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Dalila Vista Rochafull name
Dal, Vistanicknames
3 Yearsage
Winter of Year 13birthdate
Lawful Neutralalignment
hereplot thread


Dalila's body is covered in an uneven patchwork of white, gray, and brown. The colors blend and swirl together in an indistinct pattern that doesn't mirror itself anywhere on her form. The shades of brown and gray fade from lighter to darker in various places, with her scruff and legs being the main portion of her fur that holds the darkest shade of brown. White dips each of her paws and tail tip as well, giving a few distinct markings in the otherwise messy conglomeration of neutral colors. Black specks and dots are scattered throughout her coat as well like dust in the wind with a few more noticeable patches here and there. Her even markings continue across her face with a splash of white starting along the bridge of her muzzle, going across her right eye, and covering her right ear. There is also a simple line under her left eye.


Her eyes are a clear, silvery, pale shade of blue.


Her features are slender and angular, accenting her athletic, medium build. She's on the smaller side when it comes to height, only reaching twenty nine inches tall when she's standing at her full height. She is very clearly built for speed and agility rather than brute strength.


A pleasant mix of sweet and floral with notes of maple and rose.

unique atributes

Following the Long Night in Year 16, Dalila grew aquamarine crystal horns that follow her brow bone with one shard in the middle and two above each eye, equally spaced around the curve of her head from ear to ear. They appear almost like a tiara that lost the metal between each gemstone. appearance


Having a system and a structure to follow is vital to Dalila’s happiness. The way she finds that order and law might shift and change, but when left to her own devices she tends to quickly loose her way and flounder under the weight of her own indecision. In those moments she tends to fall back into what almost seems like a survival mode. She leans on what she was taught in hunting and fighting as a child to sustain herself and tends to lash out at the world until someone is able to guide her back to a more stabilized and structured life. Her training and lifestyle from a young age structured her into a hard-working and reliable woman even though she has a hard time funneling that energy into something constructive without someone to tell her what to do.


Once she finds her group or wolf that she has chosen to follow then she will be loyal to those wolves for the rest of her days. It would take an act of god to shake her faith in her leader. She doesn’t necessarily follow her own moral compass, but instead will follow the will and actions of those she follows. If her wolves condone violence then so does she. If their rules forbid mixing of certain classes then she won’t even dare look in their direction unless she is allowed to do so. This might make her seem like a mindless follower, but it is actually very intentional. She saw first hand how going with the will of those over her usually led to better treatment and favor in their eyes. She is clever and does these things out of her own desire of self preservation. She is a chameleon - she can blend in to any group and easily match the way they wish for her to behave.


As much as she might try to hide it, Dalila does have a softer, more vulnerable side. With enough time, pressure, or abuse she could be broken down into her more baser, softer side that isn’t hidden behind a protective shell. It isn’t something she necessarily enjoys exposing to others since it makes her feel like she’s admitting that she’s weak. She appreciates strength and dominance in others since they are traits that she feels she lacks herself. personality

Possessions & Companions

Thick bands of crocodile skin that are fitted around her upper forelegs fitted with three bronze metal spikes each that point outward

Armor made from reinforced crocodile skin that his trimmed in leather and held on by leather straps. Eight bronze diamonds adorn the upper edge around her shoulders.



Dalila was born into what was considered a "working class" in her family's pack. There was a family that was considered the royalty of the pack, the family from which the alpha was always born. While there were some families that were among the more trusted, respected families that made up the advisors and leaders of the various ranks, there were also several that made up the lower class like her own. These were the wolves that did the bulk of the hunting and made up the front line in fights. They were meant to be the peons and were forced to live in a large, communal cave rather than having private dens of their own. It wasn't a terrible life, but it certainly didn't have the privileges and prestige that the upper classes allowed.

Some wolves in this working class were slaves brought in from other packs during sieges or captured as loners and were brought to do the work the royals didn't wish to do. Dalila's grandparents were two of these wolves, a mated pair that were found by the guards while they were hunting near the pack's lands. They were forced into this role and became hunters for the pack. While there are not usually pups born into this hard life, Dalila's grandmother had recently found out she was carrying pups right before they were captured so she had no choice but to have her children and raise them in this large cave of other wolves. A few of the working class women took pity on her and helped her create a small corner of the den that would be a bit more secluded for her and helped to block her off from the rest of the pack while she gave birth. This was when Dalila's mother, Lidia, was born. Dalila's grandfather was soon killed in a hunting accident and right after Lidia's first birthday Dalila's grandmother died from an infected bite she got during a battle at the pack's borders. The life of wolves in this class was often hard and short and theirs had been no exception.

Lidia was incredibly beautiful with slender, dainty features and a coat similar to Delia's own. As she grew up among the fighters and hunters of the pack, one of the royal's guards took notice of her and began to give her special attention and training. It was extremely taboo and the guard kept it tightly under wraps, but as they spent more and more time together he found it hard to keep himself from wanting more from her. One evening after he was done training her in fighting, he tried to seduce her and she kept insisting that they shouldn't, that it would get them both killed. He wouldn't listen to her and ended up forcing himself on her and raping her that night. He forced her to swear that she would never tell what he had done and threatened to kill her if she did. She swore so that he would let her go and never told a soul.

A week or so later, Lidia wasn't feeling well and as the symptoms continued she began to put two and two together. The guard had gotten her pregnant when he raped her. She lived in fear that the guard would find out and would kill her to hide the evidence of what he did, but a few of the older wolves in their class that remembered her parents and had seen her grow up looked out for her and helped to hide the fact that she was pregnant as long as they could. They helped to pick up the extra slack where she couldn't hunt or fight as often and whenever it got to the point where her stomach had grown too much for her to hide it any longer, one of the other males her age that had secretly hid his feelings for her since he was brought to the pack the year before stepped in and began to tell any of the royal guards that asked that he was the father. The guard that was actually the father knew the truth, but he never dared to say anything in order to save his own hide and avoided her as much as possible throughout her pregnancy.

Dalila was born into a litter of three pups, herself and two boys. While Lidia's fur colors and pattern had been very distinctive, the guard that was their father had a very distinctive marking as well that was only common among his family. The royal guard that had raped Dalila's mother was a solid white male with a black face marking that covered half of his face and one of his ears, similar to the white marking that now covers part of Dalila's face. Dalila's marking was easy enough to pass over because it blended in to the patches and swirls of her other markings, but her brothers were not as fortunate. They were twins, both nearly solid white like their father with a mirrored black marking across one half of their face and covering one ear. As soon as the other wolves in the cave saw them they knew exactly who had gotten her pregnant.

The rumor spread like wildfire and late that night the guard showed up at the cave under the guise that he was passing through on a patrol. When he walked into the cave everyone knew why he was there and they all averted their gaze as he walked past. Even if they wanted to help protect Lidia and her pups they all knew it would just mean death for them later if they did. Lidia laid at the back of the den, curled protectively around the three children. He pushed her aside, grabbing the two boys one by one and crushing their necks while she pleaded and begged him not to. He threw her against the cave wall, telling her to shut her mouth, blaming her for the entire situation and some how twisting this to be her fault, claiming he had been the one to seduce him in some attempt to get ahead in life. The rest of the lower class wolves knew the truth, but there was nothing they could have done to save them. Lidia made one last plea to save her daughter, offering herself in her place. It made the guard pause and eye her suspiciously. He ultimately decided she would serve him better alive than dead, but let the girl live since she didn't really resemble him the way the boys did.

He left and one of the older women that lived in the den took the boys away to bury them while Lidia mourned the loss of her sons and doted over her remaining daughter. The guard would continue to torment Lidia for the rest of her days, extorting her for sexual favors in return for letting Dalila live. Lidia raised her daughter with a fear of acting out against the wolves that ruled them and to always follow their orders to help preserve her own life. She warned her daughter against growing too close to anyone that might be able to cause her harm and hold anyone that she didn't trust at a distance. Dalila began her training at a very young age, beginning to hunt and fight as soon as she was big enough to do so. Lidia did everything she could to best prepare her daughter for the harsh world they lived in, desperately wanting to make sure she could protect herself and make herself useful so that the upper class and royalty would deem her necessary for their ranks just in case anything were to happen to her.

Right before Dalila's first birthday, the very thing that Lidia had feared would happen did. The guard tried to force himself on Lidia again and the woman refused, knowing that it would just be a repeat of what happened with her first litter if she were to get pregnant again. She couldn't bear to see any more pups uselessly die so she fought back, consoling herself with the knowledge that Dalila had made a name for herself among the lower class and had proven herself incredibly talented and skilled. The other guards wouldn't just let him kill her, she was too valuable. The guard that had been plauging her for years finally killed her. His only punishment was a demotion from the royal guard to the second tier of guards, but Lidia's hopes had been correct. They hadn't allowed Dalila to be killed despite the claims that the man made that tried to paint Lidia as the antagonist.

After her mother's murder, Dalila threw herself into her work as a coping mechanism. She fought the hardest, caught the most prey, and always volunteered for the most dangerous tasks. It unintentionally made her the talk of the guards and when a widowed woman among the royalty insisted on having a female servant Dalila was the one that came up as a suggestion. Usually servants were pulled from the royal guard or the middle class, but there wasn't any women in either areas that weren't already spoken for. The widow had a bad run in with a male servant trying to push his luck with her so she would only take a female servant from then on. Dalila took on the post and quickly grew close to the widow she protected and served. She was treated fairly well and the job was easy enough. The time only reinforced what she what she had been taught about keeping her head down and following orders - if she did what she was told and did it well then she would get to exactly where she needed to be.

As the season turned into summer of her first year, the pack went through a major coordinated attack from some of the surrounding packs. Her pack had made themselves an enemy of anyone else in the near by area with their constant sieges and capturing their wolves as slaves. They had all finally decided they had put up with them enough so they joined forces to bring down this massive pack. Dalila fought hard to protect the widow she had been assigned to, but in the end she wasn't able to protect her. The attacking packs were merciless, killing every wolf they could get their paws on that was clearly part of the royalty and even some that weren't. The royalty often wore fancy armors or jewelry so it was easy to pick them out from the crowd. Many of the lower class immediately ran and escaped once they saw that they had been overwhelmed, abandoning the wolves that had ruled over them for so long. Dalila stood and fought as long as she could, but eventually it came down to escaping with the injuries she had or dying in the fight.

She begrudgingly gave up and ran, heavily wounded and feeling completely lost. That pack had been the entirety of her short life and having to leave it in a state in utter chaos went against everything she believed. She knew about her family's history, how her grandparents had ended up there, what had happened to her mother and how she had come to be, but even still she had completely devoted all of her time and energy to this pack so it was still a huge loss. the biggest pain of all was seeing the widow she had been serving be killed.

Still beaten and bloody, she ran until she couldn't run any more and landed herself in Boreas.
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childrenDalila x Chimera: Rusalka Klein
parentsLidia and an unnamed royal guard, both deceased
siblingsTwo brothers, both deceased

Fight Form

Dalila vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Medium
Build: Medium
Offensive Battle Accessory: Crocodile skin spiked bracers
Defensive Battle Accessory: Crocodile skin armor
Companion 1: Tibetan Mastiff, Female - Battle
Companion 2: Tibetan Mastiff, Male - Battle
Mutation 1: Aquamarine brow horns - Offensive
Skills: Expert Fighter & Expert Healer
Dalila vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Medium
Build: Medium
Offensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Crocodile skin spiked bracers</a>
Defensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Crocodile skin armor</a>
Companion 1: <a href="">Tibetan Mastiff, Female - Battle</a>
Companion 2: <a href="">Tibetan Mastiff, Male - Battle</a>
Mutation 1: <a href="">Aquamarine brow horns - Offensive</a>
Skills: Expert Fighter & Expert Healer

Racing Form

Dalila vs (opponent) for Race
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Medium
Build: Medium
Skills: Expert Fighter & Expert Healer
Dalila vs (opponent) for Race
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Medium
Build: Medium
Skills: Expert Fighter & Expert Healer


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