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Emile Aidan Adravendifull name
Em, Eminicknames
4 Yearsage
Summer of Year 15birthdate
Neutral Goodalignment
Panromantic, Demisexualsexuality
herepost log

Emile is built more like his mother than his father, though he will stand an inch taller at 35 inches as an adult. His musculature makes him look more lean than bulky though he isn't delicate like his mother, instead he simply appears to have a healthy fat to muscle balance while not being too bulky. It's definitely a body built for running over pure power.

Emile's pelt is short and coarse but a sight to behold nonetheless. Though his parentage is less obvious from an outside observer a keen eye may be able to see some of his grandparent's lineages coming through. The base of his coat is a sandy brown color, which is broken only by two other colors, dusting the top of his form is a white that from his head, coating his left ear and down his back to the tip of his tail. This white is broken by the original sandy coloration his holds in a brindle down his back, giving the man subtle stripes. This white also marks his paws, up to his hocks on his read paws and just below his ankles on his forepaws. Additionally a rather distinctive blaze runs up from the top of his nose to his forehead where it branches to the top corners of his eyes, in a marking one might recognize from his grandmother. Under his eyes is a line of a deeper brown color.

Emile sees the world through a pair of inquisitive forest green eyes.

After the events of Winter Year 16/Spring Year 17 Emile bears a visible scar, a series of uneven jagged scars that ring around his right eye, though his eye itself is untouched.


Emile is nothing like the friendly child he once was, all of the momentum that initially was carrying him through life came to a sudden screeching halt when his mother and sister suddenly disappeared. As more and more wolves Emile cared for disappeared from his life, continuing to this day, Emile fell in upon himself. A young child who didn't know how to process his grief he clung to the only thought that made sense. It was his fault.

And unfortunately no one has ever really disabused him of this notion. Emile has no self-confidence to speak of. He always assumes the worst about himself and assumes that everyone else feels that way too. Emile is certain everything he's ever said or done has hurt someone else, spurred on by a reunion with a one-time friend, and he is terrified of hurting others so chooses instead to simply keep to himself to avoid ever risking anyone else even having to look at him. Emile is firmly of the opinion no one can ever truly love him, because he is fundamentally unworthy of it, much as he desperately wishes for that feeling, which may occasionally come across as resentment for a life he is sure he can never have. He also views his scar and stutter as symbols of his worth, while he cannot hide his stutter he does his best to make sure no one can see the ring of scars around his eye.

About the only thing Emile has any confidence in is his healing skill and he takes much solace in tending his own personal garden, about the only time he's truly calm is when he's alone with his plants. If he is seen out and about it's probably to get more plants.

Emile is not an easy book to read, it's not that he's apathetic or emotionless he simply doesn't show his inner thoughts well. In fact, he struggles to express his needs and desires. That might have more to do with him struggling to express himself at all, which is due to him having a stutter as a small child. Though he may learn to overcome his verbal ticks as time goes on his confidence in his own ability to express himself will forever be affected by his early self-conscious years. His voice will be more familiar to his family, whom will be bombarded by his endless inquisitiveness as a pup. Emile will be generally more interested in learning from his parents and following them around than in romping around with his siblings, though he will of course like all pups play with them as well.

As he gets older Emile will be interested in learning healing, especially from his mother at first though he will seek training wherever he can get it. The boy will be highly empathetic and this will drive him to aid those in need how he can. That being said he's not particularly motivated by any kind of moral compass, nor will be one to judge most of the time. He'll abhor those who go out of their way to harm others but also understands the world is an unfair place and sometimes it's not possible to do no harm at all.


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Large Accessory Large Accessory Allows for a large accessory. A leather gardening tool bag with an open main pouch and several smaller pockets and a long strap to wear across the body or around the neck. n/a
Glittering Concoction Glittering Concoction [NR] [NT] Using this potion boosts a companion, or summons a boosted companion with a crystal or mushroom mutation. Requires thread to use. n/a 1
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