn self defense. He claimed it was all for her own safety while she was out on her own, but when she teased that she suspected he was only looking for a reason to get close he would wink and kiss her cheek, admitting that he may in fact have dual motives.

She had dreams of them marrying, and expected that they would eventually get there. The subject was broached gently on occasion, and he would grow quiet, promising her that they would discuss it later. He refused to make promises, she asked him if he wasn’t interested in her but he would repeatedly claim that wasn’t the case. The males in his family had a history of never really settling with one female, and while Calixta knew that Armen was likely to follow the same path, it was a reality she couldn’t admit to herself. Not when she had made it clear to him that she wanted him for herself, and he continued to whisper sweet nothings to her every time they were alone together.

She was two when he had his first litter with another woman. He didn’t even tell her until the pups were born, and even then it was only to explain that he’d have to dedicate more of his time to train them. She told herself it was his duty, that he likely knew she wasn’t ready yet to become tied to a den of pups and that perhaps his father had pressured him into it. He still found time for her on occasion, and continued to whisper those sweet nothings, those empty, non-promises. Just like before, she fell for each and every word, reading into it and beginning to imagine a future with him.

The next year though brought more of the same. Another litter with a new woman. Armen still would not offer any explanation, he wouldn’t tell her what his goal was, or what his plans were. It was his sister that finally leveled with her. If Calixta ever had pups with Armen, she would only be one in a line of many. He would never marry her, would never commit to her, and he would never tell her that he had no intentions to be anything more than her lover. He would string her along for however long she would allow it, and once she was done, he would be as well.

At first, she didn’t believe it. She denied the truth that had been staring her in the face all along until caught him courting another woman. He spoke to her the same way he’d spoken to Calixta. He made the same non-promises, had that same glimmer in his eyes that she’d always mistaken for love. She realized all at once how incredibly stupid and nieve she’d been.

She didn’t seek him out to say goodbye. She didn’t tell him she was leaving, didn’t ask him for his side of the story. She didn’t need to. She gathered her siblings, prepared to wish them all farewell, and was surprised to hear that Praxis was just as eager to leave as she was. They didn’t hesitate, and the sisters left together that night, setting out for a new land where they could put their messy past behind them and start fresh. A place where their names carried no expectations, and where they were free to carve out their own legacy without any shadows looming over their heads.

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