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Even as a pup it will be clear that Fidelias will exceed both parents in height, and with his mother's burly build and fluffy coat he resembles nothing more than a bear cub from the start. It doesn't help that a defect led to his tail being docked, and the fluffy little brush doesn't add a whole lot of "wolf" to the "bear". When he moves, it is with grace and deliberateness far out of keeping with his size, and while he is still he is still but for his constantly alert and tracking gaze. He wastes verynlittle energy even as a pup, but is always always observing.

Fidelias is swathed in warm gray tones, from the medium grey tone that makes up the base of it to the soot-darkened points. A grey just slightly darker than his base coat covers him from his head over his shoulders and trails down his back like a cloak, tapering off as it reaches his hips and tail. The sooty-black markings on his hind legs run to aboit hock level before smudging into that lighter grey, while on his fore the sooty markings travel up the front of his legs to his shoulders, and brushes down his tail before ending abruptly where the tail is bobbed. On his face, the black covers his muzzle to his eyes and slightly up his brow in a faint blaze before fading. A far lighter, silver white-grey covers his underbelly from throat to tail and touches lightly along his topline with pale streaks over his shoulders. It engulfs his forelegs to just above the dewclaw before crawling up the back of the legs to his elbows, but touches his hind legs only on the toes. In addition, his amethyst eyes are outlined delicately in the pale color, brushing down to his lip in a malar stripe and up to browspots over his eyes.appearance
With his parents' personalities, it is a wonder how Fidelias came out the way he did. A bit shy, physically reserved, quite introverted, he isn't at all what you'd expect from Justice and Kai. He isn't at all prone to impulsive behavior; if anything, Fidelias tends to overthink everything to the point of excess. He is steady, reliable, and careful, but rather socially awkward and uncomfortable in situations requiring niceties such as conversation, or physical contact. Well, physical contact outside of a fight, which he rather enjoys. I cannot stress enough how very much you should NOT expect this boy to handle emotions and emotional situations because he has absolutely no idea. He would much rather retreat to deep thought and cool headed logic, taking his time to reason through things rather than deal with emotion. And while it may take forever for him to reach conclusions, once he does it takes him far longer to be budged from them. He is rock solid, hard headed stubborn. It would be easier to move a mountain with your bare hands than to get him to budge once he has set himself on something. To this effect, he is also dead loyal; once he has given someone or something his genuine regard he would move heaven and earth for them without even a thought for himself. And protective too, goodness knows, even when they don't want or need protecting. Morality doesn't quite work its way into it, except that he will willingly adapt his morals to those who gain his loyalty, with his inability to fully grasp any need for morality himself.personality


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