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Ophelia Fatalisfull name
Summer of Year 15birthdate
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Ophie’s good looks are wasted on her. She cares little for maintaining her appearance, clumps of dirt and old tufted fur often cling to her form, giving her a rough and tumble look. Or at least until her Mother drags her off to take a bath. Beyond that her coat is a velvety grey, dappled with darker splodges down the line of her neck to the curve of her calves. Layered on top of that are turquoise smears, they’re clustered around her neck and back but don't stray beyond her hips. Much to her frustration Ophie is shorter and stouter than most of her siblings. Ophie’s puppy fat will transition into womanly curves, it’s a look that suits her well but she will always be a little self conscious of how rumpy she is. Like Sirius, Ophie has a set of cat claws on all four paws.

Though she certainly doesn’t think so, Ophie is pretty in the “girl next door” sort of way, her face soft and delicate with a short, rounded muzzle. Her eyes are a light blue, reminiscent of shallow tropical waters that are just as easy to see through. Or in other words her eyes are an open book with every emotion on display for all to read. Taking after her father, Ophie’s left eye is adorned with the typical Fatalis marking, though hers is the same colour as her smudges.

In all she’s pretty but please give yourself a bath you stinky girl.


Simply put Ophelia is a tomboy. Rowdy and excitable Ophie wants nothing more than to just fit in with the rest of her siblings: namely her big brothers who, in her opinion, are very cool and tough. Though she does well to hide it, Ophie is self conscious about her size and stature, constantly comparing herself to her taller and stronger siblings. Rather than getting all sulky and frustrated Ophie is the sort who tries to overcome her shortcomings through sheer enthusiasm and determination. If at first she doesn't succeed she will try and try again.

Whilst Ophie has a close and loving relationship with her mother there is no denying she's a daddy's girl. She follows him like a shadow, often tripping over her own paws in an attempt to gain his praise and approval. Beyond that, any wolf with a pair of functioning eyes will notice that she's a bit of a try hard, or in other words a kiss ass. It's completely unintentional but Ophie's childish enthusiasm usually rubs people the wrong way, as though she's trying a little too hard to fit in. More than anything she wants to make her family proud and often over-complicates matters in an attempt to get something just right. Ophie is the kinda girl who sets unrealistic goals for herself, so when things-inevitably- don't go according to plan she gets upset and discouraged. To the point where she becomes withdrawn and distant till someone lures her back out of her shell.

Basically she's a good girl who just wants to hang out with the boys.



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parentsSirius Fatalis x Zeitgeist

Older siblings: Mortis, Azure, Indigo, Aslatiel

Litter mates: Ari, Briar, Gossamer, Kotori.


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HUNTING : 10/8/20

FIGHTING: 10/8/20

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Build: Medium
Mutation 1: Cat Claws - offensive
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Ophelia Fatalis vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Medium
Build: Medium
Mutation 1: <a href="">Cat Claws - offensive</a>
Skills: Beginner Hunter & Beginner Fighter
Specialty: N/A


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