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Artorias wears a dark-hued coat of near-black charcoal reminiscent of a lighter shade of his mother's that extends to pure black along the top of his head and ears, with a rich dark azure underside and flashes of pale gray fur. His gray fur extends down his hind legs and over the end of his tail. He has two streaks of gray beneath his eyes and across his upper forelegs.


Artorias' eyes are akin to two chunks of amber that seem to burn as if they were smoldering embers of a fire. Lighter flecks of orange and gold flicker about in his irises, most noticeable in bright daylight or moonlight, like wisps leaping from open flame.


Artorias is a larger wolf, standing at 42" at the shoulder with a moderately bulky frame and muscled form, traits he clearly obtained from his unknown father. As a puppy through adolescence, he will retain a lanky frame as he grows into his height and weight.


Artorias' scent is a natural blend of rich cedar and crisp wild mint notes. appearance

– An Ambitious Knight –

If knightliness could be born, it would be in the form of Artorias. Placing the virtues of loyalty, empathy, and courage at the forefront of his life, Artorias shares a blend of his mothers' ideals: a dislike of mincing words and a guarded view of the world from Resin, and a drive to do good and an altruistic soul from Tamsyn. Quick-witted and sharp, sarcasm is a second language to the male. While it does take him a while to come to trust others, once you earn his loyalty, Artorias is a fierce ally willing to lay down his life for a righteous cause.

A fire for battle burns in the male's soul, and as he ages, will find himself most comfortable and confident in the heat of combat. Innovative and intelligent, Artorias is always on a quest to hone his skills into the sharpest weapon he can be. It is not simply enough for him to be a great warrior; he strives to be the best, an exemplar to others and a nightmare to his enemies. Regardless of his desire to do good, Artorias knows that the world is not a kind place and that life is not always just. All is fair in love and war, and no action is too far when it comes to doing what must be done for the greater good.

Artorias is patient, cool, and rational, approaching stressful situations with a calculated approach. He does not like to make split-second judgments, preferring to gather all information he can before making an important decision. If something is able to press his buttons and make him lose his cool, Artorias is a wildfire that will burn everything around him with raw and powerful emotion. He loves deeply and passionately, and shares a strong emotional bond with his pack and his loved ones.

Sometimes brooding and moody, Artorias has a more introverted persona that will manifest itself more as he grows older, and as such has a hard time opening up about his emotions, preferring to stay quiet and harboring his thoughts and feelings unless he has something he needs to share. In spite of this trait, he possesses a caring and protective heart, especially for his siblings and family, and will sacrifice anything to keep them safe.

Artorias' Theme

Between Twilight - Lindsey Stirlingpersonality

Possessions / Companions / Attributes

A wooden sparring sword found in the castle armory

A leather and vine body harness crafted by Outlaw

Artorias has a raven companion named Corbin. Corbin has a wingspan of 48", jet black feathers with navy undertones, and speaks with a British accent

Artorias has been gifted with abnormally long lifemisc


Artorias was born to Tamsyn and Resin Carpathius of the Hallows in Summer of Year 15 in the Sunset Falls, the firstborn in a litter of five. From a young age, Artorias idolized his parents for their bold personalities and prowess in battle, yearning to become a knight and defender of his home and family like they were. He trained for most of his puppyhood under Resin's guidance, sparring with anyone he could to hone his skills. During this time, Artorias found a predilection for using weapons in his style of combat, and was gifted a wooden sword by Outlaw to train with.

In Winter of Year 15, he moved with the Hallows down to Auster and took up residence in Amron's Castle. He continued his training into his young adulthood, volunteering mentorship to his siblings as well as companionship to those less inclined to fighting, like Gwynevere's medical training or Bowen's husbandry. He volunteered to defend his home in a mock raid against the Ashen Empire, fighting valiantly against the "invaders". During the blizzards of Spring, Year 16, he fought and defended his home against a supreme dire wolf in his first actual battle as well as a hyena pack and a sabertooth tiger pride. He also partook in a group hunt to bring down a mammoth, using his cunning and strategies taught to him to create a plan to fell one of the beasts.

Artorias' tale is still being written, and every day is a new page in his story...
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parentsTamsyn (birth mother) and Resin (surrogate mother)
Unknown father
siblingsBrothers: Rudyard, Grimshaw (adopted), Oxx (step-brother)
Sisters: Gwynevere, Bowen, Daphne, Avantika (adopted)

Fight Form

Artorias Carpathius vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Medium
Offensive Battle Accessory: Wooden sword
Defensive Battle Accessory: Leather harness armor
Companion 1: Common raven, Male - Flying
Skills: Expert Fighter & Advanced Navigator
Specialty: N/A
Artorias Carpathius vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Medium
Offensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Wooden sword</a>
Defensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Leather harness armor</a>
Companion 1: <a href="">Common raven, Male - Flying</a>
Skills: Expert Fighter & Advanced Navigator
Specialty: N/A


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