Arne Jarvelafull name
4 Yearsage
Summer of Year 15birthdate
Chaotic Neutralalignment
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Puppy blue eyes never quite lose the cool hue, only lightening to a stark sky blue that will stare out from a soot dark face. On first glance, one might think the boy rather plain, large, but not overly, well fed, but average in build. Standard lightening of most black phase wolves working its way along his well toned flanks, however, if you catch him in the sunlight, dark chocolate points will shine with red undertones beginning at his snout and extending to just below his eyes, a similar gradient is worn like socks on all four paws. There is an ashy smudge that dusts the bridge of his nose and between his eyes. Jutting out from his lips, a pair of tusks, leaving little question whose son he is.
To sum up the child, one might best describe him as ‘Chaotic Stupid’. Though he bares a rather noble name, the boy will be a wildcard from the start, rarely stopping to think about the consequences of his actions, (he might even scream ‘YOLO!’ as he goes). Without a firm hand to guide him, he is likely to stick his nose where he aught not, and even if he does find such a hand, lessons will most often be learned the hard way. He has a thick head, with a short memory, and little discipline for menial tasks. He does, however, have a heart of gold that he often wears on his sleeve. He will love quickly, and deeply and will have the highest regard for his parents and siblings. When he is a disappointment, he will hurt for hurting those who love him, and even if he isn’t always successful, he will try his best to (if not make them proud), at least make them less exasperated with his antics.personality

Inventory listing
Icon Name Description Details Quantity
Minor Mutation Pass Minor Mutation Pass Allows a single minor mutation to be applied to a new character. Tushes (Offensive) n/a
Large Companion Large Companion Allows for a large companion less than 25" tall (for birds, wingspan of 50" or less; for reptiles, length of 50" or less). Male common warthog, 25" n/a
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