Syanna Alluráinfull name
Sylvia Anna (birth name)nicknames
4 Yearsage
Autumn of Year 14birthdate
Chaotic Neutralalignment
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Syanna's coat is a simple yet vibrant and fiery orange with a warm cream underside, with long black stockings and cream-dipped toes on her forelegs, giving her a very vulpine-like appearance. Her cream fur runs up her back legs and covers her toes on her rear feet, as well as around her eyes and the end of her muzzle. She has black markings around her muzzle and on her ears, accentuating her fox-like looks. The texture of her coat depends on the season, with summers bringing about a shorter plush coat and winter bringing a long and luxurious coat.


Syanna's eyes are a rich emerald green, stark and striking against her fur and feminine facial structure. They are usually ablaze with a wily sort of fire.


Syanna's body is lithe and limber, allowing the fae an agile build that is exceptional for navigating and long distance trekking. She is on the shorter side, coupled with her lighter weight yielding a petite and distinctly feminine form defined with lean muscle.


Syanna's scent is an alluring and exotic blend of spicy-sweet cinnamon mixed with fragrant Madagascar vanilla orchid. appearance

— A Fiery Maverick —

Sarcastic - Independant - Vivacious

Syanna is an independent and headstrong rebel with a flair for pushing limits to see how far she can get. She does not enjoy being held to a strict set of rules and prefers to be in charge of her own destiny. She is driven by an insatiable desire to be greater than she was the day before and constantly keep improving herself, built out of a lifetime of emotional abuse and neglect.

While sometimes seen as inflexible in her opinions, Syanna savors the freedom of life and takes any experiences she can get her paws on. She is vivacious and energetic, never one to back down from a challenge or miss an opportunity for adventure. No words piss her off more than "you can't", and she will always find a way to do what she wants. Once she sets her mind to something, she can be headstrong and stubborn, digging in her heels when she feels like she is objectively right.

Syanna is a highly guarded and solitary wolf, shunning the companionship of others for the life of a loner from a deep-seated wariness and suspicion of others' motives, especially those of males, and especially especially males that are larger than her. If she feels she is being bossed around or threatened, Syanna is not afraid to get scrappy, lashing out with scathing sarcasm and a tongue as sharp as her fangs.

Deep down, Syanna doesn't want to do any harm to anyone though, and would prefer to simply live her life the way she pleases.

Syanna's Theme

Mébh's Tune - Kílapersonality

Possessions / Companions / Mutations

Syanna has a small leather satchel for carrying herbs or medicines. misc

Inventory listing
Icon Name Description Details Quantity
Large Accessory Large Accessory [NR] [NT] Allows for a large accessory. A leather satchel used for carrying herbs, medicines, and small bottles. n/a
Large Accessory Large Accessory [NR] [NT] Allows for a large accessory. A set of three earrings. One is a simple small silver loop. The second is another small silver loop studded with tiny emeralds. The third is a small white gold loop with an emerald dangling from the end. n/a
Glittering Concoction Glittering Concoction [NR] [NT] Using this potion boosts a companion, or summons a boosted companion with a crystal or mushroom mutation. Requires thread to use. n/a 1
Go Fast Juice Go Fast Juice [NR] [NT] Using this in a race boosts your speed by 10%. n/a 1
[NR] indicates a non-refundable item; [NT] indicates a non-transferrable item.
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