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Ari bears a base coat of soft charcoal shot through with streaks of a deeper black. From her brow to her shoulders her thick fur is blackened, streaks dripping down from it along her neck and ribcage like ink running in the rain. Her legs and tail are dipped in the color, running up along the front of her shoulders and the back of her thighs and streaking again along her shoulders and hips. Lightning-bright against this midnight backdrop are markings of snowy white. Across her left eye it jags like the scars left by claws, and stripes feather out along her back and tail, and each paw is dipped in the pale shade, edging up along the backs of her rear legs but not quite reaching the hocks. Like the after-image lightning leaves burned upon your retinas, her muzzle and underbelly are limed with purple, a purple that streaks and smudges along her ribs and hips, feathers into her tail and along the backs of her thighs. Tabby-like stripes jag through the inky blackness of her legs. Her eyes are indigo, closer to blue than to purple.
The darkness of her coat gives her a shadowy appearance, one that despite the odd coloring would likely allow her to blend into actual shadows with the ease of a born rogue, which is good because despite her dark coloring she does not have an appearance designed to intimidate. She's far smaller than most, and while her bone structure is sturdy enough she doesn't pack on muscle in any meaningful way. No, her muscle is flat muscle, like a sighthound, and no matter how much work she puts into it she will always have the appearance of a dainty pixie. But her delicate appearance is deceptive, because she's certainly stronger than she would give the impression of.
Beginning between her shoulders and running along her spine to taper off over her hips is a ridge of sharp, spiny bristles the same color as the hackles they replace. Longer between her shoulders, they taper off in height and blend into her normal fur at the end. Usually they lay as flat and sleek as the rest of her coat, but like hackles they raise at will or under the influence of strong emotions. When they aren't bristling, they blend in under all but the closest scrutiny. Her claws are marginally more noticeable, since unlike most wolves her claws aren't always out and... well, wolf-like, but the big soft paws aren't super obvious unlike the big sharp claws that come out of them. Her canines are unnaturally long, but unlike many who bear unusual fangs hers aren't terribly different than a normal canine tooth, except to be somewhat thicker around, and to poke out from beneath her lips just enough to leave the ivory gleaming curves visible, but opening her jaws wide reveals that, like the bornean clouded leopard, she bears canine teeth - top and bottom - that would belong on an animal twice or more her size.appearance
At first glance Ari seems quite different from the rest of her family. She is playful, and friendly - almost aggressively friendly - and helpful even to strangers. She has even taken up the path of a healer, a seemingly gentle and benign choice. She is also mischievous, an inveterate prankster whose antics can occasionally land her - and whichever poor unsuspecting soul she dragged along with her to act as her muscle - in hot water. She has the charm and charisma to often get them back out of it, at least. She is quick to make friends, and shows affection easily and often.
She has a tendency towards bossiness, and can come across as very pushy in trying to get her way, particularly with her littermates. Older wolves or those with greater rank are likely to get a different tactic than the casual bullying she is likely to use to get her siblings to go along with whatever mischief she has cooked up.
But there is more to this clever little healer than meets the eye. Beneath the surface lies a very different sort of trickster. Ari is very ambitious, and competitive, and from birth it will be clear that she is going never be satisfied with second best. She is always going to be reaching for more, and while she will play nicely and be the sweet little girl on the outside she is ruthless in her quest to claw her way higher and higher... She will not hesitate to use her charisma and friendly appearance to manipulate and twist.
Ari isn't sadistic, or sociopathic, but she will 10000% cheat and use every trick she can to gain an advantage if she can get away with it. She does genuinely, truly adore her siblings. She will make every effort to encourage and support their own endeavors - as long as they don't directly get in the way of her own. She just hates to lose. She won't deliberately do anything that could seriously hurt them, but count on it that she will slip a skunk musk bomb under their sleeping furs... after all, when you are so much smaller than the ones you are competing with, sometimes you have to fight dirty to come out on top.
She is also genuinely intelligent, and driven by curiosity to know everything about everything, and she can be as casually cruel in her persuit of knowledge as she is in her ambitions - and frankly the two could be considered one and the same. Where other young, aspiring healers might find an injured bird and bring it home to save it, Ari is the sort of aspiring healer who will deliberately break a bird's wing to figure out how to treat it... and if it survives, break the other wing to test another method. Maybe add in a little bit of acid burn on its face just to experiment with that. A hint of mischief in her curiosity, too, leads her to experiment heavily with what would happen if she mixed this with that and then gave them a good shake just for funsies.
Note that friendly and nice but mischievous is her default, despite me describing her flaws in much more loving detail whoops. Overall impression is that of deceptive good-heartedness, like a poisoned needle hidden in a super soft huggable blanket.personality


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Skills: Beginner Healer & Beginner Fighter
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Aris Fatalis vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Small
Build: Light
Companion 1: <a href="">Black-footed cat, Female - Battle</a>
Companion 2: <a href="">Blue Jay, Male - Flying</a>
Mutation 1: <a href="">Cat claws - Offensive</a>
Mutation 2: <a href="">Oversized canines - Offensive</a>
Mutation 3: <a href="">Spine bristles - Defensive</a>
Skills: Beginner Healer & Beginner Fighter
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