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Balthier Destruction-Loire
(Bal-thee-eer Dee-struk-shun Lah-or-ee)

Size: Balthier is a rather large wolf standing at 36 inches tall equal to his father and weighs 155 pounds.

Build: Balthier has a medium build but he trains to keep his muscles exercised and can easily become intimidating.

Stance: Though Balthier is usually pretty relaxed, he will easy want to size up anyone who he feels is threatening especially towards his family and his pack. He still holds a rather proper stance and expects the same respect from other wolves.

Expressions: Balthier usually holds a more serious and rough expression but he is also known for a kind heart and his eyes can turn soft and gentle to those he cares about.

Coat: Balthier's coat looks rather fluffy compared to his mother's slick and clean sheen but it is soft to the touch and he tends to it well for the most part.

Color: Baltheir is a base coat of black and accented with royal gold markings from his father. His face is masked with gold along with the curl of his lips. His back is harnessed with gold along his back and curling down towards his armpits and up along the bone of his shoulders. He has sharp star like markings on flowing down his his front forelegs taking more after his mother and his hocks are patched with gold. And he has two little stripes on his tail also resembling his father. Lastly, he has a thin amount of white that outlines his gold markings separating them from his black base coat.

Eyes: Balthier's eyes are multi toned with blue, a greater amount on the outside a light cyan and a darker pale blue around the pupils.

Hex Codes: Black #313131 Grey #afafaf Gold #d4b016 Eyes #90ffee Around Pupil #9095ff

Voice: Balthier
Scent: None
Theme Song: None

Balthier truly believes most wolves are good and falls easily into liking of them. For the most part he is understanding to mistakes and wrong-doings just depending on the severity. It wouldn't be hard to trick him into thinking your intentions are good and this is easily one of his worst traits.


Balthier is extremely protective of those he loves; his family and his pack. But he may even be protective over stranger who are in need of help. He is a do-gooder and will come to the rescue if he senses someone needs it. But you really don't want to mess with his family.


Though Balthier is a very kind and generous wolf, he seems very cold and not caring as more of a first impression. Concerning pack mates and strangers he doesn't let his emotions show or get in the way usually. But when it is related directly to his parents, siblings, and mate his emotions are impossible to control; his angry and protective emotions that is.

Purchase Used
Odd Colored Markings Yes
Regular Shaped Markings Yes



Balthier is born in Abaven by Aranea and Allegro with his brother Solo and his sisters Forte and Psalm. His mother ends up leaving shortly after their birth. It is saddening to Balthier, but he still loves his mother deeply and tries to understand her reasoning best he can at his young age. He soon learns about a lost older sister he has, but doesn't understand enough to want to chase after her. He also learns his mother will be even more absent in his life, and it hurts him to think that what little time they had together will be cut even shorter. He starts to question why his mother doesn't want to be around them as much but still loves her all the same.

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Aranea LoireMother
Balthier's Mother
Allegro Gøran-DestructionFather
Balthier's Father
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mateNone Currently
Allegro Gøran-DestructionFather
Aranea LoireMother
Winter Year 10
Tyranis WreckageAranea Loire
Rain LoireHalf-Brother
Autumn Year 15
Allegro Gøran-DestructionAranea Loire
Solo Loire-DestructionBrother
Forte Loire-DestructionSister
Psalm Loire-DestructionSister


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Healing : 11/28/20

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Balthier Destruction-Loire vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Large
Build: Medium
Skills: Beginner Hunter & Beginner Healer
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