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Fionha is a petite girl, hardly weighing more than a feather as a pup and even still as an adult. Her bones are built light as if air fills their cavities and she were meant to fly. Her features are soft and her fur is plush, something she tries to keep. In a lot of ways, Fionha compliments her mother with her grey and white complexion. Like a cape, a light grey blankets her from the bridge of her muzzle, to her cheeks, down her forelimbs, and across her back until just before her tail bone. Near the end of the cape-like marking, the grey breaks off into a few spots, scattered around her waist and down the fronts of her rear legs leaving her lower rear limbs and tail entirely white. Inside the grey is some faint striping, but only enough to make the fur look naturally highlighted. A few spots appear on her forelimbs as well, this time white as socks claim the dainty girls petite paws. The lower half of her face and her underside are also white, somewhat matching the pattern her father has, only in reverse. Dark patches with little freckles encompass both of her ruby red eyes and a little bit of dark grey tips the tops of her ears.
Fionha is definitely a wallflower more than a social butterfly, that's for sure. A quite and shy little thing, she isn't the most willing to go out and talk to others. Comfortable most around her family, she can even still be a bit shy with them. Never one to act out or not do what she's told, she really is a perfect child, though some could say she needed to get out more. Her comfort zone is her safe place and she's hardly likely to ever step out of it. It takes quite a bit of pushing to get her to do anything, really, but she's definitely eager to please her parents. She'd do anything they asked, honestly. She's certainly not a princess, but she definitely doesn't like to get dirty or play too rough. Not one to like drawing attention to herself, she would prefer to hang back in the shadows and watch rather than being in the limelight and getting all the attention. It's not something she'll really grow out of, however, but maybe something she can learn to work with as she ages. She's a quick learner, taking up any new skill with ease and becoming adept at it in no time. She prefers the company of herself to others, and can often be seen talking or even singing to herself when she feels confident that no one is around. Otherwise, Fionha is a very shy and timid girl, often with a soft voice to match.


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parentsUlric x Azariah
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Fionha Aisling Adravendi vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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